Remain Camp Abject Desperation ?!?

Two days to go to EUref vote and once again both SKY and BBC rolling news headline the the tragic death of Jo Cox, now using her Green Tendy NGO OXFAM Fat Cat Executive husband to play on the emotions of the weak minded as yet undecided, and perhaps particularly aimed vulnerable women.

Most of the public may be unaware that the converted North Sea going barge Jo Cox and her family lived on sits behind a 3 Metre ( 10ft ) high steel security fence, and I wonder how that fits in for ” flipping ” your ” main home ” and ” constituency home ” to fiddle expenses ?

The England Football Team representing us at EURO2016 in France have only managed to come second in their group, humiliatingly behind Wales, so perhaps a case of Match Fixing for Betting Scams ?

Perhaps no surprise the brain dead greedy cunt who deliberately got himself sent off when England had the best chance of winning the World Cup for ages supports Remain. Perhaps a good analogy of how our sporting superstars hide their dishonesty was Les Dawson playing the piano wrong, its hard to spot deliberate mistakes by aces. Perhaps Alex Ferguson threw a football boot at him in the MUFC changing room because he knew full well his key star player had taken a bribe to fix a match for a betting scam ?

Check out George Osborne’s Long Term Economic Plan !


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