More Evidence on Green Holocaust UK ?

From information gleaned on the design including gym and basketball arena the new Lancashire Care mental hospital at Blackpool is obviously designed for future use as an executive hotel. Location at end of M55 as inconvenient for public transport ( and especially rail ) gives the game away, plus basketball arena easily converted into function hall when what the majority patients really need to help them recover from crisis is 24hr indoor smoking. I suspect that said current smoking ban is all about virtual brown envelopes for top executives probably via on face value theoretically innocent high performing stock market investment products.

It must be reasonable to believe that the whole object of the Lancashire Care smoking ban exercise is to sell nicotine replacement products offered by drug corporates and their agents. As a smoker myself I have tried patches when they first came out but found they made me smoke more, I can’t use gum or other oral products as the all contain cancer causing Aspartame which I am allergic to. The inhaler just made me cough if I sucked hard enough to get any useful dose into my lungs at all. I have also tried e-cigs but again they led me to crave real tobacco even more and therefore I conclude that most theoretically mentally ill people smoke for the chemicals other than nicotine in tobacco and probably also the carbon monoxide as well.

Take into consideration my original June 2012 nollyprott Green Holocaust article where our NHS was privatised after Scottish independence which stole our UK oil and allowed US corporate Wall Street to turn us into what Greece is like now and sell all our national assets or starve servicing the debt run up by Tony Blair via Gordon Brown under Labour. Our NHS is not safe yet though the EU TTIP trade deal is a significant threat to our democracy when key UK politicians and media celebrities continue to spin the Carbon Dioxide causes global warming fraud. The UK disabled still face the prospect of a Green Holocaust where all defectives are killed in Agenda 21 as sponsored by George Soros the guy who forced John Major to close viable pits on pain of crashing the value of the pound !