You Can’t Trust Officialdom These Days !

I have been trying to keep up with all the government propaganda surrounding the forthcoming EU Referendum, but this week’s Pinocchio Award must go to the chief executive of NHS England on the Andrew Marr Show.

He spent the entire interview attempting to portray that NHS finances would be in dire straights upon Brexit, as the value of the pound would crash and imported drugs would cost more. Marr even produced a graph showing the ever increasing deficit, yet not once did he mention the crippling PFI contracts signed up to under Gordon Brown.

Perhaps the only qualification required to become a top television news and current affairs presenter is a masters degree in intellectual dishonesty, although I must say Andrew Neil does try hard to be impartial. The B List politics presenters are the worst, particularly the Asian guy who presents Politics North West, whilst skypapers and bbcpapers are running low on top print media commentators prepared to lie through their back teeth.

Much made of DIY Recession for a year on Brexit, and how food and clothing prices will increase, even if its only imported from the EU stuff like salad. In any case we are now told that you should eat proper food like full fat dairy products and red meat to avoid obesity, and have the health-fascists been telling porkies all along ?

All the Ten Bob Fat Cats are petrified at the prospect of higher interest rates, which the Bank of England will have to raise if Wall Street get nervous. However, tax receipts will actually rise with higher interest rates, so no problem funding our NHS and other public services. Of course if interest rates go up the stock market will implode, which in turn could render the Banks technically insolvent even if falling property prices don’t bust over leveraged Buy to Let landlords and corporate property speculators first !

Ian Duncan Smith was accurate to point out that the EU almost exclusively benefits the ” Haves ” and penalises the ” Have Nots “. If we do Vote leave and Brexit it will expose all the WAGS with fur coats on credit cards but no knickers, I hate to envisage the male equivalent, ( perhaps apprentice Jeremy Clarksons ) Gay or the transgender version.

The EU referendum on June 23rd offers the British people the unique opportunity to knock the entire Wall Street Merchant Banker inspired ( Neo-Liberal = Corporate-Nazi ) 99% debt slaves for the luxury of the 1% project in the head via a humane killer called DEMOCRACY !

Did George Osborne Fail O Level Physics ?

I was taught 1970s basic Secondary School Physics by Jack Wright, who had served in the RAF during WW2 and had gone into teaching to fill the vacancies after the Education Act when he was de mobbed. As far as I know he never went to University, but everything we were told was backed up by practical experiment, or an anecdote from his long life experience.

He was pretty strict, if anyone significantly misbehaved in his his lessons he would march them into the store room and whack them on the arse with a pump kept specifically for the purpose. If any of the !st year’s annoyed him he would send them up to the main block for a ” Long Stand ” in Ma Sharp’s maths lesson. Jack retired after my 3rd year and was replaced by Mr Aspden, who had worked at QUEGS Blackburn and had a degree, which may explain why he was totally crap

When I was 16 I saw V2 celebrity Nazi political DNA NASA alleged Moon Rock close up in a thin glass case in the Geology Museum at London and it struck me at the time that is was almost identical in colour to the Clinker produced by our local cement works. With the benefit of hindsight is now clear that aforementioned Moon Rock is the fine dust from cement clinker sieved out into a mould to form a block, and after wet, after time set solid as any rock. To make it look realistic they probably smashed up the block with a big sledge hammer into convenient chunks for distribution and display.

Other inconsistencies in the moon landing display was the capsule they used to escape the moon’s gravity was no bigger than a Mini and even if the rocket was theoretically powerful enough there was no way it could have carried enough fuel to escape 1/6 Earth’s gravity. Even then everyone knew that the Moon has no atmosphere and therefore escape impossible as nothing for the rocket to push against therefore breaking Newton’s Laws of Motion !

It must therefore follow that since NASA has always been the key scientific institution promoting the Carbon Dioxide causes run away Global Warming theory as fact.( likewise now extreme weather ) is the biggest fraud ever inflicted on humanity, and must amount to a crime against Humanity itself !

The EU has blown a a fortune of our UK money on its space programme, mostly on the satellites needed for the Toll Roads project. A pointless waste of money when the UK disabled are freezing and starving to death, yet promoted by celebrities like Stephen Hawking to portray just how much the EU Eco-Nazis care about the more unfortunate in society.

