You Can’t Trust Officialdom These Days !

I have been trying to keep up with all the government propaganda surrounding the forthcoming EU Referendum, but this week’s Pinocchio Award must go to the chief executive of NHS England on the Andrew Marr Show.

He spent the entire interview attempting to portray that NHS finances would be in dire straights upon Brexit, as the value of the pound would crash and imported drugs would cost more. Marr even produced a graph showing the ever increasing deficit, yet not once did he mention the crippling PFI contracts signed up to under Gordon Brown.

Perhaps the only qualification required to become a top television news and current affairs presenter is a masters degree in intellectual dishonesty, although I must say Andrew Neil does try hard to be impartial. The B List politics presenters are the worst, particularly the Asian guy who presents Politics North West, whilst skypapers and bbcpapers are running low on top print media commentators prepared to lie through their back teeth.

Much made of DIY Recession for a year on Brexit, and how food and clothing prices will increase, even if its only imported from the EU stuff like salad. In any case we are now told that you should eat proper food like full fat dairy products and red meat to avoid obesity, and have the health-fascists been telling porkies all along ?

All the Ten Bob Fat Cats are petrified at the prospect of higher interest rates, which the Bank of England will have to raise if Wall Street get nervous. However, tax receipts will actually rise with higher interest rates, so no problem funding our NHS and other public services. Of course if interest rates go up the stock market will implode, which in turn could render the Banks technically insolvent even if falling property prices don’t bust over leveraged Buy to Let landlords and corporate property speculators first !

Ian Duncan Smith was accurate to point out that the EU almost exclusively benefits the ” Haves ” and penalises the ” Have Nots “. If we do Vote leave and Brexit it will expose all the WAGS with fur coats on credit cards but no knickers, I hate to envisage the male equivalent, ( perhaps apprentice Jeremy Clarksons ) Gay or the transgender version.

The EU referendum on June 23rd offers the British people the unique opportunity to knock the entire Wall Street Merchant Banker inspired ( Neo-Liberal = Corporate-Nazi ) 99% debt slaves for the luxury of the 1% project in the head via a humane killer called DEMOCRACY !


4 thoughts on “You Can’t Trust Officialdom These Days !

  1. Just to update everyone on my lifetime research project it would appear that the contamination of NZ China export baby formula was deliberate because John Key couldn’t sell Cow Fart Taxes to screw the dairy farmers. Its probable that WWF associated Animal Rights Activists smuggled the African game reserve origin strain of Foot & Mouth virus which caused the UK epidemic in 2001 Via the Irish Republic They almost certainly did it by contaminating the transport at the big cheap January Carlisle sale of prime breading stock the Scotch farmers had run out of feed for. That’s how it got down to Oakhampton in north Devon, but also to Lancaster where the Green party are strong on the local council due to the University.

    Officialdom blamed it on a pig farmer ( from the other side of the north ) not boiling swill properly, despite the fact that the guy he had working for him was an animal rights activist also The slow burn from local dairy farmers using cull compensation to get into easier life beef. Increased transport costs probably closed both the Oakhampton dairy and cheap rice pudding factory and WWF’s motive was because Farmers for Action got the road fuel tax escalator stopped in the 2000 Fuel tax protests ?

  2. Like Nicola Tesla the inventor of AC electric major science celebrities like David Attenborough often get greedy and criminally misrepresent the truth for financial advantage in later life. Webb was first rate at selling ” pups ” to Richard Moon the General Manager of the LNWR, who can be forgiven as he originally trained as a Stone Mason building the line from Hereford to Shrewsbury. All Webb was interested in was selling his patents for crap design like his Clarke & Webb Chain Brake, and always beware of engineering which alleges to give you something for nothing. Webb probably stopped British railway companies from adopting the fail safe Westinghouse Air Brake as standard, whilst also delaying the introduction of the fail safe but less efficient Automatic Vacuum Brake on Victorian passenger trains !

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