Happy UK Independence Day Everyone !

Even though I don’t have any kids of my own, nobody is more pleased than me that UK voters have seen common sense at last and voted to leave the EU. The icing on the cake was the fact that Doncaster voted 70% Leave, where 2008 Climate Change Act architect Ed Miliband and Caroline Flint former shadow Climate Change secretary ( who blocked me on twitter ) have their constituency seats.

Lisa Nandy the current shadow climate change secretary was similarly afflicted by her Wigan constituency, whilst most of Labour stronghold Lancashire voted 60% leave. It would appear that the only rural areas supporting Remain were those where Corporate Ethnic Cleansing is already so far advance that little on the indigenous population have already been cleared from the land.

The industrial West Midlands voted on average 60% leave, but perhaps the biggest surprise was that English East Coast former fishing ports overwhelmingly voted leave despite the promise of Green Jobs building and servicing off-shore wind farms.

At one stage during the count it looked as though the Scottish Nazi Party and London were going to win the vote for Remain, likewise big cities like Cardiff kept edging Remain in front. However, most of Wales voted Leave, apart from the Green Tendy academic areas, similarly in the South West, Exeter home of Climate Change Fraud academics who control the Met Office. No surprise that David Attenborough BBC Bristol voted overwhelmingly to Remain, having probably precipitated many Remain votes nationwide by brainwashing our kids to care more about animals than their fellow humans.

Nevertheless Vote leave triumphed in the end 52 to 48, yet the rolling news political inquest commentators still ignor regressive Green Taxes as a key factor as to why most of South Wales voted Leave. Hug a Huskie David Cameron has already announced that he is going to stand down and now Jeremy Corbyn faces a leadership challenge. God help the Liberal Democrats at the next UK General Election, which may be sooner than most people expect !


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