Chris Grayling was once the Most Hated Tory in UK Politics ?

” Chris Grayling hear us say, we wont work if you wont pay ” chanted Disability Rights activists outside the Department of Work & Pensions when he was Employment Minister charged with carrying out Eco-Nazi Stock Market Parasite Celebrity Lord David Freud’s orders to implement Workfare.

Perhaps the sinner hath now repented, as he was a key figure in the Vote Leave campaign and perhaps now he has realised where our country was going as far as basic fundamental Human Rights are concerned. He is said to oppose Toll Roads, which if Gordon Brown had got his evil way would have plunged freedom of movement within our own country back into the 18th Century.

In his new job as Secretary of State for Transport he has the opportunity to create a million well paid jobs putting right the damage done to our A Road infrastructure since John Major. ( working to the perverse theory that ” Making the roads more dangerous makes them safer ).

Getting rid of all small roundabouts in UK trunk roads and traffic calming from main urban routes could reduce our transport fuel consumption by 10% and thus stimulate the economy whilst making our industry more competitive. Perhaps the most urgent and cheapest way to get our country moving would be to scrap the EU Speed Limiters which clog our Motorways ASAP. Thoughtful use of electronics could make main routes safer for higher speeds for all traffic, smart traffic lights to replace roundabouts for instance, which could be combined with in cab signalling.

Meanwhile back in Corporate fiefdom Lancashire the bent bastards at Lancashire County Council Environment Directorate are about to screw New Hall Lane the main A59 route into Preston from my Ribble Valley. Their plans include narrowing the road to make it potentially unsafe for two buses to pass in opposite directions by widening the pavements and planting trees to shag the drains. Everyone is pissed off with their alleged environmentally beneficial ” improvements ” to Fishergate, but then the developer of a 1980s housing project at Whalley told me its common knowledge in the industry that you can get anything passed if you bribe the LCC officers !

Like myself the bent shrinks have him down as mentally unfit to bear witness, I met him by perhaps not pure chance on Healey Ward at Chorley, he was only there a couple of weeks before he went private in his home Cheshire. Perhaps its not too late to stop them shagging Preston Bus Station, but then the politicians are all bent as a nine bob note Ten Bob Fat Cats, like the idiots who vote them in !


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