Capital Gains Equals Inflation ?!?

When my dad passed away I inherited a nearby terraced house which he rented out to supplement his retirement income, however the previous tenant had moved out a month before his death, and it was in need of modernisation.

My local council charges half Council Tax on empty houses and it kicked in six months after probate so I was under pressure to complete the work and find a new tenant, fortunately I knew local tradesmen who wouldn’t rip me off. Anyway spent £15k doing the place up and improving it at the same time, could have could have fitted a new kitchen but it was relatively modern and still serviceable.

I advertised it in the local paper and had a family dead keen to move in ASAP, except they couldn’t get a place in the village primary school for their son due to class size limits, their older daughter was already at the nearest secondary school. I had to re advertise it in the new year and by this time I was due to pay the council tax, plus I got ripped off by the former tenants Green energy ( Ecotricity ) company for the Standing Charge.

Anyway I rented it out to posh sounding Sam Perry a tree surgeon, who’s parents lived in a nearby village and he was to share it with his friend John, who were later joined by another friend Ben. Sam had the original Green hairstyle so I did wonder whether he would pay or not but everything went OK even after Sam went down Dorset and up to myself being forced into hospital.

However, by the time I came out of Hospital Ben had moved out due to being sent to Saudi as part of his job in logistics and John was out of work so the rent dried up but he did promise to pay me when he got a job. A year went by and Ben returned to his job at Samlesbury, he also got John a job there as well so I started getting paid again until the lame excuses stated. I did offer a discount just to keep them and avoid the hassle of re advertising, now they are three months in arrears, and I can’t help speculating that the Ribble Valley Mafia are paying them not to pay me ?

They used to supply me with the eighth of cannabis a month I smoked in a pipe to ease my back pain, but it would appear they both have a serious cannabis habit, even if they are not into harder stuff. One of them was dealing computer games on ebay, so perhaps it was a front for drug dealing on a big scale and no doubt others are at it plus much of the stuff on there is probably stolen property anyway.

GAZA, An Object Lesson in False Economic Growth Lunacy !

Many on the left of UK politics use Gaza as a stick to beat the Israelis with, then get accused of being anti-semitic, to which they reply we are only anti Zionist when its probably the case that both Hamas ( via The Mufti ) and those in control of Israel ( Ex SS Jews ) both have political DNA originating in 1930s German National Socialism.

Its now patently obvious that the Arab Spring was a complete disaster for the working class in the broader Muslim middle east and probably precipitated ISIS. This was probably due to ordinary people in Iraq being pissed off being ripped off by US Corporates given contracts to replace the public utilities infrastructure destroyed in the Gulf Wars ?

Liberating Kuwait was fair dynkum, but Stormin Norman should have been allowed to finish the job and kick Saddam out in 1991, perhaps there are parallels with the desert war in WW2 when O’ Connell could have kicked the the Italians out of Libya before Rommel and his Afrika Corps arrived on the scene. Churchill decreed that they had to save Greece so thousands of British reinforcements went into captivity, the Aussies hated Churchill because he diverted ships full of desert trained troops straight into captivity by the Japs at Singapore !

Most people are unaware of the fact that it was Hitler who declared war on the US not the other way round as most believe, perhaps Churchill can be forgiven as Rommel’s success in the desert probably financially ensnared Wall Street. WW2 probably wouldn’t of happened but for Wall Street funding Germany’s rearmament programme in the 1930s on the back of US newsreel footage portraying how wonderful Hitler was ?

Fast Forward to NATO deposing the evil dictator of Libya, and again most likely instigated to saddle the ordinary people with debt to pay for the cost of rebuilding their infrastructure and precipitating a Gulf Arab sponsored Muslim Brotherhood Government. No need to recall what happened with them in Egypt, except to say the tunnels into Gaza were probably never busier with components to fire rockets at Israel !

It would appear to boil down to any excuse to inflate crude oil and gas prices, and the war is on in Yemen again, but nobody cares because perhaps now the working class has finally realised that its they who are the Virtual Reality Palestinians in their homelands. Although I don’t have any problem with Muslims apart from the way they often treat their women and FGM, but the trend for rebellious young Muslim women to wear the full Burka makes them their own worst enemy. Its a situation enflamed by politically correct alleged race relations legislation which technically outlaws the use of the shortened version of the word Pakistani !

