A Lesson on Global Warming Fraud From History !

I’m not really into classical art but I do like a good landscape picture and love the 3D effect in a really good painting. Anyway when I saw Constable’s Flatford Mill something struck me about the trees.


Flatford Mill 1817 – Reproduction – http://www.john-constable.org
Flatford Mill 1817 – John Constable – Large resolution image. Image gallery, ecard, rating, slideshow and more! One of the largest John Constable resource on the web!

I apologise for the quality of the image posted, I did try to get the official Tate Gallery version but apparently the ” Image is unavailable ” and perhaps their Corporate-Nazi sponsors will have it ceremoniously burnt at the stake after I publish this article.

Anyway, Its clear that the tree with the thick trunk at the bottom and a new tree growing out of the top of the old trunk which was probably a sycamore. The adjacent dead tree exhibits storm damage, and I would estimate that the new tree growing out of the severed trunk is no more than 20 to 25 years old. The trees in the background look about the same age as well, perhaps indicating that most of the trees had been wiped out in a big storm 20 to 25 years earlier.

I don’t have the exact date, but remember something about a Great Storm which wrecked ” hundreds ” of ships off the UK south east coast in the last quarter of the 18th century. I also remember the 1987 ” Hurricane ” BBC weather man Micheal Fish said wasn’t going to happen and saw the result around south London from the train on my way to Gatwick Airport on my way out to Aussie in November of that year.

Almost all the healthy mature trees had been severed half way up their trunks at the example in the painting, Sevenoaks claim to flame was no more.

Anyway, long range weather forecaster Piers Corbyn had been searching the old Admiralty records from when the Royal Navy were searching for the illusive ” North West Passage ” as part of his research into weather prediction and found something really interesting. The 1816 RN accounts stated that the Arctic ice was as far retreated as it was when in the early 21st century the high priest Co2 drives Global Warming Alarmists were bleating the loudest about Arctic ice melt.

The fact that since the Co2 drives Climate Change Scam began the Arctic is full of ” Climate Scientists ” in mega horsepower ice-breakers, and smashing the thinner ice up probably doesn’t help their case. Breaking the ice allows the Sun to heat the dark water and melt even more ice from the margins, all the RN had were wooden ships and sails, pack of rowing boats to pull them if becalmed.

Most honest climate scientists especially those into Astrophysics like Piers Corbyn agree that we are heading into a Maunder Minimum down to 2035, whatever ” El Ninio ” throws up in the meantime. The Frost Fares on the Thames as portrayed in old paintings could be back by then, and its a fact that there has been no global warming for over 18 years now, plus sea level rise is negligable.

The whole global warming alarmist establishment is corrupt including the former Indian ( railway engineer trained ) head of the UK International Panel on Climate Change. The guy was compelled to resign after being charged with sexual assault against a young woman, and perhaps the UK is particularly badly afflicted by its 2008 Climate Change Act because many UK politicians are implicated in Child Sexual Abuse allegations.

You can’t trust the Jimmy Savile ( Prince Charles’s best mate ) BBC either, as its said that they have almost their entire pension invested in Green Tech. Sky has to appease it corporate advertisers, and I’m pretty sure I once read somewhere that Tony Blair had done a deal with Putin to close the Co2 warming sceptic Moscow climate research centre for quick access by Russia to full WTO status.

Piers Corbyn did challenge top warmist celebrity Richard Branson to debate Global warming with him on camera, but no show. However, perhaps it could be the ultimate irony if Bill Gates’s internet technology soon liberates us all from the tyrany of high energy prices due to Green Taxes !


7 thoughts on “A Lesson on Global Warming Fraud From History !

  1. Regional surface temperatures can vary due to the effect of the Sun’s radiation by the subtle interaction between the Earth’s & the Moon’s respective magnetic fields used by Piers Corbyn in his weather forecasting. This may give temperature anomalies which may cause Ice loss at the poles, yet the BBC states Arctic Ice records only go back 150 years totally ignoring the Admiralty records from 1816 !


  2. Carbon Dioxide drives run away Global Warming theory comes from the same University Environment Science Boffins who claimed Green Tech Diesel Cars were CLEAN. Recent UK Department of Transport tests in 20 Mph Zones or Traffic Calming driving conditions prove Green Tech Diesel Cars emit SIX Times more asthma attack causing NOX than in EU Approval Lab Tests !

    Read more: http://www.clitheroeadvertiser.co.uk/news/local/roads-gridlocked-after-accident-forces-road-closure-1-7870621#ixzz46m6tFK6J

  3. Alberta Wildfires !

    I once saw a TV documentary about wild fires by an old guy who had studied them all his life, they move north and south with the seasons. He concluded that the key was oxygen levels and if it goes above a certain percentage wildfires are almost inevitable to start. Given the hot spring in Alberta & the increased level of Co2 the forest will be producing loads of Oxygen, couple this with the solar magnetic storms on our Sun currently and the danger is clear !

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