Hinkley Point & The Pound in your Pocket !

Throughout today both the BBC & Sky news have had a procession of Energy Analysts ruminating rhetoric on the obviously corrupt Strike Price for future Nuclear electricity, and even if they do say EDF is ripping us off, they then bleat on about the falling price of Wind and Solar as the low carbon alternative.

How can anyone take these corporate con men seriously anymore, perhaps its just a measure of how desperate our corrupt politicians are to avert meltdown on Global Stock markets, and particularly China. On last night’s RT America Boom Bust they reported that the IMF says Germany’s Deutsche Bank is on the brink of insolvency, no doubt mostly due to its investment bets on Renewable Energy and other totally useless alleged Green technology.

Meanwhile the Oil Speculators have been caught red handed parking up full supertankers offshore to engineer an artificial shortage again, whilst the hedge funds desperately swap between Gold, Oil and now Bitcoin to gain leverage to support equity prices.

I used to enjoy watching the Keiser Report, but smart arse Max blocked me on Twitter after I pulled him up for being a Co2 drives Global Warming Fraudster, but you can’t block hashtags. Buy Gold adverts all over RT and Sky, but what are you supposed to do with it, take your pocket drug dealing electronic scales down to the supermarket with a file ?

Max did have some whiz kid on promoting a debit card based on your theoretical Gold holdings, which may or may not be still miles underground, and the company could fold at any time and swipe the lot. Its clear that the corporates want an electronic cashless society and money you can only spend with them, and if you complain about anything, leave you totally destitute to freeze and starve to death.

Today’s announcement of further high street bank branch closures means that if you need cash you will have to go to the hole in the wall at the nearest supermarket, and be tempted to do all your shopping with them. Tough luck for all the small shops and market traders who don’t have card technology, and who may now have to purchase such and pay a transaction charge.

Both Sky and BBC business news presenters have been attempting to portray that branch closures are due to the banks not being able to make any money due to Low Interest Rates, and which banana republic boat do they think everyone just jumped off. With Banks borrowing at almost zero, even if you can get a 2 year mortgage at 2%, they must be making more profit on turnover than say borrowing at Seven and lending at Ten. In any case most credit card rates remain around 30%, many have just gone up, perhaps the banks hope they can enslave as many as possible to their monthly minimum repayment !

Perhaps we are all now stuffed since the former stock market parasite woman who allegedly signed the Paris Cop21 climate action agreement is now in charge of the the Home Office. However, it could all be part of a cunning plan to identify those civil servants responsible for TREASON against their fellow British People ?

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