Did Lubitz Try to Warn of Aircraft Lithium / Iron Battery Malfunctions ?!?

Its nearly 25 years since I flew, but the fact that they feed you once the flight has leveled out led me to suspect that it was a battery malfunction which caused the 4U9525 Alps Crash, perhaps as they were on peak charge after cooking said meal. The same principle probably applied to MH370 over the south china sea ( Inmarsat are scamming the Aussie government into searching in the wrong place ) and more recently the Egypt crash, conveniently ascribed to ISIS terrorism in an attempt to start WW3 !

Its well known that Phone and other lithium / iron batteries can overheat and explode on charge although the manufacturers usually blame a non standard charger, yet a British Airways Airbus once had to make an emergency landing due to an alternator fault. My own initial HGV ABS malfunction experience may have been due to an intermittent alternator fault where the radio would momentarily tune itself into Radio Alternator as if all the suppressors had failed for a couple of seconds. I put that down to dust contaminating the brushes in the old girl, quite likely after years of quarry work, but magnetic radiation storms on the Sun may cause electronic voltage regulation to malfunction.

Going back to last year sometime, all flights in New Zealand were grounded to allegedly a problem with Air Traffic Control computer during one such magnetic storm, according to Suspicious 0bservers YouTube site which I follow. The radiation from our Sun is also concentrated on certain parts of our planet by the respective interaction of the magnetic fields of both the Earth and the Moon, a factor which Piers Corbyn uses for weather forecasting by predicting the position of the Jet Stream.

Given the above it must be reasonable to believe that any form of modern high tech electronics are not to be trusted, perhaps even down to the automatic blood pressure machines used in NHS hospitals, I have personal experience of them reading high when its obvious my blood pressure is low from the veins on the back of my hand. Obviously Driver-less Cars can never be ultimately Fail Safe, or any other safety critical vehicle electronics, and how many people have given up their jobs as they can no longer trust their life to the modern technology employed today !

Any dirty connection in a wire can turn itself into a Diode and therefore transmit a signal throughout the entire electrical system perhaps causing sensitive electronics to malfunction, similarly differences in coefficient of linear expansion in connectors can disturb the joint during temperature change. The latter would appear to be a factor with the internet ADSL signal after a cold night in summer which warms up quick in the morning. It doesn’t really matter if your internet is unreliable, and in any case you can usually burn out the diodes ( moisture in the connections ) by attempting to play a YouTube video !

I would appear to have gone off at a tangent fro the original heading, but how many people have to leave work due to depression over refusal of management to heed their concerns over safety, forced to resort to benefits or their company pension after being dismissed as unfit to continue in their job. Take my former Rolls Royce mate for instance who had a nervous breakdown after the gave the sweeper up the inspectors job he had put in for. Perhaps Rolls Royce believed his inspections would be too critical and qualifications made him difficult to challenge, perhaps likewise older airline pilots and cabin crew who can count on a good early company pension.

Like many I suspect Lubitz had financial commitments to keep up and would have been destitute if he had taken the doctors alleged advice to go into mental hospital and faced immediate dismissal from the job he had dreamed of all his life !




Todmorden Flood Safety Tree Planting Scam !

BBC Breakfast has just featured alleged flood prevention measures in the steep sided Calder Valley at Todmorden as funded and executed by The Environment Agency, its obviously a scam as they are using the perhaps most expensive Oak Trees !

Perhaps the cost would have been far less if they had used far faster growing Sycamore trees, which whilst stabilising the banking the locals could have coppiced for firewood. Perhaps the Oak trees were imported as an opportunity to introduce disease to blame on Global Warming, plus tons of brushwood used also which if it rains hard will wash straight down and block the culverts.

I am minded to conclude that any senior officials even remotely connected with anything under the jurisdiction of DEFRA or DECC are totally corrupt. I suppose could let some of the younger end off as its probably that their qualifications in environmental aspects are based on EU IV Reich Science Fiction.

Needless to say the Indian former chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been charged with historic sexual assault against a young woman. Who knows what the Wall Street Banks who funded Hitler in the 1930s have on many key UK civil servants and politicians to blackmail them to commit TREASON ?

Do Titanium Piercings Cause Teenage Depression ?!?

Whilst working undercover on Healey Acute Mental Health Ward Chorley it came to my attention that a large proportion of those under 40 admitted for Depression sported multiple body piercings many of which were Titanium.