Whilst on Healey we shared occupational therapy with Yarrow women and one of the patients was a Muslim teenager who was hoping to study at college, who wore a simple headscarf which she partially removed when relaxed in public. Her visiting elder male relatives had full Muslim metal jacket, one may have been an Iman. I was good mates with the most dedicated support worker on Yarrow and suggested the possibility that she was under pressure to marry a relative from Pakistan and be forced to wear the full Burka.

Needless to say she was soon home, and perhaps the latent racism inflammatory practice of wearing the full Burka would wither on the vine if wearing it whilst driving was outlawed. There are good reasons on restricted side vision grounds, plus the floor length skirt could prevent you from correctly operating the foot pedals in emergency. I try to get friends to laugh about it by referring to them as Penguins, although the term more accurately describes Catholic Nuns !

We must avoid any form of UK Civil War, although failed democracy in the USA suggests that one is now almost inevitable there, and perhaps all due to the toxic PTSD legacy of past conflicts still in living memory !

Anatomy of Mental Health & Dissecting Your PTSD !

In my earlier Probable Link between Bipolar & PTSD article I allude to mental health problems cascading down the generations and destroying lives as often misunderstood by mainstream alleged experts.

My own story started when my Granddad on my Dad’s side was born out of wedlock in 1893, I knew very little of his early life until visiting his cousin Annie in New Zealand in 1991 and spending hour talking family. Apparently he was shunted between the family farm and his mum’s, she married a small business man in the nearby town, he kept her maiden name so I suspect he was at a bit of an embarrassment .

He served in the Royal Artillery during The Great War, so I expect he witnessed his comrades blown to smytherines disposing of a dud shell after if failed to fire, likewise my Dad in WW2. The dates suggest he had to marry my granny after he got her pregnant with my dad, but she really loved him anyway, despite apparent abuse of the fact as I was more recently informed. He used to go to the pub every night then stay in bed until nearly dinnertime leaving my granny to milk the cows and do the milk round, no doubt with help from the kids. A relative told how when he was staying at the farm with his sister,during the holidays he went into her bedroom and did a shit in the middle of the floor and covered it up with a rug. Then he blamed it on her and she had to go home !

Turning to my Dad there are probably a few contributory incidents in his childhood, perhaps starting with an accident involving his younger brother losing most of his little finger on one hand. My Granny was doing the baking and 4 year old Clifford reached up to the kitchen table and pulled a pint pot of flour onto him almost severing said finger, apparently there was blood everywhere. My dad ran down the hill to his aunties in the village and said ” Mother’s Killed Clifford ” the doctor did try to stitch it back on but he had to amputate a few days later.

My dad also lost his little sister to whooping cough the details and circumstances of which I describe in an earlier article, then there was the Police Raid during the investigation into the famous for being unsolved Bashall Eaves Murder. My granny had relatives there so the Police came unannounced one day and broke the door down searching for the murder weapon gun, apparently it completely freaked my dad out !

I think that I have prattled on long enough to give the reader the reader the general idea so perhaps its time to turn to my own case. I suppose it all started when I was about 4 and had to stay with my granny when my mum had to go into hospital to stabilise her Type 1 diabetes. I was asleep on the sofa when my granddad wanted his afternnoon nap, so he just roughly picked me up and tossed me onto the floor, he was also always getting at me for being brossen fat. Soon after when I was friends with the owner of the garage across the road from my home the mechanic there led me on to say ” Its buggered ” in front to the village school headmaster who had called by. Said headmaster of the school I was to attend then gave me a smacked bottom for swearing, probably seeding a latent fear of authority.

Fast Forward to 3rd year secondary modern and when I got the whack off the housemaster for not returning for registration after dinner ( even though we could go home straight after ) and going up onto the by-pass to catch a driver friend for a trip to Parbold. I lost all interest in pure academia and respect for teachers after that, when I was just into my final year I had a moped accident and got unfairly done fro Driving Without Due Care and Attention. I never had a fair chance to defend myself as the arrogant Traffic Cop came to interview me when I was in agony with the broken bone at the top of my arm knitting plus the local magistrates ran a Kangaroo Court anyway as far as motoring offences were concerned.

