German Train Crash Staged for Wall Street Banking Criminals to EasyJet Disappear !

It would appear that Wall Street ( LinkedIn ) Financial Criminals don’t care who they murder to hide the BLACK HOLE at the epicenter of Global Stock Markets to kick the can of the inevitable Banking total meltdown down the track !

My first instinct was that the said German Train crash was that it was the electronic emulation of the disaster on the Cambrian ( single Track ) Main Line in the early 20th century, but it is reported that the line in question had the very latest in-cab signalling technology which should have avoided any accident caused by the malfunction of the fixed signals themselves.

The most likely explanation for the sad deaths and injuries this morning is that a technician, ( who may have been involved in the alleged testing of the system recently ) disabled the system in order to cause the said accident.

The above should suffice for now and financial forensics should link the small guys to the individuals at the top of the Global Organised Crime hierarchy, probably George Soros and his best friends !


One thought on “German Train Crash Staged for Wall Street Banking Criminals to EasyJet Disappear !

  1. BBC News is currently reporting that ” Two out of the Three Black Boxes from the trains have now been found ” which may infer that there was one black box on each train involved plus one from the ” Signal Box ” ground based signal control center.

    It was also the case that after the 4U925 Alps Crash the key Flight Data Recorder was not found for some considerable time after the rescue teams reached the site, perhaps giving persons the opportunity to fabricate the data contained therein ?

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