Capital Gains Equals Inflation ?!?

When my dad passed away I inherited a nearby terraced house which he rented out to supplement his retirement income, however the previous tenant had moved out a month before his death, and it was in need of modernisation.

My local council charges half Council Tax on empty houses and it kicked in six months after probate so I was under pressure to complete the work and find a new tenant, fortunately I knew local tradesmen who wouldn’t rip me off. Anyway spent £15k doing the place up and improving it at the same time, could have could have fitted a new kitchen but it was relatively modern and still serviceable.

I advertised it in the local paper and had a family dead keen to move in ASAP, except they couldn’t get a place in the village primary school for their son due to class size limits, their older daughter was already at the nearest secondary school. I had to re advertise it in the new year and by this time I was due to pay the council tax, plus I got ripped off by the former tenants Green energy ( Ecotricity ) company for the Standing Charge.

Anyway I rented it out to posh sounding Sam Perry a tree surgeon, who’s parents lived in a nearby village and he was to share it with his friend John, who were later joined by another friend Ben. Sam had the original Green hairstyle so I did wonder whether he would pay or not but everything went OK even after Sam went down Dorset and up to myself being forced into hospital.

However, by the time I came out of Hospital Ben had moved out due to being sent to Saudi as part of his job in logistics and John was out of work so the rent dried up but he did promise to pay me when he got a job. A year went by and Ben returned to his job at Samlesbury, he also got John a job there as well so I started getting paid again until the lame excuses stated. I did offer a discount just to keep them and avoid the hassle of re advertising, now they are three months in arrears, and I can’t help speculating that the Ribble Valley Mafia are paying them not to pay me ?

They used to supply me with the eighth of cannabis a month I smoked in a pipe to ease my back pain, but it would appear they both have a serious cannabis habit, even if they are not into harder stuff. One of them was dealing computer games on ebay, so perhaps it was a front for drug dealing on a big scale and no doubt others are at it plus much of the stuff on there is probably stolen property anyway.


2 thoughts on “Capital Gains Equals Inflation ?!?

  1. Perhaps the only thing keeping the stock market alive at the moment is a potential influx of wealthy migrants fleeing civil unrest in their own country, in fact all you actually need is 18k in independent income, ( probably based on the stock market ) and they will always be given good jobs with a corporate when they arrive in the UK. Little wonder UK university graduates struggle to find work, their jobs are probably being taken by the wealthy’ EU immigrants offspring with no true allegiance to the UK.


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