I was inspired at Accrington tech, especially in the first year when I gained an Award of merit in the exams,, perhaps due in part to the lecturers talking about life in general, one even floated that some members of the class might suffer from mental health problems in future. Things were not going that well at home though, my mum started having problems with here eye due to he diabetes and with hindsight I can’t help speculating the primary cause was the synthetic insulin she was forced to change onto. I was taking her to Manchester to see the top eye specialist, who got her into the eye hospital for a revolutionary new operation which probably failed because they fed her jam and bread for breakfast. I can remember bringing her home in the car and despite the fact that it was freezing cold outside had to open the window as the stench of acetone on her breath was overpowering.

About that time my mum decided that we should buy a new colour TV and give the old one to granny who still only had a black and white set we gave here when we got our original colour TV. We purchased a Ferguson 3V30 top loading VHS video recorder to go with it, ( as everyone we knew already had one one except us ) and I set it all up in the living room. Then my dad came home from work at the mill and saw it whereupon he went ballistic at my mum insisting that we had to take the VCR back and culminating in a Hissy Fit where he knocked the old manual wind dial phone off the top of the telly and cracked the VCR Tape Deck lid so we couldn’t !

By this time my mum’s and my GP had already prescribed her Motivol, and my mum gave me one the day I went for my second HGC Class 1 test on the Wirral, ( which I passed ) after having failed the first after my nerves got the better of me.

I must have written enough now for those on my intellectual wave-lenght to get the big picture, and the main point to bear in mind is that a Nervous Breakdown is often the culmination of a train of life events. In my case the final straw was the probability that the North West Labour Party office on Wilderspool Causeway at Warrington were attempting to shut me up by setting me up to get sent down for benefit fraud in 2000 !

I felt liberated when my dad died in spring 2013, but the key article in my self cure was the Norman Bettinson one, thanks Theresa May for the Hillsborough Inquiry, now we need to explode Child Sexual Abuse by people in high places ASAP and save our NHS a fortune !

Freedom of the Press & Yi Luv Bung !

Before he started exhibiting early signs of dementia by promoting CND, 1980s Labour Party leader Micheal Foot was most famous for his wartime speech defending Freedom of the Press against National government censorship.

These days mainstream Investitigive Journalism would appear to have been taken Private Political Prisoner via the need to attract Corporate advertising revenue, plus fear of an attack on their respective media group share price. Whilst this has probably always been the case to some extent, it got far worse after George Osborne became Chancellor, and attempting to attract Chinese investment has probably imported a ” Yi Luv Bung ” culture into our Civil Service alongside it.

Although corruption in the UK Civil Service has probably always been the case the serious rot set in during the 1980s with the privatisation of our former nationalised industries, for example the buses. I can recall being told how small independent Lancashire coach operators had lost school baths contracts to Ribble on as little as 50p for the whole year when they were put out for competitive tendering.

Corruption has never been more so evident than since the advent of Green Policy in compliance with UN Agenda21, particularly since Gordon Brown nee Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act. Of course our BBC’s reputation was once beyond reproach and should have flagged up the intellectual dishonesty of UK climate change policy, except that it would appear that their employee’s pensions are riding on milking Green subsidies. BBC Science charlatans Roger Harabin & Matt McGrath both omit to mention the horrendous environmental deprivation in China where the Rare Earth Metals for the magnets in Wind Farms ( and your compact Dyson ) are refined.

Currently Nationalised Channel 4 is just as bad, especially since the Tories floated it for potential privatisation and I expect that the presenters are fearful of their future career prospects if they attempt to tell anything approaching the actual truth. Like BBC Panorama, C4 Dispatches just dance around the corruption without actually getting to the point, no more so than with Auto Enrollment Pensions when they failed to mention that you can Opt Out. It would appear that programmes on Climate Change Fraud are strictly verboten, but I know I am getting somewhere when Science presenters like @C4TomClarke block me on Twitter !

The latest attempt to re-float the Co2 drives Global Warming Theory Titanic is the reporting of record temperature in Kuwait and other Oil producing Gulf Arab states, which ( even if not deliberately tampered with ) is probably inflated by up to 5C by waste heat and the heat island effect at Airport monitoring stations. The Global stats are rigged anyway by the fact that their are relatively few recording stations in the southern hemisphere, they keep bleating about Arctic Ice retreat but its projected no worse than last year.

