Whalley Hydro, Too Easy to Hide Corruption behind Alleged Incompetence ?!?

The main phone I use is a 1970s Trimphone ( imitating the ring tone was all the rage when I was at secondary school, was even on ” That’s Life” BBCTV ) which I bought second hand for a fiver at Gisburn Auction car boot sale in the 1980s.

I have never suffered fools gladly, and therefore will not take lectures on sustainability from the likes of Transition Towns, which were once all the rage with the Green Tendy during the 2000s. Clitheroe had one complete with facebook group and headed by a university graduate originally from Bath, the other key player was a retired school teacher from Whalley. They got Clitheroe Town Council to give them money to plant vegetables in the old folks homes gardens, perhaps with the intention of making the council nursery workers redundant.

Aforementioned Uni Grad came to see me and insisted I read Peak Oil, a hardback book over an inch thick and written by an Arab, he turned up in an admittedly old Honda people carrier, also met the school teacher from Whalley and explained the error of their alleged green ways.

Fast forward to more recently and the Whalley Hydro project, fronted by aforementioned school teacher and a former dodgy pedigree Lib-Dem councilor from that area, offering shares in a 100Kwh generator in the River Calder. Anyway, it won a Green Business Award but when I rang the school teacher to inquire whether it was still working after the Xmas Floods he told me the truth that it had only been producing One Third of its projected output.

The ultimate blame for probably the biggest ever financial scam ( £500k ) on the people of the Ribble Valley must lie with the council officers involved, plus other officialdom from both DEFRA and the now not before time closed down DECC. Even the projected 100Kwh had about as much effect on contributing to our UK electricity base load as urinating in an Olympic swimming pool !

The moral of today’s story must be that Green Tendy Tim Farron and his Lib-Dems have got corruption written right through them like a stick of Blackpool Rock, a Lib-Dem was Secretary of State for the Department of Energy & Climate Change throughout the coalition government !


3 thoughts on “Whalley Hydro, Too Easy to Hide Corruption behind Alleged Incompetence ?!?

  1. Judith Sloan: lays out a lesson on avoiding economic & social disaster. **** In a week when the mainstream media have been (finally) laying out the catastrophic results of South Australia’s ludicrous attempt to power itself on sunshine and breezes, it would be rude not to include this cracking article penned by The Australian’s top-flight.


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