Go Compare Meercats !

Back in the 1930s one of my old mates ( Jack Leach ) had a part time job looking after his village electricity diesel generator, which was shut down overnight, late at weekends. That was in the days before the National Grid, some farms had petrol generators, but found the cost prohibitive a, went back to paraffin unless there were visitors to impress.

Now on of the local fields is plastered with solar panels even though it could grow wheat and you can bet that all the best deals on price comparison sites require you fit a Smart Meter. Solar in useless if covered in snow and no wind when its really icy either, so watch the Smart price go up then and it might be all you can afford is to go back to oil lamps to match the Go Compare advert era,

It seems Greg Barker cares more about Climate Change targets than whether low income families can keep warm during a hard winter, there have been record low temperatures recorded in Aussie & New Zealand recently, likewise frost in Brazil but all you get on the BBC are heat waves !

It may be reasonable to believe that Co2 has no effect on our climate or weather whatsoever, but given Spencer’s observation on radiation to space perhaps Carbon Dioxide has a slight cooling effect for the following reason. The Specific Heat Capacity of Co2 is only a quarter of that of water, therefore at higher concentrations of Co2 the air loses its heat to space far quicker, and particularly on a cloud free night making dawn temperatures lower, although on the same principle the air would heat up quicker during the day. No overall global average effect but colder winters in temperate regions, with cloud cover being the main factor in summer temps but more frequently resulting in snow in mid winter.