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Posting: 10/04/2012

” some radical ideas for economic growth ” sounds like a good excuse for the BBC to push yet even more Corporate Nazi propaganda. Just like its new 8 pm Wednesday programme ” That’s Britain “, which in its first episode this set the trend and attempted to portray smokers as the enemies of society like the Nazi’s did with the Jews in Germany during the 1930s. They were also extolling the virtues of fines for people who put the wrong thing in their bins. I used to like Julia Bradbury as a thoughtful presenter and I can’t understand why she has apparently prostituted herself to do this particular programme. It may be the case that corruptibility is an essential qualification for all BBC celebrities these days.

Friday 4 November 2011


Well said JC #61

Its just the same principle these days with the Corporate Nazi’s, the chronically sick and disabled in the frame again, no need for concentration camps just freeze and starve them to death in their own home. The only real difference to the 1930s Nazi’s is that this time they are stealing from lower income groups to fund a welfare state for the Banks and their stock market parasites !


Mr Dog

Perhaps you hadn’t noticed but what we have as far as political ideology in the UK at least at the moment has all the worst relative basic human rights aspects of Nazi Germany and Stalinist USSR combined, with none of the alleged advantages you are always pointing to. The simple fact is that all the more intelligent section of our working class stopped breeding under Thatcher and then Major, some were fooled into thinking that it was worth having kids under Blair. Talk to the child bearing age single women in the pub and they say they have no confidence in our future and they even think that its our own collective fault that were are in the state we are in due to foolishly electing the politicians we have had over the past 30 years. However, the type of national socialism you prescribe is not the answer to our problems, we need a new form of true free market capitalism where basic individual rights ( to be warm, dry, have a full belly and freedom of movement ) are protected but also allow the opportunity for people to benefit financially from their manual practical skill and enterprise. At least I can say that I have proposed alternatives on here more recently and over the past few years, not just harp on about political history and failed 19th century orientated ideologies.

Monday 7 November 2011


Mr Dog #14

That’s the whole point they are ” Corporate Nazi’s “, a new phenonenum for the 21st century, they claim to be libertarian but all the time they hide behind that they are in fact authoritarian. Its all about mirror mirror images, they just don’t fit into the traditional accepted left / right argument, ” adrianne ” used to refer to them as anarcho capitalist Trotskyites.

( Shot 9th March 2011 )

Wednesday 9 November 2011


It would appear that the financial situation in Italy is severely urinating on the Dow Jones’s recent fireworks, down almost 390 pts today Nazidaq down 105, and it sounds terminable. FTSE escaped earlier, only down 106 at close and it would appear that the few ” good ” people left in the stock market have got into a position where they can bring an end to any plans for a EU Corporate Nazi Fourth Reich. Good luck to them if they actually make money out of it in the process but they must realise that finance is going to have to change forever when everyone comes to the inevitable default on everyone’s national debt.

Thursday 10 November 2011


Stock markets steadier today now that they have got their ( probably Corporate Nazi leaning ) ex ECB banker as the new Greek ( Wall Street puppet ) prime minister. Perhaps they have plans for a similar slight of hand on the electorate in Italy, but the fact remains that if any of the larger economies in the Eurozone go down the derivatives will take the Dow Jones with it. Perhaps they are hoping that they can all hang on until December ” triple witching ” and in the meantime pray for some kind of miracle to save everyone from the inevitable defaults.

Friday 11 November 2011


I can’t help speculating as to whether the fact that perhaps most of the top BBC producers and almost certainly Newsnight main presenters are paying the 50p top rate of tax has some significance about cutting said rate of tax has been dredged up again. As far as I can see its been amply covered in the Muppet news all day, and Clegg says cutting it its not going to happen, the focus is on reducing the tax burden on those on low incomes. I suppose that its all part of the Corporate Nazi ideology to oppose higher rates of income tax, which it would appear are not actually paid by the average small business job creators we need to grow our economy. The CBI is apparently the mouthpiece of the Corporate Nazi stock market parasite celebrities ( FTSE 350 directors etc ) the majority of whom have done nothing to grow our real sustainable economy for last 20 years. The exception which proves the rule being Jaguar Land Rover creating 1000 extra jobs at Solihull and the new Wolverhampton plant ( 750 jobs ) in the pipeline, no self centred moaning here.

Friday 11 November 2011


So the message of the new programme is that the Corporate Nazi’s have got the green light to install stock market parasite puppet dictatorships throughout the EU as successive democratically elected governments fail to meet the payments on their individual sovereign debts. I read somewhere that the new Greek PM guy was one of the key players ( if not the main driving force ) in the fraud to get Greece into the Euro in the first place, is this so or is tonight’s programme going to be just pure Corporate Nazi propaganda ? ( I always buy a poppy and wear it with pride )

Friday 18 November 2011


It would appear that some of the perhaps ” Corporate Nazi’s ” in the CBI are once again pushing for ” private tax ” eco-fascist inspired TOLL ROADS as the way to boost our economy. Like everything which comes from the eco-fascist stable its bound to produce false economic growth and increase the financial apartheid between rich and poor. Perhaps this more than amply proves that the eco-fascists are firmly in bed with big business, ( with the same aim of putting our relative basic human rights back into the 18th century ) perhaps particularly the stock market parasite financial services sector.

Tuesday 22 November 2011


Mr Dog #77 Monday’s blog

I fully appreciate your point about the ” Corporate Nazi’s ” doing their level best to produce government policy which makes everyone want to scrap government as such altogether. Quite where they have got to at present in Greece or especially Italy, no new mass protests reported against the infringement of their alleged democracy. However, my post on Climategate II was more involved with the universities, NGO’s etc and not the actual elected government who can only portray what their alleged experts say. The problem with the universities is that especially more recently they have been turning out graduates hostile to big government if any at all. Just like a stick of Blackpool Rock, the same ” Corporate Nazi ” ideology written right through them and almost incapable of original thought, mostly due to the fact that many of them were not that bright to begin with. All they can do is trot out what was originally programmed into them, in some ways no better than a good computer, and therefore we seldom see any real progress. This is very good of course if you are a Bank and your primary interest is false economic growth, making sure that the country is run as difficultly and inefficiently as humanly possible ?

Friday 25 November 2011



Any Corporate Nazi’s would probably attempt to portray that the scheme needed loads of expensive pumps, but one might just expect that for the current batch of university ( false economic growth designing ) alleged civil engineers. Even the Romans could have built it, but now all the graduates are oblivious to the basic science, can only spew the high cost solutions that were programmed into them.

Monday 28 November 2011


Sorry to use the same analogy so soon but it would appear that Osborne’s economic stimulus plan as dissected on Ch4 news is a bit like having a wagon overloaded with racing pigeons, the only way to stop the springs breaking and the tyres blowing out is to keep bashing the body on the sides and hope that the pigeons will keep flying. No firm commitment from private investors yet and only 5 out of the now shrunk to 30 billion actually new money, but what a neat little excuse for the Corporate Nazi’s to get people angry with and hate the government if it means Toll Roads in your area !


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