The Antarctic ice has been consistently growing over recent years, it snowed heavily on relatively low ground in the North Island of New Zealand over the weekend, similarly at sea level in Tasmania. Similarly on slightly higher ground in Victoria, South Australia, NSW recently and as far north as Canberra. Even Alice Springs had a mega hail storm which allowed the locals to build a snowman from what was floating on the top of the flood water,. record low temperatures reported all over Aussie and NZ in the past couple of years

Much of the northern USA mid west was cooler than usual last month but then the weather depends on the Jet Stream which dictates the wind direction, plus whether its been raining a lot. The track of the Jet stream has been well proven to be derived from the subtle interaction between our earth’s and the moon’s magnetic fields focusing the Sun’s energy, nothing to do with Arctic ice melt as BBC Horizon recently attempted to portray !

Can Anyone Take Sport Seriously Anymore ?!?

A popular chant from the terraces in the 1970s when kids could stand in the Stretford End at Old Trafford for 30p was ” My eyes are dim I cannot see I think I’ll be a referee ” although it was advisable to pay 60p for a seat for 60k capacity ties like Leeds !

If you were at the front you could come home and that night spot yourself and friends in the crowd on Match of the Day that night, but it would appear that today’s cameras just don’t have the depth of field. I’ve no real interest in football these days, but just watching the highlights on the news suggests most matches are fixed for betting scams, and perhaps that’s what freaked Eric Cantona out of the game prematurely ?

I was more into Cricket, especially when Ian Botham was at his peak omnipotence as the best all rounder England ever produced, then they made him captain and someone grassed him up for smoking cannabis recreationally. He was never the same again but the introduction of technology like Hawkeye, the snickometer wicketcam and square leg cameras compensated for St Dunstans umpires.

Richie Benaud and Geoff Boycott wouldn’t stand any shit anyway, but these days it would appear that you can only use the camera three times in an entire test match, then captains waste it when there was no need. Its so obviously corrupt these days that I don’t even bother to watch the free highlights on C5 and little wonder so many all time records get smashed by the relatively mediocre.

As for Tennis, where can I get some of the the stuff that Scottish guy with the alleged long term bad back uses to win Grand Slams and the Wimbledon women’s title won by a borderline geriatric as well ?

As for the Rio Olympics, I consider it as a criminal waste of public money in a poverty stricken country like Brazil, but then corrupt politicians love executive vanity projects especially when they come with a theoretical Green pedigree.

Perhaps the root cause of corruption in 21st Century sport in general is an indoctrinated ideology which demands top class facilities for training, plus with athletes the need to gain sponsorship to fund overseas altitude training. Perhaps corporate sponsors demand that aspiring talented young athletes deliberately lose to ” Superstars “, then even if you come second or third a lot they will ensure you get a cushy well paid job in their Deception Industry at the end of your competitive sporting career ?

Apart from the fall in the value of our Pound after the cut in the BoE interest rate, perhaps the surge on the FTSE was due to ” traders ” using ” leverage ” against the Olympics and other sporting bets they are sure they are going to Win. Are footballer transfer fees and salaries directly proportional to how corrupt a player is prepared to be, and perhaps the same principle may also apply to ” Managers ” plus other Television celebrities ?!?

Aspartame Slow Genocide Update !

On Tuesday a good friend of mine and I ( as biological Sat Nav ) took her ( to start Secondary School in September ) youngest son on a round trip to see Ribblehead Viaduct, tea at Morrisons Skipton.

As we don’t smoke in the car with kids, she let him go to the shop and he returned with a bottle of IRN BRU, which on reflection I suspect may have contained Aspartame as as soon he had supped some he became restless. The old Thames TV series The World at War was on Yesterday so I tried to get him interested in that but no, although it was probably not the ideal episode.

Anyway off we went with me supplying pace notes and a running commentary of interesting anecdotes on local history, Sawley, Copy Nook up Forest Becks to Wigglesworth thence through Rathmell . We stopped in the fisherman’s lay by about a mile short of Settle by pass to take in the view across to Cleatop and the start of the Settle & Carlise Railway but my friends son wasn’t that interested. I asked him if he could see the white signal post with red at the top about a mile away and at first he said no, then changed his mind and started moaning about being cold. He got back into the back seat of the car then leaned over the drivers seat and started the engine, so his mum bollocked him and good job she hadn’t left it in gear.

Off we went again onto the A65 Settle by pass ( which I helped to construct ) which follows the railway up Gigglewick Bank, and perhaps 1840s Civil engineers were not stupid when they tracked west. Said by pass was over a year late after millions of tons of as blasted rock disappeared building an embankment on the direct route to Ingleton, where the railway went to serve a Coal Mine which closed in 1916.

