Immoral Auto Enrollment UK State Sponsored Private Pensions !

It was Gordon Brown’s original original brainchild to appease the greedy Trade Union barons originally spun as ” NEST ” as a con to suck in the poorly educated manual worker. Then it was taken up by Lib-Dem Steve Webb, who got his arse kicked out of parliament in 2015 and now unsurprisingly works for a ” Pensions Provider “.

I don’t object to high earners taking out a private pension in principle but it must be totally inhuman to expect people on minimum wage and their often small business employers to subsidise their affluent retirement lifestyles.

The Stock Market Parasites must be pretty desperate to hide the ever increasing Black Hole in their investment portfolio’s if they are almost certainly bribing Government Ministers and Civil Servants. The Bribe usually takes the form of a mega pay job with a company which benefited from their corruption, like Steve Webb now works for Royal London.

The same principle applies to ED Davey and his tennier at the Department of Energy & Climate Change who’s Energy Bill ensures that electricity prices cannot fall far, despite the fact that the oil price Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act linked them to has collapsed more recently.

There is not much hope for the average youth of today unless Auto Enrollment is scrapped immediately, as its obviously at Private Tax to prevent the ” One Man Band ” self employed trader from expanding his business to employ other people. Similarly taking on an apprentice and training him to full term, even if insurance costs are not also prohibitive.

Only last week the BBC reported that many of the companies offering said auto enrollment pensions had already gone to the wall in the recent stock market downturn. Perhaps they had invested in Green Tech companies and lost the lot, no doubt some other stock market parasite company will offer services to get the money back like with PPI !

End All Auto Enrollment Schemes Now !


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