Aspartame Slow Genocide ?

Is Aspartame ( first widely introduced to the UK around 1990 ) the cause of the rise in alleged alcohol induced violence as its in all pub mixer drink taps especially Diet-Coke, similarly Aspartame may be the cause of ADHD in kids as found low fat yogurts etc. There is also evidence to suggest that Aspartame causes weight gain plus may induce Type 2 diabetes and perhaps Aspartame is a far greater cost to our NHS than Smoking ever was and likewise some Health-Fascists want to ban relatively harmless Sugar ?

Last night I was thinking about my ex-girlfriend’s eldest son who I refer to in my Urban Air Pollution article on Asthma when it crossed my mind that Aspartame could also be a factor in asthma cases.

From Urban Air Pollution

In 1993 I got involved in a serious relationship with a five years older than me former childhood sweetheart who’s marriage had broken down with two male kids, the eldest in the last year at primary school, youngest just starting and she arranged to rent a house in my village.  Her eldest son suffered from asthma but also mild coordination problems and was subsequently diagnosed as having a mild form of autism, and ADHD probably precipitated by the acrimonious divorce circumstances.   He used both the blue acute and brown alleged preventative inhalers perhaps not as fully effective due to his coordination problem and I recall once having to take him down to the treatment room at Clitheroe Health Centre to use a nebuliser after one particularly bad asthma attack.  It is interesting to note that he enjoyed our trips out to preserved steam railways and being tall for his age big enough to dangle his head out of the front coach door window in all the smoke and ash particles from the locomotive without experiencing an asthma attack !

Rough Case History

I was informed said eldest son was quite badly ill as a baby with stomach problems but got over it and was doing quite quite well academically and reading by 5 his mum having gleaned a full set of 1960s informative kids books from jumble sales etc.  Then his younger brother was born and his behavioral problems started and were put down to him feeling left out when his mum was looking after her new son as a baby.  I’m not up to speed on when his coordination problems were identified but it was probably via his primary school where his reading ability failed to improve despite his theoretical head start.  When I first met him he was in the last year at primary school, his hair was really long as he wouldn’t allow anyone to cut it and he seemed a little bit withdrawn but that improved when I took him and his brother on days out in my car.  He went to the local secondary school in 1994 but got expelled before the end of the 1st year but by then I had shown him how to use both buses and trains which was quite useful to him later as he was not allowed to drive.   After being assessed by a child psychologist at hospital Social Services sent him to a private boarding school near Grange, after which his condition did improve, perhaps due to him consuming less Aspartame in Low-Fat Yogurts ?

I can recall how his ADHD was pretty bad around the turn of the new year 1995 even though he was initially delighted with his Xmas presents.   We bought him an LMS express steam train train set and I had gone round the second hand stalls at railway exhibitions and picked up a Flying Scotsman and a set of the LNER teak coaches that went with it.  I had some old track and points at home so made him a good layout on the floor in the loft and he seemed quite happy playing until one day he threw the Scotsman so hard onto the floor it bent the die cast chassis.  Perhaps the extra Aspartame he had consumed over the Xmas period had accumulated and precipitated his wobbler, and perhaps ADHD is worse in thin kids as fat kids can absorb more without symptoms.  His younger brother also had ADHD but only mild in comparison and perhaps due to the fact that he had a fair bit more meat on him if not obese ?

Getting back to my Asthma observations it seems that my ex-girlfriends eldest son first contracted asthma when he was about 5 as well, and his age at that time probably coincided with the widespread introduction in the early 1990s.  I’ve lost contact with him now but he has never had a job but he’s well into Man United and passed the football referee’s exam on the rules of the game.

No doubt open minded analysis of NHS records will prove Aspartame is the root cause of many chronic illness problems attributed to modern lifestyles and junk food by the Health-Fascists.  And perhaps like in Monty Python’s Department Store Sketch where you can’t say Mattress you can’t allege Aspartame is a danger to health or the Health-Fascists will all put a paper bag over their heads and everyone will have to stand in the tea chest and sing Jerusalem.

There must be a strong case for a complete BAN on Aspartame in the UK ASAP !

West Virginia Oil Train Derailment ?

I was just thinking that the controversial Keystone pipeline could significantly reduce oil train traffic on US railroads and no doubt Wind Farm Subsidy junkie Warren Buffet is keen to stop it given his railroad investments.  However many such derailments could be easily avoided by the provision of a Caboose and a man at the end of the train or if it really long one in the middle also.   I’ve just seen the latest BBC news report and this time it would appear to be down to the state of the track and perhaps Buffet is presiding over The Great Smashem & Cheatham Railway, unfit for purpose like Railtrack was here in the UK back in 2000 ?

