Did George Osborne Fail O Level Physics ?

I was taught 1970s basic Secondary School Physics by Jack Wright, who had served in the RAF during WW2 and had gone into teaching to fill the vacancies after the Education Act when he was de mobbed. As far as I know he never went to University, but everything we were told was backed up by practical experiment, or an anecdote from his long life experience.

He was pretty strict, if anyone significantly misbehaved in his his lessons he would march them into the store room and whack them on the arse with a pump kept specifically for the purpose. If any of the !st year’s annoyed him he would send them up to the main block for a ” Long Stand ” in Ma Sharp’s maths lesson. Jack retired after my 3rd year and was replaced by Mr Aspden, who had worked at QUEGS Blackburn and had a degree, which may explain why he was totally crap

When I was 16 I saw V2 celebrity Nazi political DNA NASA alleged Moon Rock close up in a thin glass case in the Geology Museum at London and it struck me at the time that is was almost identical in colour to the Clinker produced by our local cement works. With the benefit of hindsight is now clear that aforementioned Moon Rock is the fine dust from cement clinker sieved out into a mould to form a block, and after wet, after time set solid as any rock. To make it look realistic they probably smashed up the block with a big sledge hammer into convenient chunks for distribution and display.

Other inconsistencies in the moon landing display was the capsule they used to escape the moon’s gravity was no bigger than a Mini and even if the rocket was theoretically powerful enough there was no way it could have carried enough fuel to escape 1/6 Earth’s gravity. Even then everyone knew that the Moon has no atmosphere and therefore escape impossible as nothing for the rocket to push against therefore breaking Newton’s Laws of Motion !

It must therefore follow that since NASA has always been the key scientific institution promoting the Carbon Dioxide causes run away Global Warming theory as fact.( likewise now extreme weather ) is the biggest fraud ever inflicted on humanity, and must amount to a crime against Humanity itself !

The EU has blown a a fortune of our UK money on its space programme, mostly on the satellites needed for the Toll Roads project. A pointless waste of money when the UK disabled are freezing and starving to death, yet promoted by celebrities like Stephen Hawking to portray just how much the EU Eco-Nazis care about the more unfortunate in society.

Stephen Hawking must be the ultimate science fiction virtual reality biotech Ventriloquists Dummy, if he was an ordinary guy he would have been brain dead years ago even if he was fed by a tube direct into his stomach. The Wall Street Tech Sector just wheel Hawking out to say whatever they want him to say to boost investment on the Nasdaq.

Anyone who actually believes in Hawking’s latest ” nano technology “favourite space project must be completely gormless, but then perhaps we all swallowed the fly with the 1969 Moon landing. BBC Brian Cox & Co also hide fact that it breaks Newton’s Second Law of Motion is beyond the average guy in the street but ” Every Action must have an Equal and Opposite Reaction “.

Even if the Apollo moon lander could carry enough fuel for the rockets both to safely land and then even more improbable take off in the moon’s 1/6th Earth’s gravity. even if the moon had an atmosphere. I have searched Google for Apollo 9 Astronauts who actually orbited the moon to get the shots NASA needed to fake the landing but no trace. I expect that they were killed by the cosmic radiation our Earth’s magnetic field protects us from, our magnetic field is particularly weak at the moment so perhaps the International Space Station is currently uninhabitable unless you fancy contracting Cancer !

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover is pure Computer Generated Image fantasy again even if you could carry enough fuel to hover and wind it down onto the surface. The late Patrick Moore let the cat out of the bag just before his death by pointing out that the radio signal ( to drive it up to edge of the valley and say it was made by water ) takes 40 minutes each way. It seems that the Nasdaq Tech Sector’s motto is ” If you can’t do it fake it ” with perhaps the latest example being SpaceX. Similarly round the world solar powered flight Solar Impulse was almost certainly a drone, and there was probably more than one of them !

Meanwhile ITV, SKY and the BBC attempt to keep the average Soap addict X factor etc Ten Bob Fat Cats in La La land with no mention of the French night riots over working conditions, or protests against austerity in other EU nation states.

David Cameron says he will stay on to implement our withdrawal from the EU if we Vote Leave, but has he got the balls to default on our UK national debt. Sooner or later all UK politicians will have to face up to reality and repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act plus all subsequent EU inspired DECC Green Tax legislation.

Just tonight Tom Clarke Channel 4 News ( Science Fiction Presenter ) was attempting to spin Co2 drives run away Global Warming fraud, with an interview with the just resigned UK Green Party leader. Paris Cop21 was mentioned and the need for Climate Action which will probably work no better than King Canute trying to hold back the tide !


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