Stephen Hawking Dementia !

Stephen Hawking is 75 not looking bad for a high tech ventriloquist dummy as it spouts C02 drives Global Warming to the BBC, apparently he said Earth would turn into Venus if we didn’t cut Co2 ASAP. Venus is Venus due to the fact that its closer to the the sun and it follows that if the fire automatically turns itself up and down earth is affected to some degree.

In any case the Co2 theory was always used by by Qatar and others in the Gas industry to increase price as using theoretically cuts C02 despite the fact that it doubles water vapour, per MW of electric the biggest greenhouse gas of all. Al Jazeera , the Qatar state broadcaster is even worse than the BBC for C02 drives runaway warming propaganda, and proven to be festering the wars in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

The Co2 Gas Price Scam plus Fracking !
Posted on August 22, 2013

Ever since Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act the whole UK energy market has been rigged to favour low carbon energy and particularly Wind Farms and the latest Strike Price for wind only compounds the situation. The price of Gas is propped up by the Strike Price for offshore wind keeping the average wholesale energy price high as expressed per Kw/h of potential electricity generated. The same principle applies to the Oil Price now that its planned to use diesel generators to back up wind in a ” Capacity Market ” probably leading to consumers having to fork out the interest payments plus profits on the capital of equipment basically paid to stand idle most of the time. All in all the perfect welfare state for the stock market parasite investment scam, get domestic energy consumers paying a private tax to fund city bonuses and lifestyles which do far more damage to the ecology of our planet like flying around everywhere on a regular basis often in private jets.

At least fuel poverty has been forced onto the agenda with Shale Gas Fracking, not withstanding the difference in geology between the UK and the US and alleged UK fracking sites already operating without environmental problems the economics for fracking in the UK just don’t add up due to high road fuel duty. George Osborne may be having economic ” wet dreams ” about the potential road fuel duty take, but it still wont be enough to escape the deficit for which the only true alternative remains default. What we really need to do with shale gas is use it as a bargaining tool to get cheaper gas off the Arabs longer term if we don’t go ahead with it, just keep it in the long grass for future reference !

The useful idiot eco-fascists have spoilt our negotiating position but then PCS Union ( who funded nodashforgas at Balcombe ) is mostly job centre staff wanting a high unemployment rate and likewise the rail managers union are probably just as much subsidy junkies as the wind industry.


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