Corbyn Screws 1st May ( Workers Day ) PMQ’s !

It was totally inexcusable for the alleged Leader of the Opposition to blow one of his questions bleating on about Boris Johnson’s record on Political Correctness when he could have inflicted real grief on the Tory benches by reminding them of the £30pw cut in ESA new claims.

There are more so afflicted than Ex Servicemen suffering from PTSD who want to get a job but find difficulty holding them down, they may be on the former £100pw rate, but if take work and fail now get penalised. Proof that the Tories alleged policy of ” Helping ” the disabled and particularly the mentally ill into employment is pure rhetoric, but apparently the Labour Party don’t care either, as they were allegedly whipped to abstain on the critical vote.

As long as former Stock Market Parasite Celebrity Lord David Freud is still on the scene, perhaps the DWP should be renamed the Ministry for Slow Genocide of anyone not paying higher rate income tax. That is not to say Work Makes You Free, when many quite well paid working families have foolishly burdened themselves with insurmountable debt and are therefore slaves to their Bank. Furthermore, constant bombardment from TV adverts for free betting deals to entice them to open an account is likely to consume any spare cash families had to escape their overdraft.

What all British non and Basic Rate Income Tax payers really need is a Cost of Living Cut, perhaps starting with reform of the Council Tax where households paying basic rate income tax pay the existing property price based rate, but those in the higher rate income tax bands pay 1% local income tax. The disabled and those on Income Support would be exempt but have to pay a £50pa flat rate contribution just as an incentive for them to go and vote at elections. No need for potentially expensive revaluations to increase local authority revenue, and an end to the current unfairness where country mansions pay little more than quite modest estates by comparison.

Meanwhile in Corporate Fiefdom Lancashire Bent Wog ( same name as my shrink ) LCC Environment Director is blowing £4M on a new Bus Station at Rawtenstall, in another obvious Bung from a property developer. Not much point opening a new bus station when most of Lancashire’s former subsidised local services have been cut,. leaving, Stagecoach and First group with a monopoly. Despite massive LCC Labour investment in a new enlarged primary school and affordable housing for rent, the Village of Sabden has no bus service now, leaving those without cars stranded. It costs a tenner to get a taxi to the nearest town, so the policy was obviously a deliberate attempt at the Corporate Ethnic Cleansing of low income indigenous pensioners, forcing them to sell their family home they intended to hand on to their kids.

However, not much hope of an investigation as Labour Police & Crime Commissioner got re elected despite nearly having to resign over earlier corruption allegations. Everyone knew the Tory alternative Tim Ashton is just as bent, so no wonder hardly anyone bothered to turn out at the PCC elections, Clive Grunshaw probably knew that he would piss it on fraudulent Postal Votes anyway !


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