Failed Democracy USA & Warmongering Pope ?!?

Hillary Clinton is almost certain to win the US presidential elections since her Goldman Sachs buddy Corporate sponsors can rig the results from the electronic voting machines, plus there is no way the Ted Cruz ” pro life ” Christian Right will vote Trump in !

Meanwhile back on my side of the pond today’s barbaric murder of a Catholic Priest ( allegedly by ISIS ) has revved up the French, and no doubt Pope Francis will jump on the bandwagon, since the slow genocide via Green Taxes to save the stock market plan is in tatters since Brexit.

The Pope’s continuing belief that Carbon Dioxide drives Global Warming may infer that his only true interest is saving the Vatican Bank from impending insolvency, not poor people, and now they don’t usually attend church anymore, the northern EU poor are expendable. A glance back at hidden history reveals that it was the Vatican who arranged passage to the Pope’s native Argentina for several fugitive top Nazi War Criminals in Italian ships just after WW2.

At the time of the Jo Cox murder, the American Right were tweeting Nigel Farage’s controversial anti immigrants poster with the caption ” These are not refugees, this is an army “, I expect that most of them were draft dodgers from the Syrian army anyway. Perhaps the EU could train them and send them to fight ISIS, at least it could save the innocent women and children from freezing and starving stuck in the tent city virtual concentration camps on the way to Germany this winter ?

Otherwise it rather looks as though the European opportunities those under 30 voted Remain for was to become cannon fodder fighting on the behalf of Wall Street. Perhaps if any UK politicians suggest Britain should get involved on the front line, perhaps we should send them to lead the charge complete with plastic hard hats, safety goggles and most importantly High Visibility Jackets !


3 thoughts on “Failed Democracy USA & Warmongering Pope ?!?

  1. It was reported ( but then denied by officialdom ) ( the other day ) that there had been a significant radiation leak from a Ukrainian Nuclear Power Station, little wonder why the Wall Street puppet government has no money to spend on maintaining vital infrastructure !

    NATO now reported ordering Poland to replace its Cold War weapons with modern USA technology ?

  2. It was probably the case that the worlds super rich list were planning to kill off all the indigenous UK poor people once our corrupt politicians had got them to pay for their playboy infrastructure. UK Poor People probably includes anyone with an income of less than £100kpa based on investments on Global Stock Markets, I believe their target UK population is 30 million. Perhaps 30% Affordable Housing policy was just to provide accommodation for your favourite slaves you included when you bought your EU citizenship after having to flee the civil unrest your greed precipitated in your former homeland ?

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