Is Crossrail an EU Defence Project ?

I remember seeing footage of the new Crossrail tunnels under London and it would appear that they are far larger in loading gauge than required for UK rolling stock obviously big enough to fit a Tank train through.  Add to this improvements to the rail links to Felixstowe docks and the jigsaw would appear to point towards the possibility that the scheme was to improve logistics in the case of a Corporate Nazi Wall Street instigated US invasion in North Devon on the Barnstable area coast.

I believe that the rail line from Exeter to Barnstable still exists but perhaps Meldon quarry on the line was closed because stone trains from there would have knackered the track.  The road links are perhaps deliberately left crap as well perhaps to prevent an easy US armoured advance in the case of an amphibious landing.  Similarly an offshore Wind Farm project off the North Devon coast was blocked as it would have made any radar useless, which points to the possibility that Green policy was all about installing a Corporate Nazi fifth column to assist any US invasion of the UK in the event of the UK defaulting on the national debt.

The US can probably just walk in to the Irish Republic to use as a forward base ! In one of the comments in one of my earlier articles I point to the likelihood that Oakhampton was deliberately infected with Foot & Mouth disease in 2001, perhaps to ethnically cleanse many of the indigenous population to allow Green trendy fifth columnists to move in.

The following is from an earlier article of mine.

Just to update everyone on my lifetime research project and it would appear that the contamination of NZ China export baby formula was deliberate because Key couldn’t sell Cow Fart Taxes to screw the dairy farmers like its probable that WWF smuggled the game reserve origin strain of Foot & Mouth virus which caused the UK epidemic in 2001 and they did it by contaminating the transport at the big cheap Jan Carlisle sale of prime breading stock as farmers had run out of feed for. That’s how it got down to Oakhampton in north Devon and slow burn from local dairy farmers using cull compensation to get into easier life beef and increased transport costs probably closed both the dairy and cheap rice pudding factory and WWF did it because Farmers for Action got the road fuel tax escalator stopped in the 2000 protests ?

The following link was a letter to my local paper they refused to publish in autumn 2011 !


More Evidence on Green Holocaust UK ?

From information gleaned on the design including gym and basketball arena the new Lancashire Care mental hospital at Blackpool is obviously designed for future use as an executive hotel. Location at end of M55 as inconvenient for public transport ( and especially rail ) gives the game away, plus basketball arena easily converted into function hall when what the majority patients really need to help them recover from crisis is 24hr indoor smoking. I suspect that said current smoking ban is all about virtual brown envelopes for top executives probably via on face value theoretically innocent high performing stock market investment products.

It must be reasonable to believe that the whole object of the Lancashire Care smoking ban exercise is to sell nicotine replacement products offered by drug corporates and their agents. As a smoker myself I have tried patches when they first came out but found they made me smoke more, I can’t use gum or other oral products as the all contain cancer causing Aspartame which I am allergic to. The inhaler just made me cough if I sucked hard enough to get any useful dose into my lungs at all. I have also tried e-cigs but again they led me to crave real tobacco even more and therefore I conclude that most theoretically mentally ill people smoke for the chemicals other than nicotine in tobacco and probably also the carbon monoxide as well.

Take into consideration my original June 2012 nollyprott Green Holocaust article where our NHS was privatised after Scottish independence which stole our UK oil and allowed US corporate Wall Street to turn us into what Greece is like now and sell all our national assets or starve servicing the debt run up by Tony Blair via Gordon Brown under Labour. Our NHS is not safe yet though the EU TTIP trade deal is a significant threat to our democracy when key UK politicians and media celebrities continue to spin the Carbon Dioxide causes global warming fraud. The UK disabled still face the prospect of a Green Holocaust where all defectives are killed in Agenda 21 as sponsored by George Soros the guy who forced John Major to close viable pits on pain of crashing the value of the pound !

The Corporate-Nazi Arch Plan for the UK Agenda 21 !

Over the past 30 or so years it has become increasingly apparent that the UK would appear to be following a de-industrialisation agenda driven by stock market parasites who’s only interest would be to promote the asset stripping of the UK’s industrial infrastructure, whilst at the same time taking maximum profits for the Corporates.   The whole object of their exercise has been to promote false economic growth mostly on the back of EU directives as embroidered by Whitehall, a typical 7 page relatively simple EU directive transformed into a book when applied to the UK starting with John Major through Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and now Cameron with the Lib-Dem Europhile licence.  It all part of a Corporate-Nazi ideology festering in UK politics for far too long now and all lobbied for by various Safety-fascists, Health-fascists and most of all Eco-fascists via the now almost totally discredited Co2 induces run away Global warming theory.