My suspicions were reinforced when an old school friend of mine told how despite the fact that he had been a highly qualified engineer at Rolls-Royce he lost the inspectors job he applied for to the totally unqualified ” Sweeper Up “. Needless to say that precipitated his nervous breakdown ( not bad enough to be admitted to hospital ) after which he was pensioned off.

My friend had worked machining titanium for 30 years and no doubt inhaled the dust, and absorbed it through his skin whilst handling the precision components. It may therefore be reasonable to believe that Titanium like Lead is an accumulative poison, and perhaps its effects are more marked in Teenagers still growing.

Expanding the above concept further, I am informed that the mental health crisis phone line has been overloaded over the past few days, no doubt due to a magnetic storm on our Sun which peaked on March 7th. Perhaps body piercings act like an ariel thus increasing the amount of titanium ingested through the skin, thus precipitating more acute depression symptoms ?

No doubt further proper research is needed, but discouraging piercings for teenagers and particularly titanium must be as important as stopping young people starting Smoking. My mum’s generation had ear piercings but only actually wore rings for going out ” dressed up ” then either Silver or Gold !

Totally unrelated Footnote but Big Stink over The Sun’s front page headline today ” Queen For Brexit ” which bring to mind some advice from an old school Solicitor friend of mine who once simply said in defamation cases ” They only Sue if its True ” !

Life-Jackets & Stranraer Larne Ferry Bomb Plot ?!?

Just thinking about all the migrants coming into Greece equiped with various designs of brand new life-jackets. Perhaps the best way to solve the problem would be close down all the companies exporting aforementioned to Turkey and surrounding countries.

Perhaps many are imported via ISIS sponsors again using Apple and Bitcon to hide their criminal activities from any lawful authority. A friend of mine told how the easiest way to smuggle arms to Somalia via Felixstow Docks was the ensure that the container weighed the same as a Aid Helicopter.

Anyway the BBC has just reported that and arms cash and a small amount of explosives has been found at a Country Park near Larne, which almost certainly have been intended for a Stanraer Ferry attack.

Anyway the probable Corporate Culprits are the airlines flying into Northern Ireland, plus Sottish airports as such an attack would stop people using ferries for family visits. The Glasgow-Stranraer train service would also become uneconomic giving the excuse for large fare increases, or any Green subsidy to be increased on threat of withdrawal of service.

All in all the perfect false Economic growth scam for the Stock Market Parasites, just like Gaza was before the UN doners stopped their reconstruction aid money. You rarely hear of Hamas rocket attacks on Israel today but the wider Palestinian problem so why not declare Jerusalem an open city. The financial problems for low income Israeli’s remain though, perhaps all countries need a Citizens Income ASAP.

NHS Pink Compound Undercover Boss ( Fat Controller Healey Ward Chorley ) !

I was getting poisoned by the Clitheroe Mafia as Ian Boocock had copied my late dad’s house keys when he took his car in for MoT next to Tesco. They had also sabotaged my car in an attempt to kill me for writing my Open Letter to Lancashire County Council in June 2014, and by September I was forced to seek asylum in the NHS Mental Health system.

Our NHS discovered PINK COMPOUND by analising my annual Blood tests whilst I was smoking a small amount of Skunk Weed in combination with Black Mamba, a once Legal High said to be moss from rocks in Mexico. Anyway after my dad died of Bladder Cancer age 90 I stopped taking the Amisulpiride I was prescribed as I found it affected my eyes and lost Three Stone in Three Months.

As the accumulated Olanzapine in my fat ( I was 22 stone whilst taking it in 2000 ) I felt like a new man, obviously it was killing the MRSA in my back they infected me with at the Royal Preston Hospital in 1994. When EBOLA broke out I tweeted Bonni Greer ( Who follows me ) and suggested they try Olanzapine which it would appear worked.

Getting back to the Story I wrung an ambulance ( via 101 ) which took me into Blackburn Royal along with my ounce bag of top quality Skunk Weed plus a three 1/8 bags of different strains partially used. Plod came and impounded it and I signed the statement in his notebook ” for personal use “, prior to which one of the A&E doctors had said ” that’s seriously good shit “.

At about midnight I was taken to Chorley, where I settled in with the Saturday day staff who were really helpful, saw the shrink ( Dr Shit-slinger ) on Monday, asked for Blind Trial. At first I was on alleged Depicote ( Skunk Weed ) ( They did give me a real one so I knew ) plus Amisulpiride ( Black Mamba plus the real thing ) and things went well. However, they increased the dose which crippled me, ( by now my new who I had never met GP Victoria Gauge had got me sectioned ) but they were also trying it out on other patients on the ward.

