Nicola Sturgeon SNP Decoy Duck ?!?

Perhaps Nicola Sturgeon is just an ordinary Scotch lassie decoy duck for the Corporate Nazi Angus MacPosh bastard SNP top brass who’s only interest is milking EU inspired UK subsidy for Wind Farms and Deer stalking !

Alex Salmond probably lost his Scottish Independence vote due to the fact that he probably passed his sell by date after the collapse of RBS and HBoS and his association with the Edinburgh based Fred the Shred banking elite. Nicola Sturgeon was probably the genetically modified antidote to the popular venom against ” Bankers ” in general, and during the 2015 General Election the SNP spin doctors attempted top portray her style as Mrs Overall from the late Victoria Wood’s Acorn Antiques.

It is interesting to note that both the aforementioned SNP leaders sound like and now named after fish, I once tried Caviar and found it revolting, like I can’t stomach mature cheese or Stilton as its like eating a Bar of Soap. Whilst my dad was still alive he once bought a piece of steak from Morrison’s, forgot and lost it in our fridge, About a month later it was tainting everything in there, including the milk. I found the offending steak when I went down to brew up and make my supper one night, which by then despite its plastic packaging was BLUE. It was more than my life was worth to throw it in the bin, so I left it on the kitchen top so he couldn’t miss it.

The morning after when I went down for breakfast he had incinerated it in the oven and ate it it for his dinner later, it didn’t make him ill though. There is much bullshit spun by alleged Quality Butchers how meat is better hung for a month, My granddad on my mums side was a butcher and she held that meat was far better new killed. Perhaps some butchers just want you to pay them for warehousing.

Back in the 1980s the SNP were commonly known as the Tartan Tories, little wonder the leader of the Scotch Tories backed Remain, whereas true Socialist Tommy Sheridan backed Vote leave, even if he is pro Scottish Independence. Whist I do not support full Scottish Independence I back Devo Max, especially for welfare benefits which need to be higher in Scotland to cover winter heating costs. You also need to eat more when its cold, so perhaps control of disability benefits should be given to a regionally administered democratically accountable NHS throughout the UK.

There is much scope for cutting administration costs for our cherished Welfare State as democratically won after WW2, and services, and benefits for the most vulnerable could be improved by scrapping the Department of Energy & Climate Change. We can well do without funding the DECC £18bn Welfare State for the Stock Market Parasites by transferring Energy to a Business department with no influence whatsoever from Banking. Farming subsidies need to return to being based on food production not acreage and capped at a maximum to give small farmers more cash to employ people whilst keeping food prices lower.

Its clear that a General Election is essential with the appointment of a new Prime Minister, we can’t afford a repeat of Gordon Brown in 2007, plus I can’t help speculating that the corporate media continually invited some of the nastier Tories to speak on behalf of Vote leave deliberately. Perhaps they only supported Vote Leave as they thought they would give it no chance of winning as some political commentators opine.

Democracy is a strange animal, and perhaps anyone who looks back on our membership of the EU with nostalgia ( or calls for a new referendum ) should be like biblical Lott’s Wife, turned into a Pillar of Salt !


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