Can Anyone Take Sport Seriously Anymore ?!?

A popular chant from the terraces in the 1970s when kids could stand in the Stretford End at Old Trafford for 30p was ” My eyes are dim I cannot see I think I’ll be a referee ” although it was advisable to pay 60p for a seat for 60k capacity ties like Leeds !

If you were at the front you could come home and that night spot yourself and friends in the crowd on Match of the Day that night, but it would appear that today’s cameras just don’t have the depth of field. I’ve no real interest in football these days, but just watching the highlights on the news suggests most matches are fixed for betting scams, and perhaps that’s what freaked Eric Cantona out of the game prematurely ?

I was more into Cricket, especially when Ian Botham was at his peak omnipotence as the best all rounder England ever produced, then they made him captain and someone grassed him up for smoking cannabis recreationally. He was never the same again but the introduction of technology like Hawkeye, the snickometer wicketcam and square leg cameras compensated for St Dunstans umpires.

Richie Benaud and Geoff Boycott wouldn’t stand any shit anyway, but these days it would appear that you can only use the camera three times in an entire test match, then captains waste it when there was no need. Its so obviously corrupt these days that I don’t even bother to watch the free highlights on C5 and little wonder so many all time records get smashed by the relatively mediocre.

As for Tennis, where can I get some of the the stuff that Scottish guy with the alleged long term bad back uses to win Grand Slams and the Wimbledon women’s title won by a borderline geriatric as well ?

As for the Rio Olympics, I consider it as a criminal waste of public money in a poverty stricken country like Brazil, but then corrupt politicians love executive vanity projects especially when they come with a theoretical Green pedigree.

Perhaps the root cause of corruption in 21st Century sport in general is an indoctrinated ideology which demands top class facilities for training, plus with athletes the need to gain sponsorship to fund overseas altitude training. Perhaps corporate sponsors demand that aspiring talented young athletes deliberately lose to ” Superstars “, then even if you come second or third a lot they will ensure you get a cushy well paid job in their Deception Industry at the end of your competitive sporting career ?

Apart from the fall in the value of our Pound after the cut in the BoE interest rate, perhaps the surge on the FTSE was due to ” traders ” using ” leverage ” against the Olympics and other sporting bets they are sure they are going to Win. Are footballer transfer fees and salaries directly proportional to how corrupt a player is prepared to be, and perhaps the same principle may also apply to ” Managers ” plus other Television celebrities ?!?


One thought on “Can Anyone Take Sport Seriously Anymore ?!?

  1. Are all goals rehearsed in training with the opposition allowing the plan to proceed at the exact minute specified in the bet and to give the specified final score even when the theoretically best team does win ?

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