Stephen Hawking must be the ultimate science fiction virtual reality biotech Ventriloquists Dummy, if he was an ordinary guy he would have been brain dead years ago even if he was fed by a tube direct into his stomach. The Wall Street Tech Sector just wheel Hawking out to say whatever they want him to say to boost investment on the Nasdaq.

Anyone who actually believes in Hawking’s latest ” nano technology “favourite space project must be completely gormless, but then perhaps we all swallowed the fly with the 1969 Moon landing. BBC Brian Cox & Co also hide fact that it breaks Newton’s Second Law of Motion is beyond the average guy in the street but ” Every Action must have an Equal and Opposite Reaction “.

Even if the Apollo moon lander could carry enough fuel for the rockets both to safely land and then even more improbable take off in the moon’s 1/6th Earth’s gravity. even if the moon had an atmosphere. I have searched Google for Apollo 9 Astronauts who actually orbited the moon to get the shots NASA needed to fake the landing but no trace. I expect that they were killed by the cosmic radiation our Earth’s magnetic field protects us from, our magnetic field is particularly weak at the moment so perhaps the International Space Station is currently uninhabitable unless you fancy contracting Cancer !

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover is pure Computer Generated Image fantasy again even if you could carry enough fuel to hover and wind it down onto the surface. The late Patrick Moore let the cat out of the bag just before his death by pointing out that the radio signal ( to drive it up to edge of the valley and say it was made by water ) takes 40 minutes each way. It seems that the Nasdaq Tech Sector’s motto is ” If you can’t do it fake it ” with perhaps the latest example being SpaceX. Similarly round the world solar powered flight Solar Impulse was almost certainly a drone, and there was probably more than one of them !

Meanwhile ITV, SKY and the BBC attempt to keep the average Soap addict X factor etc Ten Bob Fat Cats in La La land with no mention of the French night riots over working conditions, or protests against austerity in other EU nation states.

David Cameron says he will stay on to implement our withdrawal from the EU if we Vote Leave, but has he got the balls to default on our UK national debt. Sooner or later all UK politicians will have to face up to reality and repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act plus all subsequent EU inspired DECC Green Tax legislation.

Just tonight Tom Clarke Channel 4 News ( Science Fiction Presenter ) was attempting to spin Co2 drives run away Global Warming fraud, with an interview with the just resigned UK Green Party leader. Paris Cop21 was mentioned and the need for Climate Action which will probably work no better than King Canute trying to hold back the tide !

Driverless Cars & Trucks !

It would appear that David Cameron and George Osborne are under Goldman Sachs orders to allow driver-less cars and lorries onto UK roads in a vain attempt to get the NASDAQ back above 5000, or else our Wall Street credit rating is is cut !

The associated Space Tourism by 2018 aspect also said to be included in the same Queens Speech Bill also espouses abject desperation by Richard Branson’s Virgin, which may infer that his empire is on the verge of insolvency. Google has already dumped the driver-less car a new company, thus indicating no confidence in the project !

If you are reading this you are obviously online and must know full well just how inherently unreliable computer systems are by personal experience of incidents like them freezing up on you from time to time or loosing what you have just written by windows experiencing a problem and reopening the page. I expect that most long term computer users will have experienced a full crash of their computer at some time and although annoying its no real problem because when you re-boot everything is usually OK and works perfect.

I expect that the vast majority of people with experience of computers would never stake their life on one, and yet now everyone is forced to drive cars fitted with safety critical electronics like ABS Brakes.

I expect any truly competent automotive engineers to know this about basic electronics but any dirty connection or dry soldered joint in the wiring system can turn itself into an intermittent DIODE and therefore transmit a signal throughout the entire electrical system.

Similarly differences in the coefficient of linear expansion between ” plugs and sockets ” can disturb the connections as the joint warms up and cools down during the day, again with the risk of precipitating a diode.

Add winter road salt on the roads into the equation and you probably have a major problem with any high tech electronics including electronic engine management especially if its ” fly by wire ” accelerator control, which probably explains many high power motorcycle accidents even when ridden by mature long experienced riders !

At this current moment in history our Earth’s magnetic field is at its weakest for 200 years, thus allowing extra solar electromagnetic radiation to penetrate our atmosphere, thus making computer malfunction far more likely !

If Driver-less Cars and Trucks are allowed onto UK are allowed onto UK roads it must prove that A, all our politicians are corrupt, B, all our politicians are gormless or C, our democracy as members of the EU is an illusion and we are living under techno-fascist dictatorship at the behest of the Wall Street Banks !

