Did Lubitz Try to Warn of Aircraft Lithium / Iron Battery Malfunctions ?!?

Its nearly 25 years since I flew, but the fact that they feed you once the flight has leveled out led me to suspect that it was a battery malfunction which caused the 4U9525 Alps Crash, perhaps as they were on peak charge after cooking said meal. The same principle probably applied to MH370 over the south china sea ( Inmarsat are scamming the Aussie government into searching in the wrong place ) and more recently the Egypt crash, conveniently ascribed to ISIS terrorism in an attempt to start WW3 !

Its well known that Phone and other lithium / iron batteries can overheat and explode on charge although the manufacturers usually blame a non standard charger, yet a British Airways Airbus once had to make an emergency landing due to an alternator fault. My own initial HGV ABS malfunction experience may have been due to an intermittent alternator fault where the radio would momentarily tune itself into Radio Alternator as if all the suppressors had failed for a couple of seconds. I put that down to dust contaminating the brushes in the old girl, quite likely after years of quarry work, but magnetic radiation storms on the Sun may cause electronic voltage regulation to malfunction.

Going back to last year sometime, all flights in New Zealand were grounded to allegedly a problem with Air Traffic Control computer during one such magnetic storm, according to Suspicious 0bservers YouTube site which I follow. The radiation from our Sun is also concentrated on certain parts of our planet by the respective interaction of the magnetic fields of both the Earth and the Moon, a factor which Piers Corbyn uses for weather forecasting by predicting the position of the Jet Stream.

Given the above it must be reasonable to believe that any form of modern high tech electronics are not to be trusted, perhaps even down to the automatic blood pressure machines used in NHS hospitals, I have personal experience of them reading high when its obvious my blood pressure is low from the veins on the back of my hand. Obviously Driver-less Cars can never be ultimately Fail Safe, or any other safety critical vehicle electronics, and how many people have given up their jobs as they can no longer trust their life to the modern technology employed today !

Any dirty connection in a wire can turn itself into a Diode and therefore transmit a signal throughout the entire electrical system perhaps causing sensitive electronics to malfunction, similarly differences in coefficient of linear expansion in connectors can disturb the joint during temperature change. The latter would appear to be a factor with the internet ADSL signal after a cold night in summer which warms up quick in the morning. It doesn’t really matter if your internet is unreliable, and in any case you can usually burn out the diodes ( moisture in the connections ) by attempting to play a YouTube video !

I would appear to have gone off at a tangent fro the original heading, but how many people have to leave work due to depression over refusal of management to heed their concerns over safety, forced to resort to benefits or their company pension after being dismissed as unfit to continue in their job. Take my former Rolls Royce mate for instance who had a nervous breakdown after the gave the sweeper up the inspectors job he had put in for. Perhaps Rolls Royce believed his inspections would be too critical and qualifications made him difficult to challenge, perhaps likewise older airline pilots and cabin crew who can count on a good early company pension.

Like many I suspect Lubitz had financial commitments to keep up and would have been destitute if he had taken the doctors alleged advice to go into mental hospital and faced immediate dismissal from the job he had dreamed of all his life !




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