An Ex Falklands war veteran with bad Psoriasis responded well to treatment with Pink Compound, almost cured it immediately, at least made it far less painful. An old guy who had had a back operation came in and was lying on the floor barking in pain from an MRSA infection, it cured him as well. It was also tested on a Type 1 Diabetic ex copper with miraculous results.

Perhaps the most encouraging case was a guy in his 50s ( Class1 HGV Driver who had had an operation for Deep Vein Thrombosis on his calf which had become infected with MRSA. He was visiting his spouse on the adjacent Yarrow female ward and had gruesome photos of his original wound and was still on crutches. Anyway he left me the crutches which I needed after one of the Agency nurses snook into my room one Friday afternoon and injected my left foot whilst I was asleep.

It was probably radioactive MRSA as by Sunday I couldn’t walk on it, plus it made me really ill, almost like radiation sickness after which I ended up on Cardiac. On the way I saw Pink Compound cure Dementia on the Rookwood Unit, but it would appear that Pink Compound can cure almost anything ( Including Cancer ) if you use the appropriate strain of Skunk Weed.

Immoral Auto Enrollment UK State Sponsored Private Pensions !

It was Gordon Brown’s original original brainchild to appease the greedy Trade Union barons originally spun as ” NEST ” as a con to suck in the poorly educated manual worker. Then it was taken up by Lib-Dem Steve Webb, who got his arse kicked out of parliament in 2015 and now unsurprisingly works for a ” Pensions Provider “.

I don’t object to high earners taking out a private pension in principle but it must be totally inhuman to expect people on minimum wage and their often small business employers to subsidise their affluent retirement lifestyles.

The Stock Market Parasites must be pretty desperate to hide the ever increasing Black Hole in their investment portfolio’s if they are almost certainly bribing Government Ministers and Civil Servants. The Bribe usually takes the form of a mega pay job with a company which benefited from their corruption, like Steve Webb now works for Royal London.

The same principle applies to ED Davey and his tennier at the Department of Energy & Climate Change who’s Energy Bill ensures that electricity prices cannot fall far, despite the fact that the oil price Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act linked them to has collapsed more recently.

There is not much hope for the average youth of today unless Auto Enrollment is scrapped immediately, as its obviously at Private Tax to prevent the ” One Man Band ” self employed trader from expanding his business to employ other people. Similarly taking on an apprentice and training him to full term, even if insurance costs are not also prohibitive.

Only last week the BBC reported that many of the companies offering said auto enrollment pensions had already gone to the wall in the recent stock market downturn. Perhaps they had invested in Green Tech companies and lost the lot, no doubt some other stock market parasite company will offer services to get the money back like with PPI !

End All Auto Enrollment Schemes Now !

Were the Tunisia Attacks Targeted Wall Street Assassinations ?!?

My suspicions were raised when on the Saturday morning an Irish guy professional photographer eyewitness appeared on Sky News that the sad deaths my have been assassinations.

Said Irish guy appeared to be working to spin a script in order to promote hatred against Muslims in general, plus insisting it was an AK47 when some of the early shots clearly showed an assault rifle with a straight magazine.

When the names of the victims were released it became clear that there was a pattern, more than one Social Worker, of which the most suspicious was the mature woman from the Humberside area. She was on holiday with her new husband, who escaped miraculously unscathed, whereas the Football family from Walsall was totally wiped out ( one of them worked on the council ).

There were other football fatalities, a guy involved with St Johnstone from the south of Glasgow, plus a retired former Birmingham player from Blackpool who had worked in the NHS with his wife who was also a victim.

Its not beyond the realms of possibility that they were about to blow the whistle on match fixing betting scams, perhaps a dead cert win if yo buy Bitcoin to participate and hide the evidence in your Apple i phone ! ( Surely the Man City-Liverpool Cup Final was a sad joke ! )

I believe that there was also a social worker from Nottingham female victim, who perhaps had knowledge of Ken Clarke’s involvement in Child Sex Abuse. After all the best Ken could manage was a gagging order against the young man ( who alleged Ken grabbed his dick the first time he met him ) when Clarke tried to get his probable victim done for wasting police time or something similar !

Like with many of the Paris Attack victims, many may have in fact been totally random as cover, yet one of the Paris victims ( I believe at the Cafe ) was a promising young lawyer investigating ” White Collar ” financial crime.

Of course our law enforcement authorities can’t prove anything as Apple wont allow them to examine its database records, plus the Wall Street Cartel would still appear to have enough funds to buy off the courts !