It is often the case that the such derailments are caused by an axle bearing overheating to a point where the end of the affected tanker axle sheared off thus causing the derailment and fire.  If there had been men in cabooses at the end and in the middle if it was a particularly long train even if they didn’t actually see any smoke they would have smelt the overheated axle-box and stopped the train long before it derailed.  This principle was amply illustrated in an old B/W US railroad film entitled Fast Freight I once saw which was made at the time of the introduction of diesels.

The same principle applied here in my home UK where back in the mid 1980s it cost BR an absolute fortune ( multi-millions ) to repair Summit Tunnel on the old L&Y Manchester-Leeds line between Rochdale and Todmorden after an oil train fire inside.  Again it could have been easily avoided with a guard in a brake-van even if he was made technically redundant with the provision of line-side automatic hot-box detectors.  I was once informed that said hot-box detectors were pretty unreliable often stopping trains for no good reason thus encouraging staff to ignore them for the efficient running of the network.

Making a New Claim for ESA !

I just tried to make a new claim for ESA having been declared ” Fit for Work ” as I couldn’t be arsed filling in and attending the WCA bullshit a couple of years ago as I had lost the cash anyway on the 365 day rule.  Having got my sick note sent into the local DWP office by the hospital I then had to contact the DWP phone line in order that they could fill out the full claim form and forward it to DWP Belfast for processing.

I rang the said number and had to wait about five minutes to get through after which the call was answered by a friendly sounding guy from my local DWP office who informed me that the call would take 35 to 45 minutes to complete. He had no trouble coping with my broad Craven accent and the call proceeded in a professional manner allowing me to ad lib at times with a few jokes and even so it was complete in the stated time. The time included double checking all the information given for mistakes after which I signed by phone as advertised.

A couple of days after I got a letter stating that I couldn’t claim ESA due to a lack of national insurance contributions during the past couple of years since I told them to get stuffed to avoid the hassle of the WCA.  Belfast were alleged to send me a copy of the phone interview and I can’t remember the exact chronology but it was well after the time promised.  Furthermore the paper copy of my phone call interview was on 20 pages of A4 with no staple in the corner of the pack so it soon got muddled up out of order although I did spot several mistakes including the start date which was over a full month later than I stated.

Not withstanding I rang the number given to amend the document only to find that the number given was now out of date and had been changed and the voice at the other end informing me of the new one was far too fast to write it down with no repeat.  And it didn’t end there as I was also bombarded with several letters ( again from Belfast and lost count ) asking me to ” tell them about the change ” with a pre paid envelope to send back the slip they sent.

Obviously if you were genuinely unwell it would be impossible to cope with all their Ministry of Silly Walks bullshit especially if you were suffering from a mental health problem which probably explains why so many mental health cases bounce back into hospital just to keep warm and dry and have a full belly.

It must be obvious that the current system is unfit for purpose but perhaps the problems are mostly due to PCS Union members acting like a virtual Zonder Commando in order to throw flak at the Tory minister IDS on the behalf of the Labour Party and cunningly hidden by the fact that its down to Belfast in Northern Ireland where Labour don’t stand for election.  However it was obvious that Gordon Brown bought the votes of DUP MPs on 42 days detention by promising a fat government grant for an aircraft factory at Belfast with a huge investment promised from the corporate multinational owners.  Fortunately it all fell trough when the bill failed to pass in the Lords.


Prince Charles & Global Warming Fraud !

Perhaps Diana only split from Prince Charles because she knew all about the Agenda21 Green Genocide plan when living with him because he was a willing accompliss using his mother the Queen’s reputation to sell the Carbon Dioxide causes run away dangerous Global Warming fraud ?

Just thinking about the UK Royal Train and how it used to have two dedicated fully refurbished and maintained to first class standards long paid for 1960s Class 47’s, and perhaps they had to buy the on paper far more powerful 67’s and vastly increase the cost due to the interest on the extra capital investment for potential future head of the Church of England Prince Charles to posture to his Eco-Nazi New Age Baal and Green virtual Soddom & Gommora celebrity brethren as if one of the 47’s failed using even the highest available calorific value Orangutan murdering Palm Oil its nowhere near as good as real diesel and a single 47 running on said biodiesel was not capable of keeping time ?

And they are even more expensively leasing the 67’s from the Germans and they were built in insolvent due to green policy Spain using US GM engines so lots of money to change for the stock market parasites !

Is Crossrail an EU Defence Project ?

I remember seeing footage of the new Crossrail tunnels under London and it would appear that they are far larger in loading gauge than required for UK rolling stock obviously big enough to fit a Tank train through.  Add to this improvements to the rail links to Felixstowe docks and the jigsaw would appear to point towards the possibility that the scheme was to improve logistics in the case of a Corporate Nazi Wall Street instigated US invasion in North Devon on the Barnstable area coast.

