Hollywood Celebruty & Child Sexual Abuse by Politicians !?!

BBC Breakfast had an interview with Johnny Depp the other morning and it was obvious that he had been into some pretty heavy sh1t as he was coming across as a complete moron, perhaps no surprise that his latest wife is now divorcing him.

My late in his mid thirties trying to quit his Heroin addiction friend had got into Crack Cocaine, which made him feel great for a couple of hours but as he explained he needed to shoot up on Heroin to ease the pain of coming down. I once observed him a few hours after smoking Crack without Heroin afterwards and his behaviour could have been amply described as extremely reckless if not potentially violent.

Apparently Hollywood is currently the focus of a Child Sexual Abuse scandal, yet the BBC fails to report on it as it gives free advertising for new films every weekend. Perhaps they are protecting Micheal Portillo of Great Railway Journeys fame ( Twitter #sadmanonatrain for BBC This Week politics show ) who is said to be the subject of CSA allegations. Portillo himself alluded to it the other week by trotting out how the Met Police had to apologise over Leon Brittan, but that was the rape of a young woman when the bulk of cases alleged against Brittan were young boys.

Portillo was once one of the high flyers in the Tory Party and once contemplated running for leader ( Against John Major ) with press reports of him having multiple phone lines installed into his office. Famous for saving the Settle & Carlisle Railway from closure his crushing defeat by Labour’s Stephen Twigg at the 1997 General Election may have been precipitated by something really bad about him circulating on his constituency grapevine know to be fact ?

I am informed that there are currently 24 paedophiles sitting on the benches of the House Of Commons, and that the common denominator is that they are Gay Men, married or otherwise. That is not to say that all Gay Men are paedophiles, but perhaps those who regularly spin their Gay credentials for media celebrity advantage may be the likeliest culprits.

Of course if you were sexually abused as a child and subsequently suffer from mental health problems, ( even if after you gain confidence in and tell your Social Worker ) the establishment can ensure your allotted Shrink labels you as a schizophrenic, and say that you made the whole story up.

To conclude on a more positive note, since Jimmy Saville, Hillsborough and now Orgreave the ultimate integrity of the Home Office may be improving, we may soon see !


9 thoughts on “Hollywood Celebruty & Child Sexual Abuse by Politicians !?!

  1. Lots of politicians are involved in Bilderberg and Skull & Bones, who have their satanic rituals on a regular base, so this is no wonder. That demonic basterds sacrifice children to satan (the biblical Baäl). Most “famous” place Bohemian Grove.

  2. I first wrote this whist waiting to bury my late dad in 2013 and about a year later an Italian guy replied after I posted it in a UKIP group on facebook with a link translating a printed 1942 Nazi German document. The said document outlined that even if the Nazis didn’t win WW2 they would subvert national governments to achieve their aims anyway. The plan was to deindustrialise the UK and keep it for tourism and limited agriculture.

    With the probable closure of the Port Talbot steel works still on the cards after Redcar and the future Scunthorpe not yet certain it would appear that our entire steel industry is to be sacrificed on the altar of the green Co2 drives run away global warming quasi-religion as green taxes make carbon intensive steel production totally uneconomic !


    See Also


  3. East Anglia University Earth Science was once shown on the BBC until Tony Blair cut the funding for all Open University TV programmes in 2006. All they could identify as a contributor to warming was ” Man’s Fingerprint ” in common terms the Heat Island Effect. Having said that I once read somewhere that a guy in 16th Century mainland Europe ( even before accurate thermometers ) noticed that it was warmer at night in towns and wrote it down for posterity !!

  4. I can’t help speculating as to whether the included temperature map provides at least circumstantial evidence that the figures are being manipulated for political purposes, particularly the West Coast and green trendy states like Oregon, but also to a lesser extent the states around Wall Street ????

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