Were the Tunisia Attacks Targeted Wall Street Assassinations ?!?

My suspicions were raised when on the Saturday morning an Irish guy professional photographer eyewitness appeared on Sky News that the sad deaths my have been assassinations.

Said Irish guy appeared to be working to spin a script in order to promote hatred against Muslims in general, plus insisting it was an AK47 when some of the early shots clearly showed an assault rifle with a straight magazine.

When the names of the victims were released it became clear that there was a pattern, more than one Social Worker, of which the most suspicious was the mature woman from the Humberside area. She was on holiday with her new husband, who escaped miraculously unscathed, whereas the Football family from Walsall was totally wiped out ( one of them worked on the council ).

There were other football fatalities, a guy involved with St Johnstone from the south of Glasgow, plus a retired former Birmingham player from Blackpool who had worked in the NHS with his wife who was also a victim.

Its not beyond the realms of possibility that they were about to blow the whistle on match fixing betting scams, perhaps a dead cert win if yo buy Bitcoin to participate and hide the evidence in your Apple i phone ! ( Surely the Man City-Liverpool Cup Final was a sad joke ! )

I believe that there was also a social worker from Nottingham female victim, who perhaps had knowledge of Ken Clarke’s involvement in Child Sex Abuse. After all the best Ken could manage was a gagging order against the young man ( who alleged Ken grabbed his dick the first time he met him ) when Clarke tried to get his probable victim done for wasting police time or something similar !

Like with many of the Paris Attack victims, many may have in fact been totally random as cover, yet one of the Paris victims ( I believe at the Cafe ) was a promising young lawyer investigating ” White Collar ” financial crime.

Of course our law enforcement authorities can’t prove anything as Apple wont allow them to examine its database records, plus the Wall Street Cartel would still appear to have enough funds to buy off the courts !


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