Mark Carney Still Working for Goldman Sachs, Not True British Interests !?!

It would appear that Mark Carney is punishing all those who worked hard and saved real UK money in UK Banks and National Savings, having avoided the Stock Market as the effects of the 1929 Wall Street Crash is still in their family living memory.

Take my own family, my Granddad Pye was quite well off when he left the Army after WW1 having saved up ( he stayed on after the armistice ) and when he married my Granny he had enough cash to buy the stock for a small farm, and an income from his investments. However, with the advent of frozen meat from South America beef prices crashed the whole livestock market and the growing family had to rely on income from a small village milk round.

His investment income was wiped out in the 1929 crash, and in the thirties they were mega skint, my then 9 year old auntie Nelly died from whooping cough because the doctor couldn’t be bothered to walk up the hill in the snow as he knew they couldn’t afford to pay him. My Granny always held that Nelly would probably have made a full recovery if she had been given medicine, she is buried in an unmarked grave at Mitton, no way they could have afforded a headstone.

My dad would never invest in the Stock Market, although he and my mum both took out a Friends Provident policy for me on their death, not high value or any long term contributions. When my dad died in 2013, I was checking though the documents only to find that his policy had lost 20% since 2002, no doubt the company who took them over had asset stripped the units BHS style.

Investing in the Stock Market is the equivalent of investing in a foreign currency, and usually used by the more affluent in UK society to legally avoid income tax, like donating to Corporate Charities who usually promote Co2 drives Global Warming fraud. Its clear that stock market investments have been used to facilitate the asset stripping of our manufacturing industry, often leveraged by grants from the EU or under the auspices of UK Foreign Aid.

If you want to close one of your competitors in in industry down the easiest way to do it is to steal all their tools, like the modern Sulzer looms from Chatburn Mill were sold to Pakistan, I once saw a report of Nigerians using aid money to buy UK machine tools, no doubt for export on to China. Likewise the greedy Church of England destroyed Blackburn Boulevard bus interchange adjacent to the railway station in the hope of donations from wealthy Chinese tourist visiting Blackburn Cathedral. Of course you corrupt politicians to achieve your goals, and plenty of them in the North east Lancashire, even more at Preston, all mainstream political parties similarly afflicted.

During the 2015 General Election campaign their was a small incendiary device let off in the bogs of the posh shopping centre next to Preston Railway Station, Fishergate was closed and the Bomb Sqaud called in robots and all. The police caught the guy but he got off from a charge of Arson as the shrink said he was unfit to plead,, which reminds me of a guy on Healey ward at Chorley, who was desperate to get transferred to Blackburn. He told my best mate that if he went to Blackburn he knew the shrik would say he was unfit top plead on his Arson Charge relating to a caravan at Coppull. The guy came from Lane Ends, just down the road from Ingol where the Fishergate arsonist came from, and I can’t help speculating that both were paid in some way for their actions, perhaps a rouge social worker ensuring they kept their ESA & PIP, do it or go on JSA ?

According to my Blackburn shrink I’m a schizophrenic, yet since I came home in February 2015 I have not been helped to claim PIP which I should get at full rate just on my physical disabilities anyway. I can’t fill out the form myself as my eyes were damaged by Olanzapine, can’t write neat enough anyway, however my eyes are perfect long distance yet the shrink stole my clean since 1985 Driving Licence. Its probably reasonable to believe that many of those involved in handling my case are attempting to steal my house, as developers have desires on the land behind. Ribble Valley Council officers are probably also in on it, as they failed to give me written notification of plans to demolish and new build on the site of the former Tyre Depot adjacent to my rear access.

The Ribble Valley Mafia would appear to have taken me Private Political Prisoner, and perhaps Clitheroe Health Centre doctors are killing people to the order of developers Harold Shipman Style. But for a few good friends I would be completely knackered for shopping etc, at one stage the original shrink with the Ferrari withdrew all my support from social services putting me under virtual house arrest.

Are there any honest journalists out there who want my full story, or honest Human Rights Lawyers willing or brave enough to take up my case ?


HS2, HS3, 3rd Runway at Heathrow & COP21 !

I can recall utterly destroying the original case for a new third ( short ) runway at Heathrow by pointing out that it was probably only intended for Private Jets and their Fat Cat Executive owners to transfer onto long distance international flights.