Turned east at Ingleton and up past closed Police Station and the former ARC ” Ingleton Green Granite ” quarry I once frequented, up past Chapel Le Dale church where those who lost their lives building Ribblehead Viaduct and particularly Blea Moor Tunnel lie. Splendid view of the viaduct from the west, thence under the bridge and up the Hawes road a bit to the unofficial lay by with the best view from the East. Another excuse for a fag break, and he son wanted to stroke a sheep to which I retorted ” you can can if you can catch one “. Why anyone would want to stroke a sheep is beyond me as they are horrible greasy smelly bloody things, but perhaps that’s what you get with the combination of the National Curriculum and BBC wildlife productions.

We then followed the S&C back down the Ribble Valley to Settle ( stopped for a piss at Horton ), loads of houses for sale including two of the three former railway houses at Selside where Mike Harding was alleged to live. Stopped to get a view of Arcow and Dry Rigg quarries, same Blue Gritstone BS563 as Ingleton, ( which is best ) but Arcow has been mothballed despite the fact that the rock from there crushes diamond shape giving the best gripping road surface. Dry Rigg crushes square, yet despite this fact back in summer 2014 they were shipping 6mm by road down to Exeter, when there is the same stuff if not better just up the road at Meldon Quarry in Devon.

We called in at Hellifield station just in time to see a Sprinter arrive and depart, thence back towards Skipton on the A65 and traffic jams caused by cyclists, who could have used the back roads or even the Leeds & Liverpool Canal tow path !

When we arrived at Skipton her son had been asleep and was on top mental form when he rung his mum without prompting when what she ordered was not available when we ordered in the Cafe and she had gone to put the shopping in the car. He and I got Chicken Tika & Chips, which was really good and came with a first rate small Naan bread, you also got a free brew, he got a Coke, I got a white coffee from the machine which was perfect.

He didn’t want his naan bread ( so I commandeered that ) and he left a few chips and curry after intermittently slurping his Coke through a straw throughout the meal. I told him I would eat what he had left and put it on my plate after which he opened a sachet of vinegar onto his plate which stopped me from mopping up the last of his sauce with the naan bread. I was full and couldn’t have eaten any more but as soon as we were back in the car he was moaning that he was hungry and could he have some doughnuts !

He’s a really bright kid ( said to be in the top 10% at Maths in national SATS Tests ) but perhaps his full potential is being damaged by hidden Aspartame in his diet, the greedy corporates will use the Sugar Tax as an excuse to use it as its 40 times cheaper than Sugar. He’s thin as a lat, which may explain why he exhibits ADHD type symptoms after consuming Aspartame whereas those with a genetic bent towards an ample girth may just gain weight more easily. Perhaps if you really care about the health and future life chances of your kids, you should not feed them anything not labeled 100% ASPARTAME FREE !

I also can’t help speculating that kids who spend lots of time playing games on smart phones risk damaging the development of their long distance vision, especially town and city dwellers who’s parents don’t have the finance to get them out into the open countryside regularly ?

Dick Turpin PhD & 21st Century Highway Robbery !

As an enforced ( by corrupt DVLC ) passenger these days, I have been observing the driving technique as taught to an under 40 good friend of mine in order to pass the UK Driving Test, little wonder young drivers are more likely to crash !

The first bad safety practice as taught is changing up into 4th gear ASAP even in a 30 Mph Zone, when most cars are happier in 3rd, plus if you encounter a hazard you are already slowing down as soon as you release the accelerator pedal, before you can depress the brake. It would also appear that young drivers are depressing the clutch whilst approaching junctions still in 3rd, when they should be in 2nd, little wonder rear end collisions are common and probably due to ABS malfunctions.

It was recently reported that our alleged Road Safety experts want more fuel wasting pollution generating roundabouts to make our roads safer for St Dunstans School of Motoring older drivers with defective long distance eye sight. Defective eyesight is probably the ultimate cause of most accidents, plus delays on trunk roads now as good as any motorway, but it would appear that Dick Turpin PhD’s sole aim is to generate False Economic Growth !

How to Spot a Blind Driver !

During my experience of riding shotgun in wagons since I was 13, then driving wagons for a living 300K Km a year for 15 years, plus my subsequent car driving following other people making a total of over 30 years on the road. I have noticed that there is something funny about the actions of some drivers. The key to this was a past older friend who was not very good at seeing and freaked out if you drove him as a passenger above 30 Mph. Obviously he didn’t drive himself although he once had a probably illegal small 120cc motor-bike for a short time.

