North Sea Beached Sperm Whales Due Magnetic Pole Reversal !

The reason the Sperm Whales are getting beached around the North Sea is because of the Magnetic Pole Swap on or around 14th October 2014. Its totally screwed their natural navigation instincts like with the old pigeons racing in the 2015 season.

Said Whales think they are 180 degrees south where they should be at this time of year but as I don’t have a formal degree myself nobody will listen to me on NASA inspired UN Climate Change Science Fiction.

Of course the Wall Street Cartel ( Comprising the EU & Goldman Sachs associates / former employee’s in central banks or other Key government departments ) want to hide the facts on Climate Change in order to press on with the UN Agenda 21 plan for mass Genocide !



2 thoughts on “North Sea Beached Sperm Whales Due Magnetic Pole Reversal !

  1. The alleged Taiwan Quake is probably a fraud, Wall Street Sponsored corporate subcontractors may have have blown the underground Car Park pillars plus some of the technically insolvent Stock Market Celebrity Culprits behind it may have used it as a convenient excuse to ” Disappear ” like 9/11 MH17 and other alleged ISIS terrorism like Tunisia & the Paris Attacks !

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