Driverless Cars & Trucks !

It would appear that David Cameron and George Osborne are under Goldman Sachs orders to allow driver-less cars and lorries onto UK roads in a vain attempt to get the NASDAQ back above 5000, or else our Wall Street credit rating is is cut !

The associated Space Tourism by 2018 aspect also said to be included in the same Queens Speech Bill also espouses abject desperation by Richard Branson’s Virgin, which may infer that his empire is on the verge of insolvency. Google has already dumped the driver-less car a new company, thus indicating no confidence in the project !

If you are reading this you are obviously online and must know full well just how inherently unreliable computer systems are by personal experience of incidents like them freezing up on you from time to time or loosing what you have just written by windows experiencing a problem and reopening the page. I expect that most long term computer users will have experienced a full crash of their computer at some time and although annoying its no real problem because when you re-boot everything is usually OK and works perfect.

I expect that the vast majority of people with experience of computers would never stake their life on one, and yet now everyone is forced to drive cars fitted with safety critical electronics like ABS Brakes.

I expect any truly competent automotive engineers to know this about basic electronics but any dirty connection or dry soldered joint in the wiring system can turn itself into an intermittent DIODE and therefore transmit a signal throughout the entire electrical system.

Similarly differences in the coefficient of linear expansion between ” plugs and sockets ” can disturb the connections as the joint warms up and cools down during the day, again with the risk of precipitating a diode.

Add winter road salt on the roads into the equation and you probably have a major problem with any high tech electronics including electronic engine management especially if its ” fly by wire ” accelerator control, which probably explains many high power motorcycle accidents even when ridden by mature long experienced riders !

At this current moment in history our Earth’s magnetic field is at its weakest for 200 years, thus allowing extra solar electromagnetic radiation to penetrate our atmosphere, thus making computer malfunction far more likely !

If Driver-less Cars and Trucks are allowed onto UK are allowed onto UK roads it must prove that A, all our politicians are corrupt, B, all our politicians are gormless or C, our democracy as members of the EU is an illusion and we are living under techno-fascist dictatorship at the behest of the Wall Street Banks !


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