HS2 is aimed at the same Fat Cat business and tourism market on the basis of being a theoretically Greener alternative to internal UK flights for any wealthy Chinese. Its ironic that they probably made their fortune on virtual slave labour & turned their country into the most toxic place on our planet manufacturing wind turbines and Solar panels etc.

The obvious solution to airport capacity in the South East is a second runway at Gatwick, which can probably more than double its current capacity without disrupting the traffic on the M25. No need to throw people out of their homes either and potential for overnight sleeper trains to Scotland utilising our existing rail network, which could be enhanced by reopening the old Great Central Main Line south of Rugby.

Gatwick also reduces the impact of toxic air pollution from airports, as the ingredients of Jet Fuel probably probably includes surplus cheap Toluene, which if not combusted at a high enough temperature produces Dioxins. I can’t prove the above as the ingredients of Jet Fuel are a commercial secret, but there could be some pretty nasty stuff in there for components to stand the high combustion temperatures needed for fuel efficiency. I suspect that I will now be pilloried for contradicting myself, but the main cancer causing Dioxin danger comes on morning cold starts.

As for Low Carbon Energy, forget Hinkley Point and build small scale nuclear in every town with ample cooling water from a river utilising tried and tested UK nuclear submarine reactors. Of course if we don’t have blast furnaces we can’t manufacture the quality alloy steel required, but at least on Brexit we are liberated from EU emissions trading. The Carbon Floor Price needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history ASAP, plus everything else introduced by criminal Lib-Dem Chris Huhne then Ed Davey via their coalition Energy Bill.

With our public finances in their current alleged predicament, the UK can simply not afford to invest in Green Tendy Executive wish list vanity projects, our shorter term future lies with those who can Make Do And Mend !

It was probably the case that the worlds super rich list were planning to kill off all the indigenous UK poor people once our corrupt politicians had got them to pay for their playboy infrastructure. UK Poor People probably includes anyone with an income of less than £100kpa based on investments on Global Stock Markets, I believe their target UK population is 30 million. Perhaps 30% Affordable Housing policy was just to provide accommodation for your favourite slaves you included when you bought your EU citizenship after having to flee the civil unrest your greed precipitated in your former homeland ?

It would appear that despite the overwhelming vote of no confidence in him by the Parliamentary Labour Party today, with his appointment of Barry Gardiner to Climate & Energy, Jeremy Corbyn is intent on destroying the Blairite Labour Establishment. I just checked Wikipedia and no mention of Gardiner’s time on the Climate Change Select Committee when Tim Yeo was Chair, I’m almost certain both had to resign over financial conflicts of interest. Even if Yeo didn’t resign, his constituency Tory Party deselected him so he had to stand down at the 2015 general election.

It would appear that Jeremy Corbyn deliberately lost the EU referendum for Remain, the proof being that North Manchester Labour MP Graham Stringer would not sign off Yeo’s report on Climategate supported Vote leave. Its time for a clear out of Anarcho Capitalist Trotskyites from UK politics, for example Daniel Hannan supported Vote Leave but now says he wants freedom of movement of ( slave ? ) labour in any future EU trade deal.

Nicola Sturgeon SNP Decoy Duck ?!?

Perhaps Nicola Sturgeon is just an ordinary Scotch lassie decoy duck for the Corporate Nazi Angus MacPosh bastard SNP top brass who’s only interest is milking EU inspired UK subsidy for Wind Farms and Deer stalking !

Alex Salmond probably lost his Scottish Independence vote due to the fact that he probably passed his sell by date after the collapse of RBS and HBoS and his association with the Edinburgh based Fred the Shred banking elite. Nicola Sturgeon was probably the genetically modified antidote to the popular venom against ” Bankers ” in general, and during the 2015 General Election the SNP spin doctors attempted top portray her style as Mrs Overall from the late Victoria Wood’s Acorn Antiques.

It is interesting to note that both the aforementioned SNP leaders sound like and now named after fish, I once tried Caviar and found it revolting, like I can’t stomach mature cheese or Stilton as its like eating a Bar of Soap. Whilst my dad was still alive he once bought a piece of steak from Morrison’s, forgot and lost it in our fridge, About a month later it was tainting everything in there, including the milk. I found the offending steak when I went down to brew up and make my supper one night, which by then despite its plastic packaging was BLUE. It was more than my life was worth to throw it in the bin, so I left it on the kitchen top so he couldn’t miss it.

The morning after when I went down for breakfast he had incinerated it in the oven and ate it it for his dinner later, it didn’t make him ill though. There is much bullshit spun by alleged Quality Butchers how meat is better hung for a month, My granddad on my mums side was a butcher and she held that meat was far better new killed. Perhaps some butchers just want you to pay them for warehousing.

