NATO Festering Ukraine Civil War UN ” Police Action ” Reboot Cold War ???

With the recent deployment of NATO troops to former Warsaw Pact nations, perhaps Wall Street Puppet politicians on both sides of the ” Pond ” are once again working in the interest of Goldman Sachs, not the people they allege to represent.

All the evidence from the Democratic Primaries suggests that in the event of a close run in the forthcoming US Presidential Elections, Hillary Clinton can get the corporate administering the electronic voting system to rig the result in her favour. Furthermore, in this weeks Japan elections, Wall Street got their puppet Prime Minister re elected who intends to amend their constitution so Japan can join in as well ?

It may be just a ploy to hide the riots in Berlin over the Corporate Ethnic Cleansing of existing residents to make way for executive development, shades of the Beijing Olympics. Meanwhile Deutsche Bank is said to be irreversibly insolvent due to its hidden balance sheet of toxic derivatives and God help any investors leveraged on the back of the forthcoming Rio Olympics.

The Global Banks will soon burn up the 250bn Goldman Sachs puppet Mark Carney gave them to assuage their Brexit gambling losses, then they will all probably fall like domino’s. The ” Penny Plain, Twopence Coloured ” Ten Bob Fat Cats may well foolishly believe the proposed interest rate cut will benefit them, but forget 100% of Sweet FA is Sweet FA !

Anyway, congratulations to Theresa May on becoming the next Prime Minister of the UK, but perhaps her first duty to God and to the Queen is to ensure British Citizens are all warm, dry and have a full belly. She also needs to scrap The Department of Energy & Climate Change ASAP, combine Energy with Business. Scrap DEFRA as well, Local Authorities can best handle climate adaptation, also controlling real pollution, likewise farming is best planned on a regional basis.

My late Mentor from my teenage years and the guy who inspired me to self educate myself once stood up in a big 1930s Manchester Union meeting and said ” If you want to escape poverty you need to learn to keep your dick in your pocket “. He was subsequently escorted from the building for his own safety, he also thought of going to fight in the Spanish Civil War for the socialists. He changed his mind when they told him he would have to sell his motorbike to pay his passage, he also told me that its easy to sack people, even your best friends, as you can immediately reinstate them if they were any good at their job !

Perhaps the Acid Test of Theresa May’s ultimate integrity will be the number of former Stock Market players she appoints to key positions in her new cabinet, and anyone from DECC involved with COP21 Paris is obviously corrupt, especially if they are insolvent enough to have to take out a mortgage !


3 thoughts on “NATO Festering Ukraine Civil War UN ” Police Action ” Reboot Cold War ???

  1. The obvious solution to airport capacity in the South East is a second runway at Gatwick, which can probably more than double its current capacity without disrupting the traffic on the M25. No need to throw people out of their homes either and potential for overnight sleeper trains to Scotland utilising our existing rail network, which could be enhanced by reopening the old Great Central Main Line south of Rugby.

  2. We have numerous reports of BANK RUNS taking place right now throughout Italy. Reports of lines of people at ATM’s are draining the automatic tellers of all cash. This comes after weeks of speculation about the health of several Italian banks, including the oldest Bank Monte dei Paschi, which has been in business since the year 1472 – twenty years before Columbus discovered America!

  3. At this point I was going to go onto the Ukraine Revolution & subsequent Civil War which BBC Newsnight amply proved was due to a sniper located in a corporate owned Hotel who shot both sides almost certainly in order that Monsanto could sell GMO Maize to produce Ethanol Bio-Fuel. However, the case of the British Soldier jailed for shooting an injured Afghan Insurgent was probably a ” mercy killing ” as even if they had got said insurgent to hospital there was no future for him in his home country.

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