Britain Can DIY SOS Her Own Nuclear Power Future !

Perhaps the obvious solution to Britain’s future electricity generation needs is to build small scale local units using proven Royal Navy Nuclear Submarine technology at sites with sufficient available cooling water.

Using components common with those needed for the replacement Trident submarines can reduce the cost of those as well, and perhaps you are now asking yourself why the engineering idiots our obviously corrupt universities have been producing for the past 40 years couldn’t work that one out ten years ago ?

Hinkley point would probably have developed serious radiation leaks pretty soon due to using shit steel recycled from scrap in an electric arc furnace and probably only fit for making baked bean cans. Even if they used quality steel the chances are that the electronic control systems would malfunction due to solar magnetic storms etc, therefore any new sub tech based stations need intelligent LOCAL men in full control, not computers. ( Jobs in civy street for former submariners ? )

As for the nuclear waste question, most of it derives from pointless NHS radio therapy cancer treatment, Dounreay is already heavily contaminated, so why not pay the locals to look after it there ?

Plans to phase out Coal need to be abandoned, or like sunny South Australia found out when they closed their big coal plant at Port Augusta we will soon find out that Wind and Solar are totally useless, as the Aussie politicians were amply warned. To have any chance of sustaining and expanding our manufacturing future, first on the list when Parliament returns from holiday needs to be the Repeal of the 2008 Climate Change Act.

To supplement modular nuclear, we could get up to 10% of our electricity baseload from waste, negligible air pollution with the latest flue gas scrubbing technology whilst simultaneously almost ending the need for landfill. Old worked out quarries could be allowed to return to nature, whilst the ash could probably be mixed with fill limestone and safely buried under any new road or rail embankments, An end to the current expensive multiplicity of household recycling containers, just one bin for plastic, and one for everything else, ally cans can be blown out for recycling using existing equipment.

I can already hear the stock market parasite sponsored alleged environmentalist NGO’s & other corporate charities screaming Denier, and its reported that Crooked Hitlary Clinton has plans to jail climate sceptics for daring to speak The Inconvenient Truth about how we are heading into a Little Ice Age !


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