Back in the 1980s the SNP were commonly known as the Tartan Tories, little wonder the leader of the Scotch Tories backed Remain, whereas true Socialist Tommy Sheridan backed Vote leave, even if he is pro Scottish Independence. Whist I do not support full Scottish Independence I back Devo Max, especially for welfare benefits which need to be higher in Scotland to cover winter heating costs. You also need to eat more when its cold, so perhaps control of disability benefits should be given to a regionally administered democratically accountable NHS throughout the UK.

There is much scope for cutting administration costs for our cherished Welfare State as democratically won after WW2, and services, and benefits for the most vulnerable could be improved by scrapping the Department of Energy & Climate Change. We can well do without funding the DECC £18bn Welfare State for the Stock Market Parasites by transferring Energy to a Business department with no influence whatsoever from Banking. Farming subsidies need to return to being based on food production not acreage and capped at a maximum to give small farmers more cash to employ people whilst keeping food prices lower.

Its clear that a General Election is essential with the appointment of a new Prime Minister, we can’t afford a repeat of Gordon Brown in 2007, plus I can’t help speculating that the corporate media continually invited some of the nastier Tories to speak on behalf of Vote leave deliberately. Perhaps they only supported Vote Leave as they thought they would give it no chance of winning as some political commentators opine.

Democracy is a strange animal, and perhaps anyone who looks back on our membership of the EU with nostalgia ( or calls for a new referendum ) should be like biblical Lott’s Wife, turned into a Pillar of Salt !

Happy UK Independence Day Everyone !

Even though I don’t have any kids of my own, nobody is more pleased than me that UK voters have seen common sense at last and voted to leave the EU. The icing on the cake was the fact that Doncaster voted 70% Leave, where 2008 Climate Change Act architect Ed Miliband and Caroline Flint former shadow Climate Change secretary ( who blocked me on twitter ) have their constituency seats.

Lisa Nandy the current shadow climate change secretary was similarly afflicted by her Wigan constituency, whilst most of Labour stronghold Lancashire voted 60% leave. It would appear that the only rural areas supporting Remain were those where Corporate Ethnic Cleansing is already so far advance that little on the indigenous population have already been cleared from the land.

The industrial West Midlands voted on average 60% leave, but perhaps the biggest surprise was that English East Coast former fishing ports overwhelmingly voted leave despite the promise of Green Jobs building and servicing off-shore wind farms.

At one stage during the count it looked as though the Scottish Nazi Party and London were going to win the vote for Remain, likewise big cities like Cardiff kept edging Remain in front. However, most of Wales voted Leave, apart from the Green Tendy academic areas, similarly in the South West, Exeter home of Climate Change Fraud academics who control the Met Office. No surprise that David Attenborough BBC Bristol voted overwhelmingly to Remain, having probably precipitated many Remain votes nationwide by brainwashing our kids to care more about animals than their fellow humans.

Nevertheless Vote leave triumphed in the end 52 to 48, yet the rolling news political inquest commentators still ignor regressive Green Taxes as a key factor as to why most of South Wales voted Leave. Hug a Huskie David Cameron has already announced that he is going to stand down and now Jeremy Corbyn faces a leadership challenge. God help the Liberal Democrats at the next UK General Election, which may be sooner than most people expect !

George Soros, John Major, Agenda21 & Rio92 !

George Soros is quoted as saying that the happiest time of his life was when he worked for the Nazis confiscating the valuables from Hungarian Jews being transported to Auschwitz. I will leave it up to the imagination of the reader as to what depths of deprivation he was probably prepared to stoop to in order to be wealthy enough after WW2 to achieve his Billionaire fortune today.

Casting my mind back to 1992, and was the report of Soros forcing Norman Lamont to pull out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism actually a cover story to hide the fact that Soros’s real agenda was to force John Major to sign up to the Rio92 Climate Change protocol. A key stage in implementing UN Agenda 21, in which human rights are theoretically protected except the UK has never signed up to that particular clause.

Despite the Remain Camp rhetoric, it would appear that the EU is powerless to protect the UK vulnerable, new ESA claimants are now expected to keep warm, dry and have a full belly on only £70pw. Existing claimants still get their £100, but if they attempt to go back to work ( even if they are offered employment ) if they have to give up due to their medical condition they lose £30. Obviously Lord Freud designed the whole plan as a Financial Apartheid barrier to ensure any defectives eventually freeze and stave to death, little wonder Ian Duncan Smith resigned.