Reclaiming Public Transport for the People !

We have now reached a stage where local councils subsidise almost all bus routes except those between major towns. Once upon a time private operators internally subsidised less popular routes, the main routes are very lucrative.

Although I have not been familiar with bus operations recently, back in 1991 I spent six months working in Clitheroe Ribble bus garage. It was quite common for the rush hour 225 service between Clitheroe and Bolton to take £280 for the three hour round trip. Even the most off peak services took around £60, about the same as a six wheel wagon with 15 tons of Horrocksford tarmac and turn a profit.

There are many factors in the current rip-off scenario of the bus operators. Take disabled access for public transport for instance, looked pretty good on face value, but it was just another excuse to force disabled people into work, which when implemented would artificially inflate the fares, as you could only get three disabled access buses for the cost of four conventional ones.

It was a bit of a bent deal all round, John Prescott’s junior minister responsible ( a Scot & now also a Lord ) had a son working as an executive for one of the big two national bus operators who wanted an excuse to invest in a new fleet considering that their engineering staff were incapable of looking after the old coach built ones properly as wrecked by Traffic Calming.

Local authorities were engaging in ” Quality Bus Partnerships ” offering the bus companies money and favors like new bus lanes, they said nothing about the increases in fares. In a letter to the CA&T at the time I predicted the New Transport Interchange would be a White Elephant !

Its possible that the extra interest payments on the new investment could have funded a 24 hour door to door free dial up taxi service to anywhere in the UK for everyone claiming Disability Living Allowance, not only that but you could have taken two able bodied friends with you.

The big question is where do we go from here, with many vital bus services already covered by a government subsidy. We need to go the whole way and regulate the entire system in order that passengers and council taxpayers can benefit from big profits on the more popular routes.

Bus operators would become virtual haulage contractors to the local authority and a true competitive market would ensure costs were kept down. Local councils would be responsible for all route planning and timetables and perhaps this could be done better on a regional basis.

The local council would collect all the fares, perhaps using a system which was in operation in Adelaide ( South Australia ) as long ago as 1987. Bus tickets could be bought at local shops as well as on the bus itself and were widely available. There were two types of ticket, standard which lasted an hour from the time you validated it on the first bus caught and could be used again within that time on any bus you changed to.

A more expensive day ticket valid after 9:30 am was just what it said on the box, the tickets were similar to the old Victorian type railway tickets, thin cardboard with simple magnetic strip on the back. Not easy to lose or accidentally destroy like some paper tickets, no need for potentially expensive elaborate microchip based tickets. If people suspect that someone is tracking their every movement it could put some people off using public transport.

Such a system could be partially funded by ending free bus travel for OAP’s and those on the new PIP, despite the fact that Stage Services can reclaim Road Fuel Duty, it probably costs 50p to stop a bus.

The aim of my proposal would be to attract more passengers by cutting fares for everyone, local councils could offer season tickets for either individuals or at reduced rates for families.

Park and ride schemes need to be developed along with direct fast limited stop services to the major towns like Manchester. The ultimate thing to do would be to fully integrate local rail services on a single ticketing system but that would probably need nationalisation of all passenger transport. However, it may be possible to keep private operators under thoughtful regulation at less total expense to the public ?

Monty Python’s Gangs of Keep Left Bollards !

Chatburn Parish Council are currently in conflict with Lancashire County Council Environment Directorate over the removal of the Keep Left Bollards at the bottom of Downham Road, which are causing problems for delivery lorries and buses.

I witnessed the problem first hand the other day when a full length articulated lorry came down from Downham wishing to turn right onto Sawley Road. The driver had no option but to use the wrong side of the said bollards, similarly buses heading up Downham Road often have to use the wrong side if any cars are parked opposite the junction. The aforementioned bollards have been clobbered on numerous occasions over the past year by drivers of long vehicles complying with the Highway Code and therefore risking a charge of Driving Without Due Care and Attention.

I’m certain that Chatburn Parish Council do not wish to criminalise HGV and bus drivers providing essential transport to local business in the communities of surrounding villages in general. However, LCC refuse to remove the said bollards on the grounds that they are a Pedestrian Refuge, despite the fact that people never cross the road there using them. To do so you would have to start from the grass verge outside Hudson’s Ice Cream shop, landing on a house drive at the other side, an altogether pointless exercise. At the current moment in time both the said bollards remain erect if half mangled making one of our main village tourist attractions unsightly.

