Mark Carney Still Working for Goldman Sachs, Not True British Interests !?!

It would appear that Mark Carney is punishing all those who worked hard and saved real UK money in UK Banks and National Savings, having avoided the Stock Market as the effects of the 1929 Wall Street Crash is still in their family living memory.

Take my own family, my Granddad Pye was quite well off when he left the Army after WW1 having saved up ( he stayed on after the armistice ) and when he married my Granny he had enough cash to buy the stock for a small farm, and an income from his investments. However, with the advent of frozen meat from South America beef prices crashed the whole livestock market and the growing family had to rely on income from a small village milk round.

His investment income was wiped out in the 1929 crash, and in the thirties they were mega skint, my then 9 year old auntie Nelly died from whooping cough because the doctor couldn’t be bothered to walk up the hill in the snow as he knew they couldn’t afford to pay him. My Granny always held that Nelly would probably have made a full recovery if she had been given medicine, she is buried in an unmarked grave at Mitton, no way they could have afforded a headstone.

My dad would never invest in the Stock Market, although he and my mum both took out a Friends Provident policy for me on their death, not high value or any long term contributions. When my dad died in 2013, I was checking though the documents only to find that his policy had lost 20% since 2002, no doubt the company who took them over had asset stripped the units BHS style.

Investing in the Stock Market is the equivalent of investing in a foreign currency, and usually used by the more affluent in UK society to legally avoid income tax, like donating to Corporate Charities who usually promote Co2 drives Global Warming fraud. Its clear that stock market investments have been used to facilitate the asset stripping of our manufacturing industry, often leveraged by grants from the EU or under the auspices of UK Foreign Aid.

If you want to close one of your competitors in in industry down the easiest way to do it is to steal all their tools, like the modern Sulzer looms from Chatburn Mill were sold to Pakistan, I once saw a report of Nigerians using aid money to buy UK machine tools, no doubt for export on to China. Likewise the greedy Church of England destroyed Blackburn Boulevard bus interchange adjacent to the railway station in the hope of donations from wealthy Chinese tourist visiting Blackburn Cathedral. Of course you corrupt politicians to achieve your goals, and plenty of them in the North east Lancashire, even more at Preston, all mainstream political parties similarly afflicted.

During the 2015 General Election campaign their was a small incendiary device let off in the bogs of the posh shopping centre next to Preston Railway Station, Fishergate was closed and the Bomb Sqaud called in robots and all. The police caught the guy but he got off from a charge of Arson as the shrink said he was unfit to plead,, which reminds me of a guy on Healey ward at Chorley, who was desperate to get transferred to Blackburn. He told my best mate that if he went to Blackburn he knew the shrik would say he was unfit top plead on his Arson Charge relating to a caravan at Coppull. The guy came from Lane Ends, just down the road from Ingol where the Fishergate arsonist came from, and I can’t help speculating that both were paid in some way for their actions, perhaps a rouge social worker ensuring they kept their ESA & PIP, do it or go on JSA ?

According to my Blackburn shrink I’m a schizophrenic, yet since I came home in February 2015 I have not been helped to claim PIP which I should get at full rate just on my physical disabilities anyway. I can’t fill out the form myself as my eyes were damaged by Olanzapine, can’t write neat enough anyway, however my eyes are perfect long distance yet the shrink stole my clean since 1985 Driving Licence. Its probably reasonable to believe that many of those involved in handling my case are attempting to steal my house, as developers have desires on the land behind. Ribble Valley Council officers are probably also in on it, as they failed to give me written notification of plans to demolish and new build on the site of the former Tyre Depot adjacent to my rear access.

The Ribble Valley Mafia would appear to have taken me Private Political Prisoner, and perhaps Clitheroe Health Centre doctors are killing people to the order of developers Harold Shipman Style. But for a few good friends I would be completely knackered for shopping etc, at one stage the original shrink with the Ferrari withdrew all my support from social services putting me under virtual house arrest.

Are there any honest journalists out there who want my full story, or honest Human Rights Lawyers willing or brave enough to take up my case ?


6 thoughts on “Mark Carney Still Working for Goldman Sachs, Not True British Interests !?!

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