Freedom and basic fundamental human rights in the UK are now fast approaching a state which can only be described as a Corporate-Nazi twisted mirror image of North Korea incorporating all the worst aspects of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia combined, even Goebbels stopped short of a the blanket Smoking Ban Hitler so much desired.  However, its not just the government the stock market parasites are operating a system of financial apartheid against young people by making car insurance so expensive that few can afford it under 25 when the safest drivers in later life are always those who started the youngest.  Similarly insurance costs stop small tradesmen taking on apprentices and bias against young workers generally, all current employment regulation favours the Corporates, they analyse applicants via employment agencies to ensure that they are a good little Ten Bob Fat Cat.   A fb friend of mine was offered a job at a safety consultant for a company working for Cross-Rail, at the last minute it was all off, and was he on some kind of Corporate-Nazi BLACKLIST where you only got a job if you were ideologically pure. Its the employment agencies giving all the jobs to the immigrants as well, especially when they can sell 8 to a two up two down for 50 quid a week into the deal, most of them are little better than 18th century slave traders ?

I have always suspected that I have been on a blacklist ever since we did a test for fun in liberal studies in the last year of worthwhile tech ( 1981 ) where you had to tick boxes and the end result indicated your politics, as I had a high score I came out a communist when everybody knew was it was bollocks and laughed it off.  Thing was though that corporates wouldn’t touch me, could never have got a job at the Cement Works and once got turned down for a job on the Council as bin lorry driver for being over qualified after a week, they gave the job to Monkey Lugs a pretty dim guy who drove at the same place as me.   I suppose that I was fortunate that I was never without a job for long, people even asked me to come and work for them and I always had decent savings to tide me over when I was off sick, usually the winters, was still pretty fit when I went to NZ when the Gulf War was on in 1991 when work was really slack, got a job at the local bus depot when I came back 7 weeks later.  I left due to my back playing up in autumn, they wanted me to stay but I let go, had done my job and probably saved the depot from closure with my input. The fuller story is in my book Corporate Nazi? and I will link it and the following 2009-2011 instalment in the comments.  It is now often the case that people rejected by the corporates get forced to work for less than the minimum wage self employed, ( Cumbria shootings guy Derek Bird for example ) can’t draw state benefits longer term if you have got any savings and in particular ESA which is time limited to 365 days even if it was the Corporate-Nazi Dictatorship system which caused your nervous breakdown or chronic ill health.

I digress but getting back to the main plan it would appear that the UK is to become some kind of virtual stock market parasite Noah’s Ark where semi retired rich people can live in the rural areas and trade shares via superfast broadband.  It would appear that wealthy Greeks are already moving into the more classy areas of London into the home of those facing Corporate Ethnic Cleansing by the 26k Benefits Cap, London house prices should be falling rapidly yet prices are up probably on the back of stock market parasite bonus money laundering and the influx of wealthy immigrants escaping civil unrest on the mainland EU and perhaps even the US when the now almost inevitable global financial meltdown comes.   The traditional working class will become redundant with the expansion of workfare which may end up more attractive than minimum wage for some people because they get their travel costs and meal paid for on top of their benefits.  Its clear that the veracity of the Green Holocaust will be increased to dispose of all the useless eaters.  Relative basic human rights will be plunged back into the 18th Century with the introduction of Toll Roads almost everywhere enforced by the ANPR technology Average Speed Cameras some local authorities are spinning  to introduce to police 20 Mph Zones etc to appease the Safety-fascists, simple job to turn the cameras around using the common technology for Tolls on all main routes on top of fuel duty.

Large swathes of rural England and Wales will be turned into eco / historical theme parks, perhaps even the whole of the north of Manchester up to an independent Scotland ruled by eco-fascist dictator Salmond. HS2 will only ever go as far as Manchester and the money to complete it could run out before then.  It would cost far too much to forge a new high speed line through the northern fells anyway, the existing rail infrastructure is adequate anyway since Portillo saved the Settle-Carlisle line, plenty of scope for running first class steam trains for wealthy international Jet Set tourists and perhaps the opportunity to sell them a retirement / holiday home in one of the redundant small farms or in one of the the many villages.  Cornwall and Devon would also appear to fall into the theme park scheme, take for example the town of Oakhampton, a desert factory and dairy closed in the same month in 2011, hundreds of job losses with no prospect of alternative employment for the locals, cost of the journey into the bigger towns prohibitive.  No doubt other rural areas are similarly afflicted, some put it down to progress but the UK is going backwards into a third world country especially in the larger towns where the roads are in atrocious condition due to years of spending the maintenance budget on Traffic Calming.

Perhaps the only way to stop the Corporate-Nazi Plan in its tracks is to pull the plug on the PFI welfare state for the stock market parasites and put interest rates up to a reasonable level say 5% but 10% would be better with every UK citizen with 10 years tax paid legal residence given a virtual 100k in a national savings account as the basis for a Citizens Income.  It could then be possible to scrap most employment legislation and get a true free labour market operating, all multinational corporations to be taxed at 5% of turnover as a licence for the privilege of trading in a UK market of 60 million, no scope for tax dodge transferring profits overseas.

End all Corporate-Nazi Green Taxes NOW !