Obviously LCC have no money to undertake a proper repair and this may be explained by the fact that they waste millions on EU inspired Political Correctness. A few years ago Downham Road was resurfaced with alleged Quiet Tarmac, I was amazed when when I saw that one of the four wheelers delivering it was from Wrexham. The haulage from North Wales must have cost a fortune when there is a coating plant just two miles down the road which could have used Blue Grit-stone brought in from North Craven.

The benefits of Quiet Tarmac are dubious now that almost everyone has double glazing, furthermore, it presents a hazard to those hard of hearing. Perhaps LCC Environment Directorate officers are attempting to promote False Economic Growth on the Stock Market by encouraging the sale of hearing aids, in order to swell the value of any Share ISA they may hold ?

Perhaps if LCC finances got really desperate they could always weigh in all the aluminium signs associated with 20 MPH zones for scrap, like we lost our iron railings to help in WW2. It would appear that our elected politicians have been badly advised over recent years, and perhaps its high time for a Stalinist Purge of County Hall !

Norman Bettinson of the Hillsborough then Sowerby Bridge Disaster Cover UP !?!

Miscarraiges of justice really ” do my head in “, and I can well understand the anguish of the Hillsborough victim relatives and friends, but after BBC Panorama colluded with bogus Road Safety Charity BRAKE in a programme on the Sowerby Bridge Disaster for me it got personal as my friends were demonised.

The Sowerby Bridge Disaster happened in the 1990s when a Fewston Eight Wheeler Foden ( driven by a retired Ex-Police HGV driver ) ran out of control down the steep hill into the town centre killing Six people. By then Norman Bettinson was Assistant Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, and it was almost certainly he who rigged the outcome of the Accident Investigation to protect the Police’s reputation on Road Safety.

Apparently the aforementioned Ex-Police driver had only ever driven their Horse Box, with a syncro-mesh gearbox and never anywhere near full plated gross weight. The Foden was a different animal altogether, with a Fuller Nine Speed Range Change constant-mesh box where you must match the revs to change gear-box. That means ” double de-clutching ” where you have the blip the throttle in neutral to change down. An experienced skilled man can cleanly change both up and down without ever touching the clutch once moving, and probably know where the 10th gear fits into the shift sequence as well.

BBC Panorama showed the wreck of the Foden and the condition of the brake linings after the fact, both the ” second-steer ” and leading drive axle linings were burnt out. It was on these two axles on which the spring parking brake actuators operated, which is the key to the cause of the accident.

Whilst watching the programme it was almost immediately apparent to me that the driver had ” Pumped the Brakes ” like with a car with faulty hydraulic brakes. Thus he lost all his air pressure, leaving him with only the spring parking brakes with an efficiency of 16% or capable of holding the vehicle on a gradient of One in 6.25. As the brakes were probably significantly ” faded ” after coming down from the summit of the A629 over Denholm from Keighley, their efficiency would have been less than that. Fatal if said driver missed a gear as you can’t ram it into a lower gear like you can with a syncro box !

My suspicions were confirmed after I got into an argument over it with the young executive transport CEO of a Scottish based Dairy corporate on LinkedIn, who claimed to have studied the case during his time at University. He said that pedestrians at top of the hill had heard the driver test-ING his brakes, but you can only hear air brakes when they are released. He claimed that I didn’t know what I was talking about, and I got electronically excommunicated from LinkedIn shortly afterwards.

Fewston Transport was convicted for poor maintenance but the ( a good friend of mine ) Fewston Charge-hand Fitter was charged with Manslaughter. By then I had a computer with printer so I got in touch with Will Murray at Huddersfield Department of Logistics and sent him a detailed analysis of the case. The charges against my friend were dropped as they claimed he was unfit for trial due to having contracted MS or something similar, ( Probably due to the stress he was under ) despite the protestations of BRAKE !

Perhaps the main contributory factor to the Sowerby Bridge Disaster was the fact that the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority forced Fewston to move its garage from Swinden Quarry ( just past Craeco on the road up to Grassington ) to Skipton Rock Quarry. The Rock garage is up a narrow track full of speed humps so you lose at least 15 minutes just to call in before mechanical inspection. I believe that aforementioned disaster driver was booked to do three trips to Huddersfield that day, a hard task for even a ” Top link ” driver and stick to drivers hours legislation.

