Unlawfully Killed by our NHS ???

It may be reasonable to believe that rouge NHS staff are Accessory To The Fact in deliberate wrong diagnosis leading to Actual Bodily Harm ( in some cases causing permanent disability ) & even Unlawful Killing ?

Today’s resignation of the Chief Executive of Southern Health Trust may infer that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is about to emerge about possible ” contract killings ” by both Doctors ( working in collusion with ) Nursing Staff, not forgetting the ward managers who arrange the shift rosters.

I recall when them brought one old guy onto Healey ward and left him lying on the floor barking like a dog with his back pain from the MRSA he got at Hope Hospital Manchester when where he had a back operation. The sad fact is that some NHS staff just don’t care about their patients welfare, perhaps also more than willing to accept a nice little earner on the side.

My advice to any NHS staff with skeletons in their cupboard reading this ( even those who simply passed by on the other side of the road ) is to blow the whistle and turn Queen’s Evidence ASAP or be very afraid !

The same principle also applies to those scientists who colluded in perpetuating Carbon Dioxide causes Global Warming Fraud, likewise today’s headline Green Fraudsters offering yet more bogus solutions to Urban Air Pollution !

I am minded to conclude that Brian Cox’s best mate Stephen Hawking is severely dead and has been stuffed by an expert taxidermist like Jeremy Bentham was. It would appear that they trot Hawking out to say anything about science Wall Street want the public to hear, all expertly voice syntesised. Furthermore, the only way anyone can land on the moon and get off again is to use a huge great Coil Spring like Zebedee in the BBC aimed at infants animation The Magic Roundabout !


6 thoughts on “Unlawfully Killed by our NHS ???

  1. Mainstream medical science has always attempted to portray that Bipolar is a hereditary genetic condition, yet my own experience breeding Racing Pigeons proves genetic defects only pass from grandparents to grandchildren, common dairy farmers also know this. In the following I shall as short as possibly explain why the alleged experts are probably mistaken.

    Explore https://nollyprott.wordpress.com/2016/07/07/probable-link-between-bipolar-ptsd/

    Right through my school days I can’t recall any members of my class having problems with asthma although inevitably some of the kids at secondary school I didn’t know must have had it. If you bought into the more recent health propaganda I was probably particularly at risk living on a sharp corner of the then very busy before the M62 A59 in the first 6 years of my life and before the local by-pass took most of the traffic away from our village.

    Explore https://nollyprott.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/urban-air-pollution/

    My old boss invited me down to his house for a Chinese for tea over the Bank Holiday Weekend, we all sat at the kitchen table including his two grandchildren, a girl about six and a two year old boy. The kids were given Diet Coke to drink, the boy insisted on more even though already in a minor tantrum during the meal itself and suggesting that Aspartame is addictive, it may also be the case that its used in some Sparkling Wine the circumstantial evidence suggests.

    Its not my job to go around suspecting people of enjoying life, the kids really enjoyed themselves after when granny was blowing mega soap bubbles in the garden for them. However, they were both still hyper at bedtime despite their exercise chasing aforementioned bubbles around the garden for almost an hour !

    Explore https://nollyprott.wordpress.com/2016/08/03/aspartame-slow-genocide-update/

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