NHS Pink Compound Undercover Boss ( Fat Controller Healey Ward Chorley ) !

I was getting poisoned by the Clitheroe Mafia as Ian Boocock had copied my late dad’s house keys when he took his car in for MoT next to Tesco. They had also sabotaged my car in an attempt to kill me for writing my Open Letter to Lancashire County Council in June 2014, and by September I was forced to seek asylum in the NHS Mental Health system.

Our NHS discovered PINK COMPOUND by analising my annual Blood tests whilst I was smoking a small amount of Skunk Weed in combination with Black Mamba, a once Legal High said to be moss from rocks in Mexico. Anyway after my dad died of Bladder Cancer age 90 I stopped taking the Amisulpiride I was prescribed as I found it affected my eyes and lost Three Stone in Three Months.

As the accumulated Olanzapine in my fat ( I was 22 stone whilst taking it in 2000 ) I felt like a new man, obviously it was killing the MRSA in my back they infected me with at the Royal Preston Hospital in 1994. When EBOLA broke out I tweeted Bonni Greer ( Who follows me ) and suggested they try Olanzapine which it would appear worked.

Getting back to the Story I wrung an ambulance ( via 101 ) which took me into Blackburn Royal along with my ounce bag of top quality Skunk Weed plus a three 1/8 bags of different strains partially used. Plod came and impounded it and I signed the statement in his notebook ” for personal use “, prior to which one of the A&E doctors had said ” that’s seriously good shit “.

At about midnight I was taken to Chorley, where I settled in with the Saturday day staff who were really helpful, saw the shrink ( Dr Shit-slinger ) on Monday, asked for Blind Trial. At first I was on alleged Depicote ( Skunk Weed ) ( They did give me a real one so I knew ) plus Amisulpiride ( Black Mamba plus the real thing ) and things went well. However, they increased the dose which crippled me, ( by now my new who I had never met GP Victoria Gauge had got me sectioned ) but they were also trying it out on other patients on the ward.

An Ex Falklands war veteran with bad Psoriasis responded well to treatment with Pink Compound, almost cured it immediately, at least made it far less painful. An old guy who had had a back operation came in and was lying on the floor barking in pain from an MRSA infection, it cured him as well. It was also tested on a Type 1 Diabetic ex copper with miraculous results.

Perhaps the most encouraging case was a guy in his 50s ( Class1 HGV Driver who had had an operation for Deep Vein Thrombosis on his calf which had become infected with MRSA. He was visiting his spouse on the adjacent Yarrow female ward and had gruesome photos of his original wound and was still on crutches. Anyway he left me the crutches which I needed after one of the Agency nurses snook into my room one Friday afternoon and injected my left foot whilst I was asleep.

It was probably radioactive MRSA as by Sunday I couldn’t walk on it, plus it made me really ill, almost like radiation sickness after which I ended up on Cardiac. On the way I saw Pink Compound cure Dementia on the Rookwood Unit, but it would appear that Pink Compound can cure almost anything ( Including Cancer ) if you use the appropriate strain of Skunk Weed.


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