George Soros, John Major, Agenda21 & Rio92 !

George Soros is quoted as saying that the happiest time of his life was when he worked for the Nazis confiscating the valuables from Hungarian Jews being transported to Auschwitz. I will leave it up to the imagination of the reader as to what depths of deprivation he was probably prepared to stoop to in order to be wealthy enough after WW2 to achieve his Billionaire fortune today.

Casting my mind back to 1992, and was the report of Soros forcing Norman Lamont to pull out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism actually a cover story to hide the fact that Soros’s real agenda was to force John Major to sign up to the Rio92 Climate Change protocol. A key stage in implementing UN Agenda 21, in which human rights are theoretically protected except the UK has never signed up to that particular clause.

Despite the Remain Camp rhetoric, it would appear that the EU is powerless to protect the UK vulnerable, new ESA claimants are now expected to keep warm, dry and have a full belly on only £70pw. Existing claimants still get their £100, but if they attempt to go back to work ( even if they are offered employment ) if they have to give up due to their medical condition they lose £30. Obviously Lord Freud designed the whole plan as a Financial Apartheid barrier to ensure any defectives eventually freeze and stave to death, little wonder Ian Duncan Smith resigned.

Almost on my first day getting my head around Twitter I challenged Guardian Eco campaigner George Monbiot tweeting about his personal experience of Hypothermia, pity I didn’t know about like or hashtags then. He said that he once nearly died from it and claimed that it was a pleasant experience, which no doubt the nurses feeding him hot brews and looking after him was. Needless to say I was instantly blocked, I have since been blocked various celebrity Lefties like Owen Jones and Caroline Flint for pointing out that the £112 every household has to pay in Green Taxes to subsidise Wind and Solar Farms is grossly unfair especially to single people.

Therefore it may be reasonable to believe that anyone sick or disabled who votes Remain in tomorrow’s EU Referendum is probably signing their own Death Warrant, as at least if they Vote leave there is a chance for any future UK government to improve their Standard Of Living. The more affluent who wish to have cheap holidays and salad out of season are probably condemning their fellow less fortunate Britons to death by voting foe Remain !


6 thoughts on “George Soros, John Major, Agenda21 & Rio92 !

  1. From my 2009

    Things look particularly bleak if you are currently classified ” disabled “, new more strict tests will ensure that many will be forced onto JSA with no realistic prospect of ever even being considered for any job they could actually do. A report out today states that people on state benefits can no longer afford to eat properly whatever the government rhetoric on healthy eating. Most of them probably spent last winter freezing to death because the couldn’t afford the energy bill, ours was 835 quid quarter to February, only an average modernized house if ancient. Porritt let the cat out of the bag when he could not deny that the eco-fascists had plans to reduce the UK population to 30 million. That probably includes most of the ” poor ” people who can simply not afford to live here anymore due to ” green ” taxes etc.


    It is reported that Green Tendy Obama is currently rounding up all the US homeless and putting them in FEMA Concentration Camps which allegedly have a good supply of plastic coffins !

  2. I first wrote this whist waiting to bury my late dad in 2013 and about a year later an Italian guy replied after I posted it in a UKIP group on facebook with a link translating a printed 1942 Nazi Geman document. The said document outlined that even if the Nazis didn’t win WW2 they would subvert national governments to achieve their aims anyway. The plan was to deindustrialise the UK and keep it for tourism and limited agriculture.

    With the probable closure of the Port Talbot Llanwern steel works still on the cards after Redcar and the future Scunthorpe not yet certain, it would appear that our entire steel industry is to be sacrificed on the altar of the green Co2 drives run away global warming quasi-religion as green taxes make carbon intensive quality steel production totally uneconomic !

  3. As we went into the Common Market, illegally with Edward Heath committing Treason, if you vote remain you are actually helping to keep the Treason going and therefore commit sedition…..

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