Proposed UK Sugar Tax !

It would appear that our UK NHS establishment have nothing better to do than go around suspecting low income people of enjoying life, and now they propose to slowly poison them via financial apartheid !

I can recall when the Sugar Tax was first seriously floated and BBC Breakfast did its business feature on the Coca Cola bottling plant new production line, showing millions of bottles of Diet Coke being produced. Of course its all the food industry’s desire to increase profits by replacing natural sugar with forty times cheaper genetically modified e-coli shit Aspartame, whilst expanding the market for Big Pharma.

Independent scientific research suggests that Aspartame actually causes weight gain, Type 2 diabetes and heart problems, plus it aggravates mental health conditions. Whilst on the cardiac ward at Chorley I encountered a guy of similar age to me on well over 20 different pills to treat a combination of the above physical health problems, and there he was supping gallons of Pepsi Max. I’m well brossen but he was as fat as a pork pig and made me look like Twiggy !

It may be the case that its all part of a cunning plan to close down the British Sugar factory at Newark, damaging the surrounding small farmers who currently supply the plant via their own tractors. Collateral damage probably includes the Derbyshire Peak District limestone quarries and haulage jobs, plus farmers who use sugar beet pulp to improve silage or as feed may need to import from the EU.

I have mentioned Francis William Webb Chief mechanical Engineer of the London & North Western Railway in earlier articles, and it would appear that NHS corporate management ideology has a distinct Webb flavour about it. It was said that Webb would order a set number of locomotives for repair whether they needed it or not just to keep Crewe Works busy, His abject arrogance probably led to the LNWR going bust and having to merge with the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway in 1922 before the 1923 grouping. George Hughes CME of the L&Y also wasted a fortune on fuel efficiency & safety, whilst Sir Henry Fowler CME of the Midland ( a gas engineer ) was totally incompetent.

Little wonder most of our NHS trusts are running a huge deficit, and perhaps the staff shortages which have led to ever increasing Agency Nursing costs are due to genuine caring nurses leaving the NHS as they are unwilling participants in major fraud !

The day I arrived on Healey a big over six foot and built like a brick shit-house with hands like shovels Slovakian Guy arrived, it was later said that he had beaten some poor old woman up and nearly killed her. Apparently he worked as a waiter at the Marriot Hotel at Broughton, his wife worked as a manager for the Housing Association which took over Preston’s council housing stock. She was always bringing in loads of high class male cosmetics ( from Debenhams etc ) for him, and perhaps certain members of the nursing staff were selling it on, likewise if you put decent clothes in the wash they disappeared probably to be sold on Ebay !

Lurch was almost immediately allowed home leave, and needless to say it wasn’t that long before he was allowed home permanently, plus perhaps he was contracted to beat the poor old woman up to force her to sell her home. Taking this concept further, perhaps an easy way to fund participants in corruption or even murder would be for them to book a holiday at some poxy cheap place then get a taxi to the nearest Marriot and spend the whole time there ?

Similarly use of ” borrowed ” high class Store Cards the cost of which the providing company can write off as fraud, and of course Ebay account essential for Money Laundering. Even the young lass with the pony tail who serviced the brew machine spent her holiday at a high class Health Spa perhaps funded by the tokens she stole in collusion with one of the Yarrow nurses, which ensured the patients could never get a brew at weekends !

Those reading this may conclude that there is no limit to what I dare say, but its now obvious that the Wall Street corporate cartel intend to kill us all off anyway when we have paid for and built their playboy infrastructure like HS2 !


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