Probable Link between Bipolar & PTSD !

Mainstream medical science has always attempted to portray that Bipolar is a hereditary genetic condition, yet my own experience breeding Racing Pigeons proves genetic defects only pass from grandparents to grandchildren, common dairy farmers also know this. In the following I shall as short as possibly explain why the alleged experts are probably mistaken.

One of the most famous alleged Bipolar sufferers is Bill Oddie, and I recall how the BBC documentary on his life how his mother was taken away to mental hospital when he was a young child but old enough to remember the trauma, and therefore it is probably reasonable to believe that he is actually suffering from PTSD. Perhaps its well worth doing some formal research on a sample of alleged Bipolar sufferers, the finding of which could arrest mental health problems cascading down the generations and destroying lives.

Removing mothers from their children is a barbaric practice, and these days probably compounded when couples split up, even if the kids can live with the mother’s grandparents. I was informed Chandrashekar Gangaraju regularly threatened to take female patients kids away permanently. In one case it was a woman who’s husband had been sent down for dangerous driving after killing a young mother, and I can’t help speculating that he killed her deliberately to clear off a massive debt for drugs laid on. Perhaps it was to ensure she never came clean with the truth, which may have cured her mental health problem but flagged up a potential major problem with corrupt senior police, doctors and social workers in Lancashire.

I became particularly good friends with a Yarrow woman from the once infamous Rylands Estate at Lancaster which got on the local North West TV news back in the late 1990s when the Asian owner of the only shop alleged racism against the white working class residents. She described how the shopkeeper had barred everyone, and that’s why the community bricked his shop. They all get on like a house on fire with the new Asian owner, but perhaps at the time it was a plan to force residents to leave in order that the estate could be sold to developers, Rylands is a prime site just across the main Morecambe road from the new River Lune Foot & Cycle bridge. Perhaps it was not just pure coincidence that Whitelegg, a once prospective Green Party North West MEP candidate lived close by, and perhaps the Lancaster Greens still deliberately supply the Blueberry strain of cannabis Skunk Weed which invariably gives you psychosis if smoked regularly ?

Perhaps the solution to arrest mental health problems cascading down the generations is to build secure village communities complete with primary schools, community centers etc where single mums can kick their drug addiction, before returning to their original local community ?


2 thoughts on “Probable Link between Bipolar & PTSD !

  1. My own story started when my Granddad on my Dad’s side was born out of wedlock in 1893, I knew very little of his early life until visiting his cousin Annie in New Zealand in 1991 and spending hour talking family. Apparently he was shunted between the family farm and his mum’s, she married a small business man in the nearby town, he kept her maiden name so I suspect he was at a bit of an embarrassment .

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