Almost on my first day getting my head around Twitter I challenged Guardian Eco campaigner George Monbiot tweeting about his personal experience of Hypothermia, pity I didn’t know about like or hashtags then. He said that he once nearly died from it and claimed that it was a pleasant experience, which no doubt the nurses feeding him hot brews and looking after him was. Needless to say I was instantly blocked, I have since been blocked various celebrity Lefties like Owen Jones and Caroline Flint for pointing out that the £112 every household has to pay in Green Taxes to subsidise Wind and Solar Farms is grossly unfair especially to single people.

Therefore it may be reasonable to believe that anyone sick or disabled who votes Remain in tomorrow’s EU Referendum is probably signing their own Death Warrant, as at least if they Vote leave there is a chance for any future UK government to improve their Standard Of Living. The more affluent who wish to have cheap holidays and salad out of season are probably condemning their fellow less fortunate Britons to death by voting foe Remain !

Remain Camp Abject Desperation ?!?

Two days to go to EUref vote and once again both SKY and BBC rolling news headline the the tragic death of Jo Cox, now using her Green Tendy NGO OXFAM Fat Cat Executive husband to play on the emotions of the weak minded as yet undecided, and perhaps particularly aimed vulnerable women.

Most of the public may be unaware that the converted North Sea going barge Jo Cox and her family lived on sits behind a 3 Metre ( 10ft ) high steel security fence, and I wonder how that fits in for ” flipping ” your ” main home ” and ” constituency home ” to fiddle expenses ?

The England Football Team representing us at EURO2016 in France have only managed to come second in their group, humiliatingly behind Wales, so perhaps a case of Match Fixing for Betting Scams ?

Perhaps no surprise the brain dead greedy cunt who deliberately got himself sent off when England had the best chance of winning the World Cup for ages supports Remain. Perhaps a good analogy of how our sporting superstars hide their dishonesty was Les Dawson playing the piano wrong, its hard to spot deliberate mistakes by aces. Perhaps Alex Ferguson threw a football boot at him in the MUFC changing room because he knew full well his key star player had taken a bribe to fix a match for a betting scam ?

Check out George Osborne’s Long Term Economic Plan !

Irony in the Highest !

If the UK don’t Vote Leave for Freedom this Thursday due to the Remain camp being allowed to quote Boris ” Wallow in Victim Status ” ( by especially the BBC ) then we are all probably condemned to slavery.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the tributes to Jo Cox was that they were laid at the statue of Joseph Priestly, the amateur scientist who discovered Oxygen by playing with the Carbon Dioxide from his local brewery. These days The Royal Society wont even consider the conclusions of anyone if they don’t have a Phd, and even then if like Piers Corbyn you don’t conform to the Corporate consensus on Climate Change, you are dismissed as insane !

Also today the BBC have been bleating about an obesity epidemic crippling our NHS finances in future via cancer, diabetes and heart attack, all now well proven to be caused by ASPARTAME. Nevertheless Sarah Wollaston chair of the HOC Heath Select Committee and high profile defector from Vote Leave to Remain supports the introduction of a Sugar Tax. Just what the corporates ordered as an excuse to replace sugar with alleged far far cheaper Aspartame and poison all the low income people into an early death.

Its probably the case that Aspartame screws your immune system and perhaps little wonder the new Polio vaccine given to third world kids by aid charities ( like Jo Cox’s former employer OXFAM ) paralyses them. I had the polio vaccine as a kid from an ear dropper on a sugar lump no problem, so perhaps the latest straight from a tube system risks overdose even if its Aspartame free ?

The same principle probably applied to Aid NGO’s feeding terminal starving kids, probably using Monsanto GMO Maize derived products and concentrated US supplied Growth Hormone milk. Pressing the accelerator whilst putting the brakes on is not advisable, so little wonder said kids need Big Pharma medicine, and I know an old woman who swallowed a fly, like putting Flouride in drinking water is know to aggravate Arthritis !

Perhaps the logical solution the child dental decay would be to get babies to drink Tea even if you had to put plenty of sugar and full fat milk in it for starters. There must be low cost practical solutions to many of our modern problems, but if the self educated are socially excluded from participating in the advancement of science our future looks bleak.

So much for alleged Progressive Politics, and are the Green Tendy Elite many worship actually the enemy of the common people ?