Todmorden Flood Safety Tree Planting Scam !

BBC Breakfast has just featured alleged flood prevention measures in the steep sided Calder Valley at Todmorden as funded and executed by The Environment Agency, its obviously a scam as they are using the perhaps most expensive Oak Trees !

Perhaps the cost would have been far less if they had used far faster growing Sycamore trees, which whilst stabilising the banking the locals could have coppiced for firewood. Perhaps the Oak trees were imported as an opportunity to introduce disease to blame on Global Warming, plus tons of brushwood used also which if it rains hard will wash straight down and block the culverts.

I am minded to conclude that any senior officials even remotely connected with anything under the jurisdiction of DEFRA or DECC are totally corrupt. I suppose could let some of the younger end off as its probably that their qualifications in environmental aspects are based on EU IV Reich Science Fiction.

Needless to say the Indian former chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been charged with historic sexual assault against a young woman. Who knows what the Wall Street Banks who funded Hitler in the 1930s have on many key UK civil servants and politicians to blackmail them to commit TREASON ?


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