According to the latest statistics there are 20% of drivers who would fail the eyesight test on the roads today. With not looking being the greatest alleged cause of accidents, perhaps many of these accidents are avoidable if you root out those who actually can’t see to look properly.

One may be asking how these potentially blind drivers manage to keep on the roads and get from A to B, but its a simple case of finding your way from point to point at a given speed. It was normally the case that dense fog would not significantly slow my progress along the A59 on the way to Skipton at 5 AM in the morning. It was simply a case of learning the route at a said speed / time, the only time you had to slow down was when you had to slow down for any other traffic and get temporarily lost. Then it was just a case of finding the next fixed recognised point on the road and carrying along as usual. It is probably the case that people slamming on the brakes when they get ” lost ” on motorways in fog causes major accidents.

My mum was totally blind for the last few years of her life and could easily navigate around our home like a sighted person just so long a the furniture was not moved. If any strangers came in they did not realise she was blind unless she told them. Before she went blind she was an excellent driver.

Potentially blind drivers may be driving around in the equivalent of dense fog at all times. They normally travel at about 40 Mph everywhere, ( any slower and they know they would stick out like a sore thumb ) and usually have a very long queue behind them on roads with a faster speed limit. It is usually the case that the diver causing the queue is fitted with ” Jam Jar ” spectacles when you finally pass them on a dual carriageway.

Blind drivers are also easy to spot when they stop on the line at roundabouts when all those in the following usual queue can see that the road is clear to proceed. I believe that accidents caused by cars stopping unexpectedly at roundabouts have significantly increased over the past few years. Although some could be due to insurance scams, I suspect that more are caused by blind drivers stopping for no good reason.

By now you may be asking why the government has not introduced annual eye-sight testing for all drivers considering all the other measures it passes allegedly in the interest of road safety. Perhaps the simple fact is that the government actually like lots of road accidents just so long as they don’t kill the wage slaves. With disability benefits generally low and relatively difficult to claim the government has nothing to loose by crippling quite a few people every year. Accidents generate a lot of tax revenue in VAT etc. plus the blind drivers are far more likely to be caught by a speed camera in a 30 limit, so plenty of extra revenue from speeding fines.

The government also benefits from the extra congestion caused by blind drivers, more in fuel tax and now they are considering congestion charging nationwide. Perhaps it should be up to the insurance companies to require all drivers to produce evidence of good eye-sight when they apply for their new policy each year, perhaps they could offer a discount if one did this. Once again its a case of money comes first, more insurance claims and people with speed camera convictions means higher prices for policies and as third party insurance is a legal requirement to drive they can charge whatever they want.

You also have to ask where the majority of the high profile road safety lobby are when it comes to eye-sight testing, plenty of ban this cut that but not a word on probably one of the most important factors for road safety. The simple truth is that high profile road safety groups like BRAKE are generally funded by the motor industry itself, and therefore campaigning for the introduction of a measure which could cut 20% of their sponsors best customers is out of the question.

It would be fairly easy to organise a simple but effective eye-sight testing facility at GP’s health centres in the treatment room. The test could be on a walk in basis and free to the user and carried out by a member of the nursing staff. Perhaps the test could be phased in starting with older drivers then rolled out to cover everyone with a driving licence around their birthday.

BBC Action Network Blog Response

I couldn’t agree more.

You have accurately described my (now deceased) father.

Suffering from macular degeneration, and repeatedly arriving home complaining of how foggy it was (on a clear day) he only decided to stop driving after three crashes into parked cars (no injuries thankfully) and when the compulsory eye test (at eighty, I think) was due.

Being in a car with him was terrifying to the extreme. My mother refused to go out with him. He would simply pull out at roundabouts with a belligerent “they’ll get out of my way”. He really had no idea if something was coming or not.

It is insane to allow people to drive in this state of health and as my selfish father proved – you cannot rely on people to police themselves.”
By susan crowe in Bromley – on 10 Jan 2007 at 14:32

I rest my case, but if the UK is to succeed as a competitor in the Global Economy we need to cut out all the crap inflicted upon honest decent people by our corrupt Universities over the past 40 years !

Perhaps the only true qualification a driving instructor really needs is at least ten years practical experience driving HGVs, thus providing plenty of jobs for older ( disabled ) folk with bad backs etc after working too hard !