Top Trump ( Building ) 7/11 Slip of the Tongue ?!?

Did Donald Trump blurt out 7/11 as a precursor of what’s to come if he fails to get the Republican nomination to run for president of the USA. Its well known that the Bush family financed Hitler’s rearmament in the 1930s, perhaps to hide the 1929 Wall Street Crash !

Casting back to the demise of the Dot Com boom ( based on the fraudulent ” Y2K Millenium bug ” scare and boom in the computer & related industry ) the Global Economy was in complete meltdown. As usual Dr Stock Market Parasite’s prescription was to start a mega war ( as in 1914 & 1939 ) including the British, who like at the time of Vietnam had a Labour Government.

But for 9/11 the British would never have played in Afghanistan. however, although aircraft did hit both Twin Towers, there is no way that the said impacts would have brought them down. The key was George Formby ” Never Touched Me ” Building Seven which the BBC allegedly reported seconds before it happened in an obvious Controlled Demolition as with 1960s UK council flats.

I read somewhere that both the twin towers had been extensively refurbished under ” Tight Security ” not that long before, an ideal opportunity to install demolition charges to cut the steel-work. That begs the question as to whether the demolition was an insurance scam, thus allowing Wall Street to wallow in victim status whilst going to war on Dog Whistle politics. It was also convenient for Wall street as many of the computer records which may have been useful in subsequent fraud charges against the banks would have been conveniently destroyed ?

After all the airlines were probably all going bust as their fleets needed replacement ( Pan Am 103 Lockerbie ?? ) and a war in Asia or the Middle East would promote sales for the likes of Boeing etc. Likewise armaments manufacturers, but for which the UK may have rejected the war in Iraq to swell global Stock Market indicies before the Foot & Mouth disease epidemic in 2001.

The Botswanan strain of FMD was probably smuggled in by animal rights activists linked to WWF via the Irish Republic, like most of the UK’s unknown illegal immigrants today. A young lad animal rights activist worked for the old Geordie Pig Farmer blamed for starting the outbreak by not properly boiling the swill he was feeding them. However the perhaps Wall Street sponsored main biological warfare attack almost certainly involved contaminating the transport at the January Carlisle Sheep Sale. That’s probably how it got as far south as Oakhampton in Devon, as farmers picked up prime breeding stock the Scots couldn’t feed for the rest of the winter.

As as a bonus the corporate got the EU to ban the feeding of swill and later open the door to bogus green scams like bio-gas from food waste collections. Big opening for the sale of bi-products from bio-diesel like rape meal and Palm kernel expellers plus simultaniously increasing the price. In 2014 one North Wales Vegan Eco-Nazi tweeted that they should spread rape meal on the land instead of SHIT !

Something similar happened with New Zealand dairy farmers after John Key couldn’t sell ” Cow Fart ” taxes as part of the Global Warming ” Greenhouse Gas ” Scam. Chinese export baby milk formula was contaminated, again probably by animal rights activists linked to WWF or other Green NGO’s.

ISIS as sponsored by the Saudi’s and other Gulf states like Qatar and UAE and perhaps they hope the influx of wealthy migrants into Greece will help them pay their July due debts to the Euro-Zone. Yet more false economic growth as sponsored by the IMF and World Bank, who like Goldman Sachs, HSBC etc are keen to keep the Co2 drives run away global warming scam alive.


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