I believe that the rail line from Exeter to Barnstable still exists but perhaps Meldon quarry on the line was closed because stone trains from there would have knackered the track.  The road links are perhaps deliberately left crap as well perhaps to prevent an easy US armoured advance in the case of an amphibious landing.  Similarly an offshore Wind Farm project off the North Devon coast was blocked as it would have made any radar useless, which points to the possibility that Green policy was all about installing a Corporate Nazi fifth column to assist any US invasion of the UK in the event of the UK defaulting on the national debt.

The US can probably just walk in to the Irish Republic to use as a forward base ! In one of the comments in one of my earlier articles I point to the likelihood that Oakhampton was deliberately infected with Foot & Mouth disease in 2001, perhaps to ethnically cleanse many of the indigenous population to allow Green trendy fifth columnists to move in.

The following is from an earlier article of mine.

Just to update everyone on my lifetime research project and it would appear that the contamination of NZ China export baby formula was deliberate because Key couldn’t sell Cow Fart Taxes to screw the dairy farmers like its probable that WWF smuggled the game reserve origin strain of Foot & Mouth virus which caused the UK epidemic in 2001 and they did it by contaminating the transport at the big cheap Jan Carlisle sale of prime breading stock as farmers had run out of feed for. That’s how it got down to Oakhampton in north Devon and slow burn from local dairy farmers using cull compensation to get into easier life beef and increased transport costs probably closed both the dairy and cheap rice pudding factory and WWF did it because Farmers for Action got the road fuel tax escalator stopped in the 2000 protests ?

The following link was a letter to my local paper they refused to publish in autumn 2011 !

More Evidence on Green Holocaust UK ?

From information gleaned on the design including gym and basketball arena the new Lancashire Care mental hospital at Blackpool is obviously designed for future use as an executive hotel. Location at end of M55 as inconvenient for public transport ( and especially rail ) gives the game away, plus basketball arena easily converted into function hall when what the majority patients really need to help them recover from crisis is 24hr indoor smoking. I suspect that said current smoking ban is all about virtual brown envelopes for top executives probably via on face value theoretically innocent high performing stock market investment products.

It must be reasonable to believe that the whole object of the Lancashire Care smoking ban exercise is to sell nicotine replacement products offered by drug corporates and their agents. As a smoker myself I have tried patches when they first came out but found they made me smoke more, I can’t use gum or other oral products as the all contain cancer causing Aspartame which I am allergic to. The inhaler just made me cough if I sucked hard enough to get any useful dose into my lungs at all. I have also tried e-cigs but again they led me to crave real tobacco even more and therefore I conclude that most theoretically mentally ill people smoke for the chemicals other than nicotine in tobacco and probably also the carbon monoxide as well.

Take into consideration my original June 2012 nollyprott Green Holocaust article where our NHS was privatised after Scottish independence which stole our UK oil and allowed US corporate Wall Street to turn us into what Greece is like now and sell all our national assets or starve servicing the debt run up by Tony Blair via Gordon Brown under Labour. Our NHS is not safe yet though the EU TTIP trade deal is a significant threat to our democracy when key UK politicians and media celebrities continue to spin the Carbon Dioxide causes global warming fraud. The UK disabled still face the prospect of a Green Holocaust where all defectives are killed in Agenda 21 as sponsored by George Soros the guy who forced John Major to close viable pits on pain of crashing the value of the pound !

NASA Alleged Moon Rock !

When I was 16 I saw V2 celebrity Nazi political DNA NASA alleged Moon Rock close up in a thin glass case in the Geology Museum at London and it struck me at the time that is was almost identical in colour to the Clinker produced by our local cement works. With the benefit of hindsight is now clear that aforementioned Moon Rock is the fine dust from cement clinker sieved out into a mould to form a block and after wet after time set solid as any rock. To make it look realistic they probably smashed up the block with a fucking sledge hammer into convenient chunks for distribution and display.

Other inconsistencies in the moon landing display was the capsule they used to escape the moon’s gravity was no bigger than a Mini and even if the rocket was theoretically powerful enough there was no way it could have carried enough fuel to escape 1/6 Earth’s gravity. Even then everyone knew that the Moon has no atmosphere and therefore escape impossible as nothing for the rocket to push against therefore breaking Newton’s Laws of Motion !

It must therefore follow that since NASA has always been the key scientific institution promoting the Carbon Dioxide causes run away Global Warming theory as fact.( likewise now extreme weather ) is the biggest fraud ever inflicted on humanity and must amount to a crime against Humanity itself !