Irony in the Highest !

If the UK don’t Vote Leave for Freedom this Thursday due to the Remain camp being allowed to quote Boris ” Wallow in Victim Status ” ( by especially the BBC ) then we are all probably condemned to slavery.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the tributes to Jo Cox was that they were laid at the statue of Joseph Priestly, the amateur scientist who discovered Oxygen by playing with the Carbon Dioxide from his local brewery. These days The Royal Society wont even consider the conclusions of anyone if they don’t have a Phd, and even then if like Piers Corbyn you don’t conform to the Corporate consensus on Climate Change, you are dismissed as insane !

Also today the BBC have been bleating about an obesity epidemic crippling our NHS finances in future via cancer, diabetes and heart attack, all now well proven to be caused by ASPARTAME. Nevertheless Sarah Wollaston chair of the HOC Heath Select Committee and high profile defector from Vote Leave to Remain supports the introduction of a Sugar Tax. Just what the corporates ordered as an excuse to replace sugar with alleged far far cheaper Aspartame and poison all the low income people into an early death.

Its probably the case that Aspartame screws your immune system and perhaps little wonder the new Polio vaccine given to third world kids by aid charities ( like Jo Cox’s former employer OXFAM ) paralyses them. I had the polio vaccine as a kid from an ear dropper on a sugar lump no problem, so perhaps the latest straight from a tube system risks overdose even if its Aspartame free ?

The same principle probably applied to Aid NGO’s feeding terminal starving kids, probably using Monsanto GMO Maize derived products and concentrated US supplied Growth Hormone milk. Pressing the accelerator whilst putting the brakes on is not advisable, so little wonder said kids need Big Pharma medicine, and I know an old woman who swallowed a fly, like putting Flouride in drinking water is know to aggravate Arthritis !

Perhaps the logical solution the child dental decay would be to get babies to drink Tea even if you had to put plenty of sugar and full fat milk in it for starters. There must be low cost practical solutions to many of our modern problems, but if the self educated are socially excluded from participating in the advancement of science our future looks bleak.

So much for alleged Progressive Politics, and are the Green Tendy Elite many worship actually the enemy of the common people ?


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