HS2, HS3, 3rd Runway at Heathrow & COP21 !

I can recall utterly destroying the original case for a new third ( short ) runway at Heathrow by pointing out that it was probably only intended for Private Jets and their Fat Cat Executive owners to transfer onto long distance international flights.

HS2 is aimed at the same Fat Cat business and tourism market on the basis of being a theoretically Greener alternative to internal UK flights for any wealthy Chinese. Its ironic that they probably made their fortune on virtual slave labour & turned their country into the most toxic place on our planet manufacturing wind turbines and Solar panels etc.

The obvious solution to airport capacity in the South East is a second runway at Gatwick, which can probably more than double its current capacity without disrupting the traffic on the M25. No need to throw people out of their homes either and potential for overnight sleeper trains to Scotland utilising our existing rail network, which could be enhanced by reopening the old Great Central Main Line south of Rugby.

Gatwick also reduces the impact of toxic air pollution from airports, as the ingredients of Jet Fuel probably probably includes surplus cheap Toluene, which if not combusted at a high enough temperature produces Dioxins. I can’t prove the above as the ingredients of Jet Fuel are a commercial secret, but there could be some pretty nasty stuff in there for components to stand the high combustion temperatures needed for fuel efficiency. I suspect that I will now be pilloried for contradicting myself, but the main cancer causing Dioxin danger comes on morning cold starts.

As for Low Carbon Energy, forget Hinkley Point and build small scale nuclear in every town with ample cooling water from a river utilising tried and tested UK nuclear submarine reactors. Of course if we don’t have blast furnaces we can’t manufacture the quality alloy steel required, but at least on Brexit we are liberated from EU emissions trading. The Carbon Floor Price needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history ASAP, plus everything else introduced by criminal Lib-Dem Chris Huhne then Ed Davey via their coalition Energy Bill.

With our public finances in their current alleged predicament, the UK can simply not afford to invest in Green Tendy Executive wish list vanity projects, our shorter term future lies with those who can Make Do And Mend !

It was probably the case that the worlds super rich list were planning to kill off all the indigenous UK poor people once our corrupt politicians had got them to pay for their playboy infrastructure. UK Poor People probably includes anyone with an income of less than £100kpa based on investments on Global Stock Markets, I believe their target UK population is 30 million. Perhaps 30% Affordable Housing policy was just to provide accommodation for your favourite slaves you included when you bought your EU citizenship after having to flee the civil unrest your greed precipitated in your former homeland ?

It would appear that despite the overwhelming vote of no confidence in him by the Parliamentary Labour Party today, with his appointment of Barry Gardiner to Climate & Energy, Jeremy Corbyn is intent on destroying the Blairite Labour Establishment. I just checked Wikipedia and no mention of Gardiner’s time on the Climate Change Select Committee when Tim Yeo was Chair, I’m almost certain both had to resign over financial conflicts of interest. Even if Yeo didn’t resign, his constituency Tory Party deselected him so he had to stand down at the 2015 general election.

It would appear that Jeremy Corbyn deliberately lost the EU referendum for Remain, the proof being that North Manchester Labour MP Graham Stringer would not sign off Yeo’s report on Climategate supported Vote leave. Its time for a clear out of Anarcho Capitalist Trotskyites from UK politics, for example Daniel Hannan supported Vote Leave but now says he wants freedom of movement of ( slave ? ) labour in any future EU trade deal.


4 thoughts on “HS2, HS3, 3rd Runway at Heathrow & COP21 !

  1. If Mark Carney was not the hostage of his former employer Goldman Sachs he would raise interest rates to support the pound and curb any inflation due to essential commodity imports. The fact that we have to buy our own oil in US Dollars means that if he cuts rates as the market is betting, it will damage to our sustainable future economy going forward through higher transport costs !


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