Fewston was a ” Shell Company ” set up by the banks to take over Tilcon’s tipper fleet on the advent of new EU sheeting regulations. The Tilcon tripper drivers were quite well paid, and took a huge cut in wages, plus being forced to be cold and pissed wet through all day in bad weather. Take my own personal case, I did five loads a day from Swinden ex-works to RMC Burnley for which we were paid on a percentage of the takings. After the sheeting regulations were introduced it meant working an extra hour a day for nothing plus getting ” shit up to the eyeballs ” and risking serious injury. Tilcon who always bought British Foden was subsequently taken over by another company, Fewston bought Scania’s, no doubt the fat cat Stock Market Parasites were pleased with the deal.

A Lesson on Global Warming Fraud From History !

I’m not really into classical art but I do like a good landscape picture and love the 3D effect in a really good painting. Anyway when I saw Constable’s Flatford Mill something struck me about the trees.

Flatford Mill 1817 – Reproduction –
Flatford Mill 1817 – John Constable – Large resolution image. Image gallery, ecard, rating, slideshow and more! One of the largest John Constable resource on the web!

I apologise for the quality of the image posted, I did try to get the official Tate Gallery version but apparently the ” Image is unavailable ” and perhaps their Corporate-Nazi sponsors will have it ceremoniously burnt at the stake after I publish this article.

Anyway, Its clear that the tree with the thick trunk at the bottom and a new tree growing out of the top of the old trunk which was probably a sycamore. The adjacent dead tree exhibits storm damage, and I would estimate that the new tree growing out of the severed trunk is no more than 20 to 25 years old. The trees in the background look about the same age as well, perhaps indicating that most of the trees had been wiped out in a big storm 20 to 25 years earlier.

I don’t have the exact date, but remember something about a Great Storm which wrecked ” hundreds ” of ships off the UK south east coast in the last quarter of the 18th century. I also remember the 1987 ” Hurricane ” BBC weather man Micheal Fish said wasn’t going to happen and saw the result around south London from the train on my way to Gatwick Airport on my way out to Aussie in November of that year.

Almost all the healthy mature trees had been severed half way up their trunks at the example in the painting, Sevenoaks claim to flame was no more.

Anyway, long range weather forecaster Piers Corbyn had been searching the old Admiralty records from when the Royal Navy were searching for the illusive ” North West Passage ” as part of his research into weather prediction and found something really interesting. The 1816 RN accounts stated that the Arctic ice was as far retreated as it was when in the early 21st century the high priest Co2 drives Global Warming Alarmists were bleating the loudest about Arctic ice melt.

The fact that since the Co2 drives Climate Change Scam began the Arctic is full of ” Climate Scientists ” in mega horsepower ice-breakers, and smashing the thinner ice up probably doesn’t help their case. Breaking the ice allows the Sun to heat the dark water and melt even more ice from the margins, all the RN had were wooden ships and sails, pack of rowing boats to pull them if becalmed.

Most honest climate scientists especially those into Astrophysics like Piers Corbyn agree that we are heading into a Maunder Minimum down to 2035, whatever ” El Ninio ” throws up in the meantime. The Frost Fares on the Thames as portrayed in old paintings could be back by then, and its a fact that there has been no global warming for over 18 years now, plus sea level rise is negligable.

The whole global warming alarmist establishment is corrupt including the former Indian ( railway engineer trained ) head of the UK International Panel on Climate Change. The guy was compelled to resign after being charged with sexual assault against a young woman, and perhaps the UK is particularly badly afflicted by its 2008 Climate Change Act because many UK politicians are implicated in Child Sexual Abuse allegations.

You can’t trust the Jimmy Savile ( Prince Charles’s best mate ) BBC either, as its said that they have almost their entire pension invested in Green Tech. Sky has to appease it corporate advertisers, and I’m pretty sure I once read somewhere that Tony Blair had done a deal with Putin to close the Co2 warming sceptic Moscow climate research centre for quick access by Russia to full WTO status.

Piers Corbyn did challenge top warmist celebrity Richard Branson to debate Global warming with him on camera, but no show. However, perhaps it could be the ultimate irony if Bill Gates’s internet technology soon liberates us all from the tyrany of high energy prices due to Green Taxes !