Freedom of the Press & Yi Luv Bung !

Before he started exhibiting early signs of dementia by promoting CND, 1980s Labour Party leader Micheal Foot was most famous for his wartime speech defending Freedom of the Press against National government censorship.

These days mainstream Investitigive Journalism would appear to have been taken Private Political Prisoner via the need to attract Corporate advertising revenue, plus fear of an attack on their respective media group share price. Whilst this has probably always been the case to some extent, it got far worse after George Osborne became Chancellor, and attempting to attract Chinese investment has probably imported a ” Yi Luv Bung ” culture into our Civil Service alongside it.

Although corruption in the UK Civil Service has probably always been the case the serious rot set in during the 1980s with the privatisation of our former nationalised industries, for example the buses. I can recall being told how small independent Lancashire coach operators had lost school baths contracts to Ribble on as little as 50p for the whole year when they were put out for competitive tendering.

Corruption has never been more so evident than since the advent of Green Policy in compliance with UN Agenda21, particularly since Gordon Brown nee Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act. Of course our BBC’s reputation was once beyond reproach and should have flagged up the intellectual dishonesty of UK climate change policy, except that it would appear that their employee’s pensions are riding on milking Green subsidies. BBC Science charlatans Roger Harabin & Matt McGrath both omit to mention the horrendous environmental deprivation in China where the Rare Earth Metals for the magnets in Wind Farms ( and your compact Dyson ) are refined.

Currently Nationalised Channel 4 is just as bad, especially since the Tories floated it for potential privatisation and I expect that the presenters are fearful of their future career prospects if they attempt to tell anything approaching the actual truth. Like BBC Panorama, C4 Dispatches just dance around the corruption without actually getting to the point, no more so than with Auto Enrollment Pensions when they failed to mention that you can Opt Out. It would appear that programmes on Climate Change Fraud are strictly verboten, but I know I am getting somewhere when Science presenters like @C4TomClarke block me on Twitter !

The latest attempt to re-float the Co2 drives Global Warming Theory Titanic is the reporting of record temperature in Kuwait and other Oil producing Gulf Arab states, which ( even if not deliberately tampered with ) is probably inflated by up to 5C by waste heat and the heat island effect at Airport monitoring stations. The Global stats are rigged anyway by the fact that their are relatively few recording stations in the southern hemisphere, they keep bleating about Arctic Ice retreat but its projected no worse than last year.

The Antarctic ice has been consistently growing over recent years, it snowed heavily on relatively low ground in the North Island of New Zealand over the weekend, similarly at sea level in Tasmania. Similarly on slightly higher ground in Victoria, South Australia, NSW recently and as far north as Canberra. Even Alice Springs had a mega hail storm which allowed the locals to build a snowman from what was floating on the top of the flood water,. record low temperatures reported all over Aussie and NZ in the past couple of years

Much of the northern USA mid west was cooler than usual last month but then the weather depends on the Jet Stream which dictates the wind direction, plus whether its been raining a lot. The track of the Jet stream has been well proven to be derived from the subtle interaction between our earth’s and the moon’s magnetic fields focusing the Sun’s energy, nothing to do with Arctic ice melt as BBC Horizon recently attempted to portray !


4 thoughts on “Freedom of the Press & Yi Luv Bung !

  1. A merchant seaman, T L Horabin, Michael Foot, C E M Joad, Dr. Edith Summerskill address the meeting. Aneurin Bevin (Nye Bevin) also present but does not speak. LS of a speaker’s platform – people are seated both in front and behind the speaker. Supression of the Daily Worker newspaper is discussed. T L Horabin (?) claims that the Communist Party is fully behind the war effort. He speaks of Herbert Morrison’s ban on the Daily Worker. He speaks of the Daily Mirror and the frustrations of the ordinary soldier. He speaks of Morrison’s warning to the Daily Mirror. Michael Foot comes up to the platform to speak – LS of Foot at podium. Closer view as he begins his speech – he gets lots of laughs from the audience. MS of Foot as he speaks. He speaks of “the right to print” and the freedom of the press. He mentions Lord Beaverbrook, Lord Southwood and Lord Rothermere. CU of him speaking about the “squashing” of newspapers. He speaks of a contentious newspaper cartoon. Foot makes some jokes at the expense of Herbert Morrison and the Daily Telegraph. He speaks of the liberty of the press being maintained. He speaks of the “German Way” and the “British Way”. LS of the podium. speaker steps up and receives large round of applause. This is the merchant seaman. He calls for equal wages to be paid to tradesmen, whatever their nationality. MS of the seaman continuing with his speech. He speaks of the “fruits of this world” and suggests that they are God’s fruits and should be used by the people of allnations without hindrence from any “big vested interests”. Professor Joad gets up to speak. He speaks of “that man Morrison”. He speaks of being angry with Morrison for making him come out of his “retirement” at the BBC. He speaks of the General Strike of 1926 and the TUC. Joad’s comments provoke some laughter from the audience. Closer view of Joad as he speaks. When he mentions Lord Simon (?) there is a reaction from audience. He then speaks of Morrison, the symptoms of dictatorship, censorship, supression of the Daily Mirror, the taking away of liberties, Mussolini, Hitler and Morrison. The end of his speech received a large round of applause. Dr Edith Summerskill steps up to speak. She speaks of critics being in the small minority, the herd instinct, the suppression of the Daily Mirror and the Daily Worker, supression of the individual and restraint of civil liberties.

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