Progressive Equals Nazi in Disguise & Glyphosate ???

It seems the common denominator of alleged Progressive Politics ( Either Left or Right ) is an unhealthy obsession with Animal Rights, perhaps in some subtle ploy to infer they care deeply about the rights of their fellow human beings.

The most basic Fundamental Human Right is to be Warm, Dry and have a Full Belly yet their are many homeless people sleeping rough on the streets of our towns and cities, often people with mental health problems. Its clear our UK benefits system is unfit for purpose and perhaps the root cause of many chronic mental health problems as the less fortunate in our society often need to worry where their next meal is coming from.

Those of you who follow me will be well aware that I have been a long supporter of a Citizens Income ( referred to as Basic Income in the USA ) but it would appear that alleged Progressive economists are blowing cold on it. Their latest big idea is Right to a Job, which in all reality means Right to be Enslaved for a subsistence income and where families will be forced to rely on income from their attractive teenagers participating in the ever growing online sex industry..

Perhaps the most bogus theoretical human rights victory the progressives claim as their own is Gay Marriage, which like young Muslim women wearing the full Burka stoked latent Islamophobia, stoked latent Homophobia. At least here in the UK the obvious thing to do would have been to amend the Civil Partnerships legislation on Next of Kin, whilst at the same time allowing Hetrosexual civil partnerships.

It would appear that Progressive Left politics is a vehicle to Hoover up genuine caring people, and to recall the classic Dads Army episode where their captured German U boat Captain says ” Your name will go down on the list ” of those to be excluded from well paying jobs ?

Perhaps the same principle applies to UKIP on the right as personified in the recent EU referendum and where in actual fact many of the key Vote Leave celebrities were actually hoping for our remaining slim majority of genuine caring people to Vote Remain. All in all the perfect plan to nail us all into our coffins, the proof being that almost immediately after the result alleged Eurosceptics ( Namely Daniel Hannan ) were bleating that we would have to keep free movement. Nigel Farage’s new image with Moustache makes him a dead ringer look alike for the the infamous Lord Lucan, who for those of you not old enough to remember disappeared when facing a murder charge.

It would appear that the latest big idea to solve the housing crisis is to convert terraced houses in areas already identified as Ghetto’s via Traffic Calming or more recent 20 Mph Zones into six cell virtual reality private prisons. Apparently the intention is for Corporate property funds to take over where those evil Gangmasters left off after a clamp down on them from public opinion. It would appear that the Corporate Food division of the Wall Street centered Corporate Multinational Cartel wish to poison everyone into an early grave anyway in their pursuit of false profit .

There is currently much controversy about the Monsanto herbicide Glyphosate ( commonly know as Round Up ) and links to deformity in piglets ( leading to increased still birth ) and infertility in dairy cows. At one time when I was racing pigeons American Maize was all the rage, pigeons love maize but when I got some they wouldn’t eat it so I successfully switched to French maize instead. As usual the boffins researching the problem have got their knickers in a twist and therefore ” can’t see the wood for the trees ” in that most probably its not the Round Up, its ( as with Aspartame ) the genetically modified organism itself.

Its been long clear to me that Aspartame screws your immune system yet I’m finding it increasingly impossible to avoid it unless I shop far more expensive elsewhere than the savior of low income families Aldi and Lidl. The term ” Screws ” could infer either suppresses ( at low levels of GMO consumption ) or a higher levels actually turbocharges your immune system to a point where it actually attacks healthy tissue, perhaps leading to Cancer. Its likely that GMOs build up in your body over time as an accumulative toxin perhaps leading to Dementia later in life and aggravating mental health problems by giving you the biological equivalent of intermittent ” Dry Soldered Joints ” in your brain ?

It would appear that UK Rail Accident investigators are desperately seeking a medical excuse to get the driver cleared for passing a signal at danger with his DMU at Paddington leading to a derailment. The Inconvenient Truth is that modern high tech electronics are totally unreliable, plus its obvious the train drivers don’t trust the signals anymore. They are attempting to portray that the Muslim driver was unfit due to having been fasting during Ramadan, but then it was reported in the Daily Express and any excuse to stoke Islamophobia. Perhaps the driver should have cheated and had a sugary drink every couple of hours to supply energy to make his brain work at full efficiency if he could find one without added aspartame ?


6 thoughts on “Progressive Equals Nazi in Disguise & Glyphosate ???

  1. Anybody who worked in an outside job through the late 1980s and early 1990s could probably have been forgiven for believing the media hype about how man made Co2 was causing Global Warming and that urgent action had to be taken to reduce emissions, or so the environmental NGO’s like FoE and WWF would tell everyone. I must admit that I myself was a believer, I even wrote to Friends of the Earth pointing out that the traffic calming they were promoting at least doubled pollution !

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