Welsh Labour in Total Denial !?!

I watched the Welsh Assembly debate on the future of Llanwern earlier and it would appear that Tata Steel want the idiot politicians to make Welsh Steel worth more dead than alive !

Apparently Tata want the Cardiff and Swansea Tidal Lagoon projects completed ASAP, which will make a totally insignificant contribution to the electricity required for rolling mills etc, plus permission to adapt their current Coal fired plant to Biomass. Tidal lagoons are just an excuse to provide a boating lake for executive Jet Set tourists, you need a full Severn Barrage to provide any real power. The undersea free turbines being experimented with in Orkney will fail as the water just avoids them and goes around, I know this from playing in the local brook as a small kid.

As for the waste gas from coking, they probably already use it to reheat billets for the rolling mills, and you can’t make quality steel from scrap, its likely to rust however well you paint or galvanise it. It may also be the case that imported Chinese reinforcing rods will cause ” Concrete Cancer ” in construction projects where they are used. Lose our Blast Furnaces and British Cars will once again become the Rot Boxes they were in the 1970s & 1980s, has anyone ever seen a preserved 1985 Ford Fiesta !

Does anyone want to buy a second hand Stephen Kinnock after his constituents wake up and realise he has been ” leading them down the garden path ” !


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