Life-Jackets & Stranraer Larne Ferry Bomb Plot ?!?

Just thinking about all the migrants coming into Greece equiped with various designs of brand new life-jackets. Perhaps the best way to solve the problem would be close down all the companies exporting aforementioned to Turkey and surrounding countries.

Perhaps many are imported via ISIS sponsors again using Apple and Bitcon to hide their criminal activities from any lawful authority. A friend of mine told how the easiest way to smuggle arms to Somalia via Felixstow Docks was the ensure that the container weighed the same as a Aid Helicopter.

Anyway the BBC has just reported that and arms cash and a small amount of explosives has been found at a Country Park near Larne, which almost certainly have been intended for a Stanraer Ferry attack.

Anyway the probable Corporate Culprits are the airlines flying into Northern Ireland, plus Sottish airports as such an attack would stop people using ferries for family visits. The Glasgow-Stranraer train service would also become uneconomic giving the excuse for large fare increases, or any Green subsidy to be increased on threat of withdrawal of service.

All in all the perfect false Economic growth scam for the Stock Market Parasites, just like Gaza was before the UN doners stopped their reconstruction aid money. You rarely hear of Hamas rocket attacks on Israel today but the wider Palestinian problem so why not declare Jerusalem an open city. The financial problems for low income Israeli’s remain though, perhaps all countries need a Citizens Income ASAP.


One thought on “Life-Jackets & Stranraer Larne Ferry Bomb Plot ?!?

  1. Its most probable that the Larne Ferry Bomb Plot was centered on the Ballygally Castle Hotel and those who frequent it regularly, ancient stone circles nearby so the explosives probably came from a nearby Limestone Quarry. The Fire Engine theft the other day was linked as well, and perhaps said hotel was angling to upgrade from its current 4 Star rating to 5 stars, all coordinated on LinkedIn using Apple phones and financed by Bitcoin !

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