Universal Credit & NHS Crimes Against Humanity

Whilst I believe in the principle of a welfare state from cradle to grave the UK welfare system has become a monster to serve only those who work within it. When I first wrote my Green Holocaust article in 2012 Universal credit seemed like a good idea at the time, but having to wait 6 weeks for t​he first payment is obviously designed to get you in debt with your bank,

Similarly our NHS wastes billions treating cancer patients, a relative of mine is currently down to 4 stone and had broken her hip in hospital on chemo therapy with no chance of recovery, Shades of Dr Mengel and medical experiments at Auschwitz all n the advancement of medical science.

No point curing you of your cancer anyway if you are to be tossed onto £72 pw ESA to freeze and starve to death when you only partially recover. I life of misery awaits if you have no family to help you out, The politicians might just as well shoot you in the head when you get to 50 and need repair to hip’s and knees worn out through doing exercise to keep your weight down.

Of course the collective politicians probably haven’t got the guts to pull the trigger directly themselves, they prefer to hide behind the DWP and jobsworth staff just following orders.