Motive for Jo Cox Murder already decided by Corporate Media Kangaroo Court ?!?

Campaigning for the EU Referendum is alleged to be suspended yet the BBC have been headlining Tommy Mair’s long past links to a Far Right group, Sky News coverage had been pretty fair yet they now would appear to be the mouthpiece of their Corporate Advertisers.

West Yorkshire Police probably can’t be trusted to investigate the case either, back in 2006 my late Heroin Addict friend Andrew showed me the location of the busy at lunchtime main drug dealers at Keighley, opposite the Petrol Station at Morrisons in a boarded up old corner shop. Norman Bettinson may have been the Chief Constable at the time and perhaps the Jo Cox investigation will be driven by the need to protect him, as he may have played a key roll in the appointment of the current incumbent top brass.

Its far more likely that Tommy Mair’s mental health was the main factor in Jo Cox’s tragic death, lived in a family council house so the Bedroom Tax had probably skinted him and may have got him into rent arrears. As for the alleged home made gun, one of the eye witnesses drew a rough picture of it and two shots suggest it was an antique mussel loading double barrel pistol. It was reported that Mair originally attacked another constituent who he was in dispute with, then Jo Cox intervened to help, check the footage and no blood anywhere near her handbag and shoes abandoned on the pavement.

Its common knowledge NHS Mental health Trusts are stretched to financial breaking point as servicing Gordon Brown’s Welfare State for the Stock Market Parasites PFI contracts which sucks funds from front line services. Despite the alleged shiny New Hospitals, a shortage of beds for the worst cases puts pressure on Social Services perhaps battery farming Social & Support workers to a point where mistakes are inevitable. As in any industry, even the most dedicated may lose the plot on some cases as they attempt to carry a minority of those just in the job for the money, who frankly don’t give a shit about public safety or patient care.

If Jo Cox was the genuine caring public servant the media portray, I am absolutely certain that she would have wished for the truth to quickly emerge on the circumstances of her tragic death. Will other elected politicians ensure the spirit of Jo Cox lives on and use their parliamentary privilege to ensure she didn’t die in vain !

RIP Jo Cox !


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