Co2 Drives Climate Change Pinocchio !

After I was forced to give up HGV driving I religiously watched BBC Open University programmes on BBC2 after midnight, in particular Earth Science presented from the Climategate fame University of East Anglia up until Tony Blair cut the funding in 2006.

Earth Science examined all aspects of climate change theory yet concluded that all they could find was ” Man’s Fingerprint ” which is obviously the Heat Island effect of urban areas due to domestic heating and that stored in the buildings themselves, waste heat from burning fuel. I once read somewhere that a guy from mainland Europe back in the 17th Century ( before the invention of accurate thermometers ) noticed that it was warmer at night in towns and wrote down and recorded for posterity yet the Climate Science establishment deny the simple truth that Heat islands are man’s only contribution to Global Warming.

US Climate Scientist Micheal Mann’s ” Hockey Stick ” once used as the key proof that Co2 drives Global Warming is fundamentally flawed in that Tree Ring growth can be stunted in a hot drought as well as in the cold, likewise the latest attempted scam on DEFRA, planting trees to suck up water for flood prevention. If Rory Stewart falls for it he must have a Dyson between his sticky out ears if he doesn’t know trees don’t suck up water in winter, and in any case if the land is dry heavy rain runs off even faster.

At least mainstream metreorology now recognises that the Jet Stream is the main factor in weather patterns,. and again the Climate Science fraudsters attempted to prove it was due to melting Arctic Ice when Piers Corbyn ( Jeremy Corbyn’s older brother ) already knew. Piers has a Phd in Astrophysics and has been observing the weather since he was 9, and once made a living betting against Met Office long range weather predictions but as he won every time the bookies banned him. I am informed that Piers does all his research on a Lap-Top,. yet defeats the huge Carbon Footprint of the Met Office Super Computer, and the Exeter based climate fraudsters were bleating for an even bigger one !

The appointment of Barry Gardiner as shadow Climate & Energy Secretary may infer Jeremy Corbyn is intent on utterly destroying the Blairite Labour Establishment. I checked Wikipedia and no mention of Gardiner’s time on the Climate Change Select Committee when Tim Yeo was Chair, I’m almost certain both had to resign over financial conflicts of interest. Even if Yeo didn’t resign, his constituency Tory Party deselected him so he had to stand down at the 2015 general election.

Its obviously the case that the UK Education system has been screwed ever since the introduction of the National Curriculum, and all Micheal Gove needed to do when Secretary of State was scrap it, not precipitate all the strikes and cost of Free Schools. On a 2011 visit to a meeting at my village primary school I noticed that the kids were being misled on How Wonderful Green Tendy Mexico is when it has one of the Human Rights infringement and drug gang problems in the world. The internet offers no defence against ideologically inspired brainwashing, and now our local libraries are being closed so no way to easily obtain a broad education by ordering out of print books to scrutinse current BBC / Channel4 Science and History output.

The BBC once did an excellent programme on Joseph Bazzeljet and the London Sewer System and how it cured the ” Great Stink “, and how scientists believed that Cholera was caused by ” Miasma “. Officialdom long ignored the local GP who proved it was due to contaminated with sewage water. The best bit was at the end where the chief government scientist admitted that everything he had ever believed in was based on a falsehood !

Little wonder so many turned out for the March for Europe in London the other day, and perhaps someone needs to tell them science is not a democracy and I believe Albert Eienstein said ” you only need one person to prove you wrong ” even if their is 97% consensus. Like Nicola Tesla ( the inventor of AC electric transmission ) major science celebrities like David Attenborough often get greedy and criminally misrepresent the truth for financial advantage in later life, note Tesla ( claimed we could get Free Energy ) died flat broke skint as he was found out !

Francis William Webb ( Chief Engineer of the London & North Western Railway was once a great production engineer who invented centrfugal steel casting for locomotive driving wheels ) was in later life first rate at selling ” pups ” to Richard Moon the General Manager of the LNWR, ( who can be forgiven as he originally trained as a Stone Mason building the line from Hereford to Shrewsbury ). All Webb was interested in was selling his patents for crap design like his Clarke & Webb Chain Brake, and always beware of engineering which alleges to give you something for nothing. Webb probably stopped British railway companies from adopting the fail safe Westinghouse Air Brake as standard, whilst also delaying the introduction of the fail safe but less efficient Automatic Vacuum Brake on Victorian passenger trains !


9 thoughts on “Co2 Drives Climate Change Pinocchio !

  1. Most people dismiss me as a Conspiracy Theorist but I don’t buy into Chemtrails. Ben’s video probably explains how the East India Company managed to conquer India for the British, plus the true reason for the Jacobite rebellion !

  2. All three main parties are keen to demonstrate just how green they are and how they are combating Global Warming. However, they all appear to support the continued introduction of traffic calming, ( mini-roundabouts etc. ) which increases carbon dioxide emissions by at least 50%. The same applies to 20 Mph Zones (without humps or chicanes) which add to emissions by 10%.

    Click on the 1996 link to my original Traffic Calming article sent to and published by Dan Kegan of PDE publications Toronto, it would appear that someone hacked the original date after UK officialdom had to admit I was right all along !

  3. Explained very nicely. Once you discover the history and how the idea developed it was clearly created to undo the society we know and replace it with the sort we fought the last two wars to avoid.

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