GAZA, An Object Lesson in False Economic Growth Lunacy !

Many on the left of UK politics use Gaza as a stick to beat the Israelis with, then get accused of being anti-semitic, to which they reply we are only anti Zionist when its probably the case that both Hamas ( via The Mufti ) and those in control of Israel ( Ex SS Jews ) both have political DNA originating in 1930s German National Socialism.

Its now patently obvious that the Arab Spring was a complete disaster for the working class in the broader Muslim middle east and probably precipitated ISIS. This was probably due to ordinary people in Iraq being pissed off being ripped off by US Corporates given contracts to replace the public utilities infrastructure destroyed in the Gulf Wars ?

Liberating Kuwait was fair dynkum, but Stormin Norman should have been allowed to finish the job and kick Saddam out in 1991, perhaps there are parallels with the desert war in WW2 when O’ Connell could have kicked the the Italians out of Libya before Rommel and his Afrika Corps arrived on the scene. Churchill decreed that they had to save Greece so thousands of British reinforcements went into captivity, the Aussies hated Churchill because he diverted ships full of desert trained troops straight into captivity by the Japs at Singapore !

Most people are unaware of the fact that it was Hitler who declared war on the US not the other way round as most believe, perhaps Churchill can be forgiven as Rommel’s success in the desert probably financially ensnared Wall Street. WW2 probably wouldn’t of happened but for Wall Street funding Germany’s rearmament programme in the 1930s on the back of US newsreel footage portraying how wonderful Hitler was ?

Fast Forward to NATO deposing the evil dictator of Libya, and again most likely instigated to saddle the ordinary people with debt to pay for the cost of rebuilding their infrastructure and precipitating a Gulf Arab sponsored Muslim Brotherhood Government. No need to recall what happened with them in Egypt, except to say the tunnels into Gaza were probably never busier with components to fire rockets at Israel !

It would appear to boil down to any excuse to inflate crude oil and gas prices, and the war is on in Yemen again, but nobody cares because perhaps now the working class has finally realised that its they who are the Virtual Reality Palestinians in their homelands. Although I don’t have any problem with Muslims apart from the way they often treat their women and FGM, but the trend for rebellious young Muslim women to wear the full Burka makes them their own worst enemy. Its a situation enflamed by politically correct alleged race relations legislation which technically outlaws the use of the shortened version of the word Pakistani !

Whilst on Healey we shared occupational therapy with Yarrow women and one of the patients was a Muslim teenager who was hoping to study at college, who wore a simple headscarf which she partially removed when relaxed in public. Her visiting elder male relatives had full Muslim metal jacket, one may have been an Iman. I was good mates with the most dedicated support worker on Yarrow and suggested the possibility that she was under pressure to marry a relative from Pakistan and be forced to wear the full Burka.

Needless to say she was soon home, and perhaps the latent racism inflammatory practice of wearing the full Burka would wither on the vine if wearing it whilst driving was outlawed. There are good reasons on restricted side vision grounds, plus the floor length skirt could prevent you from correctly operating the foot pedals in emergency. I try to get friends to laugh about it by referring to them as Penguins, although the term more accurately describes Catholic Nuns !

We must avoid any form of UK Civil War, although failed democracy in the USA suggests that one is now almost inevitable there, and perhaps all due to the toxic PTSD legacy of past conflicts still in living memory !


4 thoughts on “GAZA, An Object Lesson in False Economic Growth Lunacy !

  1. Uriah Heep A Year or a Day ( UK !975 )

    Seen from the height
    Of a thousand miles
    The earth looks the same as it did
    How is it we can fly faster than day
    But we can’t find the things we need

    Young man said the old man
    Let the youth in your heart be at rest
    We may all be dead
    In a year or a day
    When the devil is put to the test …

    The day of creation
    Was our finest hour
    It’s something we ought to defend
    But it’s been so abused
    Since the first day of light
    That no glory can come in the end

    Young man cried the old man
    There is victory in staying alive
    And if you care so little
    For the world we’re in
    Why and what do you
    Want to survive

    Can’t we try
    To let the past go by
    With it’s lessons firmly
    Settled in our minds
    To our children one by one
    And before the darkness comes
    Let us leave a world full of light
    Of a different kind

    In truth they should meet
    And with love
    Their hearts should beat
    And with patience
    Solve the problems of our time
    It wouldn’t be so hard to do
    It’s only up to me and you
    Let us not bequeath
    A life that is a crime

    Young man cried the old man
    Let the youth in your heart be at rest
    We may all be dead
    In a year or a day
    When the devil is put to the test

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