Chandrashekar Gangaraju on Yarrow Ward at Chorley !

I have touched on alleged professional people abusing their positions of authority in earlier articles, consultant psychiatrist Chandrashekar Gangaraju was perhaps the worst case I have ever come across terrorising mentally ill women on Yarrow Ward at Chorley.

Mostly in collaboration with Scotch Eric ( a Staff Nurse ), far from helping his patients recover from their mental health crisis his arrogance ( born out of his his apparent perceived self importance ) totally destroyed any chance of forming any hope of gaining his patients confidence. All his patients hated him, he only dealt with female cases a a regular smack in the mouth may have been a regular occurrence if had tried in on with male patients.

I recall seeing Scotch Eric standing over a teenager in the ” Fish Bowl ” interview room visible from the common area between Healey and Yarrow, shouting and waving his arms about at her, in another case he terrorised a in her late 20s ( but the same size as a 14 year old ) Scotch Lass. She got herself arrested by the Police to escape the Yarrow Tyranny after Eric nearly broke her arm, some of the African immigrant Manchester Agency staff were also suspect of attempted sexual abuse.

Whilst on the subject of sexual abuse, whilst on Healey I encountered the original Mr Blobby from Noel Edmonds failed Morecambe theme park, a local guy who told how he was soon sacked and replaced by a celebrity who was touching the visiting kids inappropriately !

Lets hope the Yarrow women get to tell their true story one day !


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